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  1. But ... what about this, from Arie ? ' As Luyendyk confessed to Us, “The finale is going to be very interesting for fans to watch. It’s been an experience I’ll remember forever. It’s going to be fun for me to watch back.” ' "Fun" ??
  2. The people you mention, who like her, happen to be some of the nicer people on this awful show.
  3. Maybe Jo Jo was (as she was constantly doing on the series) confronting him about her usual worries that he wasn't as into it as she was and that she had reason to worry with all the tabloid stories about his scoundrel rep etc., and he knew she'd like a public declaration ?
  4. Well, either Jordan is just laying it on super thick or somehow he means it with the following Instagram. Doesn't sound like something a jock would post ... unless he somehow actually means it and is risking ridicule by his macho sports friends -- even if he picked phrases from googling online ideas ... ?? :-) See http://ftw.usatoday.com/2016/08/jordan-rodgers-post-bachelorette-instagrams-make-you-want-barf
  5. pitchy


    He left to be a gigolo to the male Chief of Staff to the President of the United States in "Scandal." At least that's where I saw him soon after he disappeared from this show.
  6. Gorgeous hubby too. Cute pic of the two of them with her older boy. http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-moms/news/renee-oteri-welcomes-son-with-husband-bracy-maynard-2015151
  7. All this really struck me too - but especially that she would choose this to complain about such a personal thing for him on a tv show broadcast to millions. (I can only imagine his mother's reaction). Then they both compounded it by his saying that they both pray at night in bed but that he prays longer and while she's trying to go to sleep (not a good sign for many reasons) but that she taps him to ask him not to pray so loud. ( ! )
  8. I haven't read all 3 pages yet, seeing only the first 10. Red flags: When he first appeared he was happy that he found a woman "who supports me" ... is that what we want to hear first and foremost? *** And, at the end: ------ "You support ME, you love ME, you've been beside ME." *** GEEZES, can he say he loves HER for what she is? It's all about how she treats -him-. Otherwise, they look pretty genuinely happy with each other. (I turned on the program at 8 and then fell asleep until after 9pm ! :-) From 9pm to 10pm was not exactly scintillating! ) But I
  9. A few have written about Lauren's sweet ways vs JoJo's more experimental mode. The Star, In Touch and other magazines have stories about Lauren's having had an overnight in the clinker due to over-celebrating -- and her sister who celebrated with her but not to the same extent, was a source. So, Lauren may be more "complex" than we had thought. There are other things discussed but they involve spoilers so I'm not linking to them but they're easily googled. Maybe Ben's mother picked up on something most of us didn't. :-) But maybe the stories are exaggerated.
  10. During the WTA show, didn't she say that she was NOW in the reserves? It sounded as if this was more recent.
  11. I had wondered if they did some test shots with her as they did with Arie when trying to decide (or to fool people) between farmer Chris and Arie. As for her face, she didn't have much make-up on and while, normally, she lets her hair fall over her cheeks, she had both sides pulled back in a severe look, and I thought those were possibly two reasons she didn't look "herself" as seen on the show. She also looked a bit down. I think it meant he qualified to be with the other 'great' stone-cold dudes of the past.
  12. They mention she was seen filming an intro... and apparently they then confirmed it. Odd re the timing and no announcement last night though.
  13. Here's a report on things that happened during the WTA that were not included in the broadcast. http://www.eonline.com/news/746829/the-bachelor-women-tell-all-13-crazy-behind-the-scenes-moments-you-didn-t-see-on-tv
  14. Cleaning their rooms in their parents' home ?
  15. I think no one would want to give Leah more airtime to reward her for absolute lies to everyone.
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