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  1. I personally haven't seen it, but apparently there is a revisionist movie (re: Hamlet from Ophelia's POV) called "Ophelia" released a year or two ago, where DR plays the lead character and seemed to get some good critical reviews.
  2. I certainly agree with what you said, per her personality , that's why I almost added "at this point in her life" when opining why Fern turned away from both offers. It's very nuanced; she was dealing with grief still from her husband's death, it's implied strongly she and her sister are not particularly close (perceived POV of sis that Fern abandoned the family, etc) and TBH the David Straitharn character I deliberately called "quasi boyfriend" because the interest certainly seemed more on his part. With agency I meant it didn't seem that those two offers were her thought out choices,
  3. Agree with all of this. What I liked about the film was it showed that a lot of these nomads are very resourceful, but grudgingly or not, were now focused in maintaining this lifestyle. I thought it was telling that when Fern lists her work history, she’s not without skills ( did some teaching ) but it ‘s more the local economy has no opportunities open for her to hunker down financially in one spot. The two opportunities the film shows she has to get off the road, ie living with her sister or accepting her quasi boyfriend’s offer to move in with him in his son’s house, while not b
  4. Saw "Dancing Lady" last night. If I'm not mistaken that's Joan Crawford's actual singing voice along with Fred Astaire, , it lacks the "perfect" sound of so many dubbed voices.
  5. I first noticed Tom Holland years ago in "The Impossible" and he got actually get a lot of critical acclaim and awards,; I was duly impressed Holland more than held his own in scenes with Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts, Ditto in "Edge of Winter" and "Lost City of Z". Whether that translates to stardom outside of SM I can't say, but on screen the kid has wattage IMO which was clear even before he did the first Spidey movie.
  6. Daisy Ridley may be the female version of Orlando Bloom, who did fine with the role of Legolas in LOTR, but doesn't have enough charisma or distinctiveness to standout in any other roles.
  7. Of course it's uncomfortable to many. Is it simply not just about skin color or non resemblance to the character portrayed, though. My point about Alec Guinness was that not that long a ago, a white prestigious actor would not be questioned portraying an ethnic role, even if it didn't require darkening makeup, so it's not as simple as that. There are even ethnic actors who have been used to portray other ethnicities, such as Max Minghella, a Chinese/Italian actor who was used to portray an Indian character in "Network". Hollywood is racist, but it doesn't mean there ar
  8. Again, complicated. Ben Afleck portraying Tony Mendez in “Argo.” https://web.archive.org/web/20130406233958/http://showbizcafe.com/en/interviews/exclusive-argos-real-tony-mendez-im-not-hispanic/2992#
  9. Don’t remind me of Fisher Stevens, The Angeline Jolie/Marianne Pearl casting: here it gets complicated: https://www.seattletimes.com/entertainment/mighty-heart-casting-stirs-debate-over-race/
  10. I'm wondering if Alec Guinness' Dr. Narayan Godpole a Brahman Hindu professor, is the last example of a well known white actor portraying a different ethnicity(this case, Indian) in : "A Passage to India" from 1984? IIRC Dr. Godpole is not suppose to be a mixed race character.
  11. Let's be real, since JLSC turned out to be a showcase for the new streaming HBO MAX there was no need for a 2 1/2 hour theatrical release. 4+ plus hours fills the bill.
  12. Loved the violence then topped off by the humor at the end of "Blood Simple". Mistaken identities and black humor; what a fine cocktail the Cohen Brothers perfected in their first film. Behind closed doors, the Frances McDormand thinking she's defending herself against her estranged husband. "Well Ma'am if I see him, I'll sure give him the message." That line kills me.
  13. Have heard about if for years and I finally got to see "The Last Flight" a 1931 Richard Barthelemes movie about a quartet of World War 1 flying veterans who are adrift in post-War Paris. IMO It's more "Hemingway" than anything out there as far as its portrayal of the Lost Generation. The atmosphere of postwar Paris/Europe is evoked well, and the film has hardly dated. Cynical and dark, it's no rosy depiction of the physical and mental psyche of damaged veterans, but quite blunt in telegraphing there is no "cure" for them, or as one commander describes them "spent bullets" tha
  14. Ponderous, gloomy, pretentious, too dark, etc. are all adjectives aptly used on Zack Snyder but at the same time I'm glad we have his version. The overall story still drags (Steppenwolf will never be an interesting villain even if you created a thousand cuts, and for being a veteran actor it's uncanny how Ben Affleck's Batman sucks the air and energy out of any scene he's front and center), but there is , dare I say it, an epic grandeur to some of the Snyder passages. That type of visual beauty you don't usually get in the peppy Marvel movies that was the template Whedon glue
  15. Can't disagree that most of Eliza 's songs in My Fair Lady for the most part would be beyond the scope of most non professionally trained singer/actors. Audrey's discovered MFL singing tracks are glaring in her vocal deficiencies, (though it doesn't help they didn't even lower the key for her singing attempts to suit her range) However, I do have a soft spot for Audrey's warbling in "Wouldn't it be Luverly" . Personally per the character and place in the film, I think her singing suits the character better than the dubbed version: Can't fault
  16. I have to say I thought she was wonderful in Showboat and her unused vocals are an undiscovered treasure to many. If I'm not mistaken they actually used her vocals on the soundtrack album released for the film? Here are two excerpts using her own singing voice. In interviews Gardner claimed she listened endlessly to Lena Horne's recordings in preparation. IMO she was very good and I heard it crushed her that after all her work and effort she was dubbed anyways by Annette Warren.
  17. It would be interesting if it got a reboot one last time Now If they've given Osbourne the boot, would be annoyed if they give her "cover" just to placate her. Funny thing about free speech, go ahead and defend it, but you need to be willing to articulate your position. Apparently Sharon perceived she wasn't going to be sheltered from her public twitter (aka stating Pierce Morgan was telling " his truth" and she stood by him) and had to actually EXPLAIN or have consequences to the backlash from her free speech, thus we saw her meltdown. Osbourne was not ambushed or tr
  18. Loved this film. Avoided the cliche of “rising above your affliction “ to more of the theme ( to me at least) of listening as opposed to simply hearing. Riz Ahmed so inhabited his role and deserves all the accolades. Just as impressive was veteran actor Paul Raci who plays the Director of the Deaf Community. He’s one of those actors you’ve seen dozens of times through the decades but can’t quite place. The Director emits such a weather beaten humanity and empathy in trying to help Ahmed’s character. I’m one of those who are usually annoyed by “background stories” during a
  19. Yes, I have also read it was Mr. Rogers preference. I so agree with you that dubbing was so common that it wasn't even thought of as egregious at all. However, in the era of so much dubbing (for example, Marilyn Monroe's singing in "Diamonds are a Girls best friend " is augmented by another unnamed singer for some of the high notes, I just find it hard to believe that the Juanita Hall's singing voice was so substandard that it could not have been tweaked in the studio. That same year Ms Hall even starred in another R&H stage musical , "Flower Drum Song" the year that South Pac
  20. I loved With Six You Get Eggroll , plus it had the extra bonus of the rock band The Grass Roots singing "Feelings".
  21. Mitzi Gaynor was OK as Nellie, but I just find her acting and singing conventional at best. I think the film in some ways is a disaster, that weird color filtering for musical numbers, and I'm sorry, just can't get over the fact that Juanita Hall (Bloody Mary) who played the role on Broadway and even won the Tony for it, had her singing voice dubbed. I read somewhere ostensibly it was for legal reasons but still....If Rogers and Hammerstein still the rights to their material, how was she banned from singing it onscreen?
  22. I couldn’t quite get Astrid. We are told what a wonderful, warm & chic individual she is, but how does she expect no strain in her marriage when she’s literally spending millions of dollars on shopping sprees,then trying to hide it from the husband?
  23. It’s a beautiful film, and it conveys so much of “American” cultural values including rugged individualism and wanderlust , but you also get the all encompassing sense that the rug been pulled out from beneath so many of these senior baby boomer nomads, capitalism at its worse has betrayed them.
  24. Abraham Riesman's True Believer: The Rise and Fall of Stan Lee, the latest bio raises up once again who was responsible for Marvel's golden age of comic characters. Mr. Riesman falls on Jack Kirby's side of the ledger, seemingly giving him most of the credit for the Marvel "Creation". Interesting opinion on this from previous Marvel writer, editor Roy Thomas. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/roy-thomas-former-marvel-editor-pushes-back-on-new-stan-lee-biography-guest-column
  25. Was pleasantly surprised on seeing for the the first time in years Katharine Hepurn's "Morning Glory." I had dismissed it in my mind as dated "THE theatre" hokum, and in many ways it is. Physically Hepburn is so unique, her face even then sharp and angular; an early scene in a theatrical waiting room she's sitting down next to another actress who is dressed to the nines and has the kewpie lips and almost round rouged face in vogue and the contrast is startling. Certain actors such as Hepburn, and say Louise Brooks, Greta Garbo (at least by her American film debut) , seemed to have h
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