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  1. I think I am odd person out here but I don't want Darlene back with David. I like their friendship and I have probably watched every single episode of these shows since back in the day, but I just don't think their relationship is healthy.
  2. Agreed! I was wondering if they were really going to explore this. I lived the 80's. I was the Tootie back in the day and kept waiting for them to mention some of what the show explored and it never happened. Mrs. Garret would be disappointed in this episode.
  3. Gwyn is so frustrating. She is supposed to be the Queen. "The" Queen. Not some lovesick little girl. Garrett should be dead no more discussion. I used to like him, now I am just annoyed by him. As for Talon, I am missing the warrior princess she used to be. If one more person messes with Janzo I am going to be livid.
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