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  1. I totally think this as well. Kylie is talented but there is no way Ru would pass up 2 opportunities: 1 - to endear herself to the trans community and 2 - have an earlier season girl win to prove she isn’t “ignoring” the older casts or an older queen. (Not that she’s old but old in the eyes of RPDR) And Raja needs to stop trying with “Ohh my gaawd.” Fetch isn’t going to happen.
  2. Think this would’ve made more sense with Wolfe. The last we saw Gregor, he was practically in suicide mission mode. I don’t see him as getting back to the Republic and becoming a trainer no less.
  3. I'm surprised Crosshair didn't think that the clones on Ryloth hadn't heard "Execute Order 66." Although, it would be an interesting twist to learn that they did hear it and some retained a bit of free will.
  4. All I can think of when I see this is when in either the last show or the show before that Michelle started saying how Rose reminded her of Bianca and Ru cut her off before she could even finish her name. I wonder what that was all about? I found that extremely strange since Bianca has to be one of the most successful queens that was ever in the show.
  5. Y'all I can't even bother to watch anymore. I just come here to read your comments and I wait for Trixie's recap. Kandy's just ruined the show for me this season. It's not even fun to watch. I'll watch the finale. I think. I'm in the "please Gob anyone but Kandy" camp at this point.
  6. On this week's Pit Stop, Nikki Doll basically said the same thing. Every week the queens shade her.
  7. Agreed. This was the first of one of these challenges where it wasn't difficult to watch, and you get someone that is completely against getting the makeover. At least with a fellow drag queen, you might still be disappointed, but it's not like you're hurting someone from the outside.
  8. Kandy made Untucked all about her. Again. She is absolutely exhausting. It’s really shitty Denali went home for Olivia’s misread of the challenge, but damn Olivia’s face was rough.
  9. Kandy did not do Patrick Starr at all and she also whiffed a huge throw RuPaul gave her. Patrick Starr has a makeup line called “One Size” and she missed it. It’s a blessing to her that not a lot of people follow YouTube makeup people and RuPaul seems to love her. And now I’m going to hide in a corner for knowing this factoid. Oh Utica. It’s not cultural appropriation if the person has the hair. Interesting that Elliott commented on her hogging the stage. Hmm.
  10. I don't think I'm watching the same show as the judges. In what universe did Kandy almost win for that lackluster performance and that trash outfit? I don't know if I want to keep watching, to be honest.
  11. That's how I feel about Kandy being Safe while Joey was in the bottom. There was no way Kandy would win against La La Ri. However as much as I enjoy the humorous lipsyncs, right now it seems like the easy path to a win, and that's not good either. I love Tamisha's exhaustion towards Kandy. I totally recognize it. As a fellow 50 year old, dealing with a flaky 20something on my grad school team, I feel this so hard. I don't know if I can take Kandy sucking the oxygen out of the room for Untucked. Can someone summarize it?
  12. So mad right now. Why on earth was Kandy safe while Joey Jay was in the bottom? At least Joey's looked like she tried to deconstruct the bags. Kandy hotglued actual backpacks to her waist. As much as I loathe Santino, he would have destroyed her. And the producers tricked me. I really thought they were going to send Kandy home because she was in interview room all the damn time, and they didn't feature Joey much at all. I was so pissed that I didn't watch untucked. Looks like I'll have to watch Queen Tamisha.
  13. Yep. India’s shenanigans directly resulted in everyone voting her out the next week. Alexis was screwed. You could tell the others were pissed and even embarrassed for falling for it. Derek was living for it because he was vindicated. India can take her tittles and sashay away from my screen. Part of the reason I’m so annoyed by this is that from the start, Shae has acted like she’s entitled to the crown. She made such a huge deal out of getting votes. India saw that and fed it. It really made the season tough to watch. I will always have a soft spot for Ongina. Her dress w
  14. The phrase you’re looking for, India, is “lie of omission.”
  15. Queens need to just stay away from YouTube stars.
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