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  1. Yep. India’s shenanigans directly resulted in everyone voting her out the next week. Alexis was screwed. You could tell the others were pissed and even embarrassed for falling for it. Derek was living for it because he was vindicated. India can take her tittles and sashay away from my screen. Part of the reason I’m so annoyed by this is that from the start, Shae has acted like she’s entitled to the crown. She made such a huge deal out of getting votes. India saw that and fed it. It really made the season tough to watch. I will always have a soft spot for Ongina. Her dress was gorgeous. I was pulling for JuJu like everyone else, it seems.
  2. The phrase you’re looking for, India, is “lie of omission.”
  3. Queens need to just stay away from YouTube stars.
  4. India is shady as hell. She was pulling this garbage last week too. I wish she got picked the first week instead of Derek. She filled in the blanks that it wasn’t as shady as she made it sound when she was talking with Michelle.
  5. Funny, I thought Cracker was the weakest. Her performance was flat to me. Telling how Mayhem as so kind about India and India ... not so much. It’s time for her to go. I have a soft spot for Mayhem. I’ve never met her, but we have mutual friends and I’ve heard nothing but good things about her.
  6. I'm surprised Michelle hasn't dragged Sherry Pie for her unchanging makeup - those spider lashes, oy! She got on Crystal's case in the second episode if I remember correctly. I'd say she's done it and it was cut, but Sherry keeps showing up with those damn lashes. I'm guessing Sherry was very much being set up for a win, so she wasn't called out. I love me some Heidi, but that was a terrible misstep. Watching her and the judges tap dance around her partner's size was painful to watch.
  7. The first thing that jumped into my head when the Armorer said Baby Yoda was too weak to train as a Mandalorian was Yoda saying to Luke, “Judge me by my size, do you?”
  8. Another thing I caught on the second viewing was the WTF faces of Cara and Greef during the Armourer/Mandalorian ritualistic exchange. Reminded me of when I took my husband to a Catholic wedding and mass. 🤣
  9. Oh damn, Cara is from Alderaan. That one piece of information conveys so much. She said eons not centuries. An eon is an undetermined long time which could be either decades or centuries. And the darksaber! I screamed when I saw it. And now I have to pretend I haven’t watched it when my husband comes home.
  10. I watched it again and the scene right before he Force Chokes Cara, he looks absolutely terrified. His eyes get big as saucers and it's like he's in tears. It was very interesting. I think the montage of the droid is supposed to be a metaphor for Baby Yoda. It's going to be all about how he's raised. With Baby Yoda being so strong in The Force, he has to get guidance from someone who is also strong in the Force, or at the very least know what it is. He can't stay with Mando, and that breaks my bitter heart. Wow, Mando was losing his shit when he couldn't get a hold of Kuiil. Poor Kuiil.
  11. I take this as Mando went into protective dad mode and wasn't thinking logically like he normally would. This episode really showed how much he cares for the little guy. What I want to know is, is the Razor Crest the Tardis? In the first episode and even the last episode, it seemed awfully cramped. Now it can fit two more organic life forms, a droid, and THREE blurgs?
  12. I liked the joke about Mayfield working for the Imperials, "Hey, I wasn't a Stormtrooper!" 🤣 Interesting surprise at the end with Mando getting the three into one cell block. A thought, without the administrator, how are these fools going to eat? He's got to find a better way to keep Baby Yoda safe. Obviously he's living day by day, but as much as I like this show right now, this will become repetitive. He's got to reach out the the other Mandalorians or the New Republic, or something. I thought Mayfield did say something like "WTF is this?" when he saw Baby Yoda. His species is super rare, and Lucas kept them that way on purpose for whatever reason.
  13. Agreed. But he did pull off a very “Bored Rich Boy” vibe. Note the new clothing, toys, ability to get bikes so quickly, and the large bag of money taken off his body. As well as the “cut corners and jump to the front because I’ve always been able to” attitude.
  14. The thing that really struck me has how deserted Mos Eisley was, especially when you think of how bustling it was in A New Hope.
  15. To be fair, Pedro Pascal could have chemistry with a block of wood. I'm guessing the Star Wars Universe never invented straws.
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