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  1. Some levity? Those arm over the head poses don’t translate well past their original purpose. I get it for a cameo or poster. But it’s awfully dated. make it stop!
  2. I liked Lily and Meredith a lot. Meredith was so beautiful she took my breath away. She seemed polite and self-aware. Lily seemed to be anxious and my heart went out to her. Boo.
  3. I know she’s not popular here (ducking) but it did occur to me this was possibly her dorm/sorority experience. I could be wrong but I thought she lives at home and goes to community college. It made me kind of sad for her. Like she’s trying to make training camp a LOT more than it’s intended to be. 🙄
  4. This week, I had an emergency root canal with a post and crown installed (two dentist visits). The nail salon’s precautions were as stringent as the dentist’s office. Re: eyebrow work. I wouldn’t post it but it’s not illegal or forbidden. Trigger. (Gross). Love my dentist - 20 year patient but the exam, cleaning and room for fillings and crowns are pretty open, and the person in the next cubicle gagged and barfed during his X-ray during my procedure. All I could think was my mouth has been propped open for 45 minutes. If that patient is positive, I’m sunk. 🙄
  5. You could literally bounce a quarter off her abs. That’s not a great angle for her legs - she is tiny and looks thick when she isn’t. I wish more people liked her. I kinda like her.
  6. Let the record reflect I had a weird vibe with her parents’ comments on social media. 😉
  7. Makeup is 💯 % wrong - heavy, too dark and a very dated look.
  8. Her parents have both been quoted on this thread. Stage parents? Seems like a risk to insert yourself into tcc #s and chitchat when your daughter is a rookie candidate.
  9. Re: Kat I didn’t want to like Kat based on auditions: she was ott goofy. She’s not the most trained and refined dancer but she sure brings a lot: gorgeous, fun, much more relaxed way of speaking, pokes fun at herself. And that smile. I thought her natural hair is very pretty. I can understand wanting to protect it from all the product. I hope it is 110% her choice, though. Re: VK That picture is amateur and kinda sad. It depresses me.
  10. She has the cutest figure. Adorable.
  11. I like Amy. - <—— ducks and runs
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