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  1. How is it the finale already?
  2. Chris Geere. I know him as (shitty) Jimmy Shive-Overly from You're the Worst. IMDb does show him as playing someone named Arvin on Modern Family if that helps.
  3. I have never cried so much at this show as I did at the reveal of Sister Monica Joan's garden tribute to Nonnatus being all the babies.
  4. Yes, they're in the frozen dinner section. I didn't realize it was a single serving. My Publix store only carries the wrap with the lemon garlic hummus. The hummus was very fresh tasting and flavorful but I thought it overpowered the falafel.
  5. I guess it must be my work network. I have no trouble accessing from home or from my phone. Thanks.
  6. The clear cache did not work. Firefox does not connect now. From there I got a different message about authenticity of data could not be verified. EDIT 1:29pm But now it is working. It seems to be very intermittent in whether it works or not.
  7. I just posted about this, but I think I am having the same issue. The site will not connect with Chrome or Internet Explorer. I was finally able to connect with Firefox.
  8. Magnus Nilsson, whose Mind of a Chef series I really enjoyed. Now I want to go back and see if Michelle was there.
  9. The main thing I took away from this episode is that I want JJ's horizontal bar earrings... is there anywhere I can find screencaps of the episodes so I can try to identify them?
  10. Ha, the Emily Rose actress is married to a "Dairek Morgan." RE: her Twitter post, it doesn't seem to be too out of line to wonder if/when a mass shooting episode is airing since the real life Vegas mass shooting only happened a couple weeks ago. Reminded me of a similar situation concerning the airing of an episode with a school shooting or a similar tragic/violent scenario being postponed after a real life event happened. It may have been CM or another show/movie. More Rossi! I felt like he was barely even in the episode at all.
  11. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of Texas Forever shirt will go to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. It's nice to see the Gaines giving back to their home state: https://shop.magnoliamarket.com/products/texas-forever-shirt
  12. I agree. She seems much better in AHT. Her natural, more deeply pitched voice is much more palatable and I don't normally comment on looks, but god, is she beautiful to look at.
  13. I don't notice it much either, he just said he liked it (the design, I guess) and wondered where Joey got it so he could price-check, try it out, consider buying, whatever.
  14. This is a pretty good article. Basically more personal and professional issues (i.e. coming out as gay and backstage drama with Isaiah Washington saying some homophobic things as well as feeling like he wasn't getting enough material from Shonda). I also saw George's funeral episode at the gym last night. Even with the sound off, it reminded me how good this show used to be and also how many main characters are either gone or dead (George, Izzy, Cristina, Callie, Mark, Lexie, Derek, etc.)
  15. Is there any kind of packing lists for the racers? My husband was wanting information about Joey's pack and I'm not sure where to start looking.
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