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  1. Frank does not have any day-to-day responsibilities with his daughter or grandson, or with a hostile parent. No pressures there. If he did feel sorry for Erin and bought her diapers and baby formula out of pity, he didn’t need to lie to Mare, but he did. I’m sure Mare sees the bad side of everyone because of her job, and Frank’s lie would be pretty painful, I’m sure. I like this show. I don’t see Mare as being bad at her job, I see her being pretty good at her job (finding the bullet, taking charge at the crime scene, being diligent) but she is cracking under pressure, and no one (except
  2. I was wondering the same thing! Not that I have any right to diagnose anyone's mental health, but my observation is that she most certainly behaves in a sometimes manic/sometimes depressive way. It makes me wonder if her daughter's issues (OCD, anxiety) are simply responses to her mother's erratic and dominating ways.
  3. I am so disgusted by Braunwyn, I don't even know what to say. She is a toxic asshole. Who cares if she wants to stay married, her husband should change the locks as far as I'm concerned.
  4. I agree with the posts expressing concern with Braunwyn's son performing on camera. I think she is exploiting her child's personal growth for her own benefit, and her poor children buy into this because they receive such positive attention from their Mom. She is a co-dependent narcissist, and I wouldn't be surprised if Braunwyn herself had to be overly performative and dramatic to get her own mother's attention. It's very sad, and her husband needs to see a therapist and learn some intervention methods to help his own kids break this cycle. ETA: Just want to be clear that I don't believe
  5. I came here to say the same thing. She's treating her alcoholism, which is great, but now she needs to address whatever it is in her brain that makes her an asshole to her own children. It's not the alcohol, evidently. Also, lol at these women breaking down at the slightest hint of inconvenience. Shannon is a goddamn dysfunctional mess.
  6. I said I wasn't going to watch anymore for a while, but I cheated and watched this ep. Lisa Rinna better watch out: if Sutton sticks around, she is bound to have better parties and bring in more interesting people than anyone else in this crappy group: it sounds like her mom Reba is loads more entertaining as a character than Lois. (not a stab at Lois, who seems like a nice lady who had a particularly horrifying life experience, but she's not the wacky character that Rinna wants her to be).
  7. I haven't watched any of the reunion episodes of Beverly Hills or New York, and I don't think I'm going to. I wanted to watch these shows to either have a laugh at the antics, or to wonder at the houses and holidays these women have had. If I wanted to experience this level of toxicity, I'd turn on the news, or just start embracing the dregs of twitter. I think these recent seasons of both franchises has released me to move on to other things. I might start watching Salt Lake City, or I just might give it all up. I just don't feel like toxic relationships and women at their bitchiness is enter
  8. Here's the thing about Denise, in my opinion. Dealing with her narcissistic and sociopathic ex-husband doesn't make her a "fighter" or a "champ" or an "expert" in dealing with confrontation and toxicity. She did what she had to do with Charlie to ensure her kids live good and healthy lives, and she was likely blindsided by toxic confrontations by people she thought she could trust. That can leave a person without any tools, thus the incompetence in lying about social commitments. If I were in her place, and felt like I couldn't do anything right with these bitches, and was so disappointed that
  9. Also, I should have added that if Bravo is losing the one single person of colour and bringing back two bottle blondes, it's a huge mistake. They should be diversifying their housewives, period. I would hope that the diversity of people would also bring a diversity of storylines and activities, rather than this monotonous/monotone crap that keeps occurring with this group of pseudo-rich white women.
  10. Denise is no more self-contradictory or hypocritical than the rest of them. If the big controversy stayed at what you can say to Denise in front of her kids, and what she says to the women on camera re: sex stuff, then fine. Go nuts. But, demanding that she admits publicly that she cheated on her husband is beyond the pale. Denise has not gone after anyone to create a story line, unlike Kyle, Rinna, and Teddy. She has pushed back and called Teddi a shit-stirrer (accurate, IMO), which is the extent of her "mean-ness".
  11. I've been watching this show from the beginning, and if they are bringing Brandi back and people like Denise and Garcelle are leaving, then I'm not sure I'm interested in watching anymore. I honestly don't have a problem with Denise's inconsistencies. She was not mean to anyone, and certainly didn't try to ruin anyone's personal life by generating sick gossip in front of the camera. She would have been fine sticking with girls' trips and idiotic arguments, but this is 100% toxic. It's fine to bring in controversy (like, who called Radar online or whatever bullshit that is), but Brandi has alre
  12. Denise does not owe anyone an explanation about anything. Why does anyone believe she needs to address rumours and gossip from Teddy and Kyle? Teddy obviously doesn't like Denise, so why does she care if Denise likes her or has shared her opinion about her? It's not like Denise told someone that Teddy had sex with someone other than her husband. What a bunch of assholes this group is.
  13. This is Kyle Richards, Kim Richards, Teddi, and that human trash bag Brandi Glanville stooping to a new low. First of all, a mighty Fuck You to producers and KYLE who think the viewers are stupid enough to believe this heavily produced scene with Brandi and Kim wearing Microphones was accidental or happenstance. It's a contrived piece of bullshit. On this basis alone, Denise could just simply say, it didn't happen, it would never happen, and the biggest mistake I ever made was befriending that piece of shit named Brandi. Also, that crack about Denise's kids being "Charlie Sheen's kids" a
  14. Dorinda: she "waitressed her whole life" to get out of the Berkshires, and "told on everyone and brown nosed" her "way to the top". Dorinda as the workplace snitch and backstabber seems on brand with her current toxic personality.
  15. We may not like Aaron, or his fear of the 5G network, but I am always glad when the husbands are a part of things. It's a good disruption of the monotonous freight train of the singular topic that these housewives get locked into, and it reveals a lot of the relationships that these WIVEs have with their partners. It makes things interesting. And, when we don't have a Ken anymore losing his shit when his wife gets upset, and when Maurico's participation is reduced down to suggesting they call Ghostbusters and then disappearing for the rest of the time, I'm happy for Aaron's nutbar intervention
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