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  1. If memory serves, you're only given a pinky ring if you complete your rookie season... so for example... I don't think Kalyssa has one since (again, if memory serves) she left mid-season.
  2. Why do there need to be "dozens of explanations"? It either happened or it didn't. Sounds like a desperate attempt to save face at this point.
  3. SmpIsimon was correct with their dual-point information, and I believe they also confirmed that it was Amy & Maddie long before the public knew. We shouldn't have any reason to doubt them. Sorry.
  4. The best thing for any of our favorites would be to play 'good little soldier' until May and then don't re-audition. You keep up good faith with Benedict Finglass and you don't lose opportunities in or out of DCCLand. As I said before, this is no different than being with an abusive partner. I hope that there are enough ladies who see it as that.
  5. I'm not sure who needs to grow a pair more: TPTB and Benedict Finglass or the entire squad. Please keep us posted on a possible mass retirement among rookies/veterans. This is no different than staying with an abusive partner. It's not worth it.
  6. ...and if the DCC did pick a rookie, we all know whom it would be, don't we?
  7. Best case scenario: they follow standard MTT protocol and don't showcase vets that much, but we all know they'll shoehorn her in somehow. She'll be teaching rookies, be a group leader, giving feedback to Aunt Kelly... they'll figure it out.
  8. They could've just used one middle finger emoji with this post. Same meaning.
  9. Why did it absolutely, positively have to be VK? If you need to put another blonde there, why not Lily? Why not Amanda? Why not Brennan? Why not Heather? What about Christina, Erin, Daphne or Taylor P.? Why does it have to be VK?
  10. Since Gina is out for the season, will the "weekly audition process" still be a thing or is this a set 36 for the remaining home games? Will they keep things this way or will TPTB actually do their job and get it down to a solid 36 next year? Does our favorite #IllegitimateDCC get to keep the position in the triangle that she stole and has yet to rightfully earn?
  11. What is the farthest-up rookie placement in the triangle in recent memory (or ever)?
  12. So now VK is a thief? Could it get any more worse than this? Can we please get some confirmation on this from a well-known insider? Pretty please?
  13. ...and of course she's almost front and center behind Ellie Goulding. We can't even have Thanksgiving without her shoved down our throats.
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