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  1. Steve is literally Ick's knight in shining armor? Where's the gleaming steel? My hackles get up (or as Peg would say -what are these hackles and why are they getting up? Are they going somewhere?) at the incorrect overuse of literally. However, Michael is literally incapable of making eye contact with Vicki. What it must be like to be raised by that woman...so needy & lacking in self-awareness. "Yay Birthday people!" "It's my birthday" over & over, she's exhausting. That squeaky "What?!?What?!??" about Eddie kissing another man was not as cute as I'm sure she imagined, you just KNOW she THINKS she's adorable. The fact that Vicki doesn't get the point that it's not about the gay rumors with Eddie but that she's perpetuating them and gossiping about her friend, I mean her family's husband is the vile part. Fuck that Ricky asshole too. I don't even like beady-eyed Tamra but that ish is nasty. That party & every "friend" looking for a moment on TV. Blech! You couldn't pay me to show up except for snark material. Wretchen with her ever-present pageant hair and inch-thick foundation & Slimey Slade, bye. Um yeah, Jeana grates. I've always disliked her phony friendly voice. Nice eyes. Had a little work done? She looks like William Shatner, her eyes can barely close. They look like 2 pissholes in the snow as my grandfather use to say. (What are these pissholes and why are they in the snow? Armenian people don't believe in winter.) Speaking of Peggy, she can't understand a naughty list or coal in your stocking even though she's lived here her whole life. Uh huh. Not adorable either
  2. noreallywasntme

    S12.E09: Drag Bingo Bombshell

    Naked and Afraid? No! Nooooo!
  3. noreallywasntme

    S12.E09: Drag Bingo Bombshell

    I happen to be Armenian. I spent my childhood with people-kids & adults too-having no idea what it was because it wasn't Irish or Italian or another widely-comprehended nationality. Maybe it's just the backwardsass area I grew up. First the Kardassians and now this bitch, these are pathetic excuses for Armenians. At least Peggy & Dicko seem destined to fall back into obscurity.
  4. noreallywasntme

    S12.E09: Drag Bingo Bombshell

    "Don't threaten me with a good time!" Yeah Rock of Love, watched it & would watch again.
  5. noreallywasntme

    Siesta Key

    Makes sense. The name of the bar-Tiki something-lent to the idea of it being a fun outdoor bar but in the background it looked like older people, not a hip young crowd. This article cracked me up about how wealthy the cast is - clearly they got a few things wrong because some of the pictures are on the same place Alex's house with the square pavers in the front yard, not each cast members house. Chloe & her Mom looked like they live in a basic apartment, Kelsey & Madissons houses look very average middle class. Brandon's looked a bit more upscale but not the wealth level of Alex's family. His father's a chiropractor? That level of money can't be coming from that. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bustle.com/p/how-rich-is-the-siesta-key-cast-these-floridians-are-living-large-74917/amp I'd like to see Kelsey's with less chunky, lighter eyebrows. Amanda reminds me of LeAnn Rimes.
  6. noreallywasntme

    Siesta Key

    If Shrek had the dead eyes & monotone affect of a serial killer, then yes.
  7. noreallywasntme

    S07.E10: Faith And Despondency

    If I recall correctly, this scene went differently - Abel did not ask if an adult would get in trouble. That was told to him by Courtney Love. I don't know if that even matters bc as you said, many of the scenes seemed like throwaways and I'm not sure if it's over analyzing to question it on my part but I guess it could lend to less scheming on Abel's part.I like others was on edge during the Venus Tig scene. I saw less of the romantic depth and was expecting Tig to strangle Venus. I imagined him crying bc he really loves Venus but he hates himself for it & therefore the logical thing for a psychopath to do is kill the object of his love. Or vice versa...maybe that's how Tig meets his end, at the hand of Venus. I don't see anyone happy at the end of this. Because it can never be said enough - Charlie Yummmmnnam.
  8. noreallywasntme

    Kelley: Drink If You See Him Cry

    Whoa!!! Found the selfie...hot damn! Dry Hump, Wet Panties indeed!
  9. noreallywasntme

    S10.E01: Andi Meets Some Bohunks

    Yeah - a 12 year old girl, complete with it tucked behind his ear like my 10 yr old. Have long hair if that's you're thing but it had a very 1960s Patty Lane feel to it. I kept waiting for his identical cousin with the Scottish accent to show up. I squinted and envisioned a more masculine hairstyle and I also saw him 1000x better.