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  1. I need to find that YT video! That sounds hilarious. I agree that the soundtrack this season wasn't as compelling although the cover of My Body is a Cage was perfect. I was holding my breath at some points during that whole scene. I can't wait fir Season 3, not just to see how they tackled the conclusion but then I can rewatch all three seasons and really enjoy all the little details. For me, Season Two took a few episodes to build and then once Episode 4 got going, it all made sense. Seeing the consequences of how the time-travel messed up relationships and ruined people's lives both with what they knew and didn't know. I suppose Season 3 will be a full-out battle against the Travellers ( and I can't decide yet if they really are the villains). Not sure how I feel about the addition of dimensions as well as timelines, since they only have one season to wrap it but I'm sure it will be a wacky ride. Finally , I sincerely hope that Hannah gets a comeuppance. I almost felt sorry for her when Mikel was too depressed to leave the house, then she made it all about her anyway. Jonas was right, she "needs no one". She seems to be the only one like that, so I wonder what Season 3 holds for her.
  2. yes! I had forgotten season 2 had dropped. I loved season 1 even though I had to rewatch many episodes a few times over. I'm only halfway through S2 and its picking up steam. Glad there's a final season on the way. I was obsessed with the S1 soundtrack for a long time. I don't have any specific questions yet but as a heads up, the official Dark website on Netflix is a very useful resource!
  3. Its been a long time since I posted in these forums! I binged this show and enjoyed it. My only comment to add at this point is that the episode didnt remind me of The Body, but what it DID remind me of was the followup ( Forever), which TRIED to be a spin on The Monkeys Paw. I thought this episode did a much better job of that ( and referenced it openly). Sabrina does indeed have much to learn but thats a huge plot point so I was fine with her fucking up badly due to her own over-confidence. My heart broke for Harvey. Although I wondered why he didnt just smother Tommy in his sleep rather than use a shotgun, but I guess that's Americans for you? haha
  4. Aw man I'm sorry I just saw this! I just finished binge watching the entire series over the past two weeks and now I feel empty inside :/ I will say that it helped to watch the pilot and then skip to episode 7, I think. Some of those early ones...I still have no idea WTF they were doing.
  5. This episode was everything. All the in-jokes and call-backs for those of us who know them, and still a really really funny and poignant look at the human condition through flipping the script on were-specieism. All the guests were spot-on. I love that this encounter, as absurd as it was, was Mulder's return to belief. I think this one will be worth several re-watches to appreciate all the easter eggs that were placed in there ( yes an fan service) to move the story along, and for a classic "ridiculous X-Files" episode I also thought it was just a really strong example of how to take the mickey out of a style that every serial ends up using, while still telling a really great story. I'm also relieved that Dagoo wasn't eaten by anything/anyone...I was really concerned that Guy was going to find its body during the flashback where he got attacked by the hooker ( and yes, as a fellow queer-identified woman, I thought the comedic tone of Mulder and Guy trying to talk about her was deliciously awkward and spot-on). I don't expect Dagoo to become a future plot point but hopefully Scully DOES get to keep him!
  6. *Waves to fellow TWoPers* I'm so glad this show is back albeit for a while! It just felt so comfortable to slip back in and watch Mulder and Scully work their way through a MoTW case like old times. I didn't expect the stuff about William to be so affecting but it was really what pulled the episode together for me. DD hit it out of the park for me in the dream sequence. Pretty sure I sat on the couch and said :"Awwwwwww" and squeezed my puppy for a while. I don't have any idea if they'll resolve that plotline or just tease us with it, but I was concerned that they were going to write William off or just forget about him, so this will work for me. I'm actually not very spoiled ( yet) so I'm just looking forward to spending time with this show again ( and yes, like many I would like to forget that most of post Season 6 just stopped making sense mytharc-wise).
  7. Bless you for remembering the Wild Cards series. I collected them all as a teen and as I was watching this pilot, I kept thinking about it more and more!
  8. FRONT BUTT. I love it. I was prepared to be entertained by this episode and I was...the poor knowledge that many designers appeared to have about lady parts and how to best showcase them in pretty and/or functional things was staggering. I think they would have been more creative given a) more time and b) the strong factor that they had to design to Heidi's tastes, which are very Vegas party girl, for lack of a better phrase. I have noticed that cage panties and strappy bras have become very popular in the mainstream stores these days, and I'm not sure why. As a burlesque performer, I get it. Its sexy but then again, its all coming off in 5 minutes or less, and we generally use materials that will flatter us and hold up to movement. I dont wear those kinds of underpinnings for daily life. Hell, i wont even buy a strappy swimsuit because I dont want bizarre tan lines. All this to say that I also feel like a lot of those cage details are super played out and not at all fashion forward. I was amazed that Jake's model refused to wear his original design and insisted on more coverage. They get to do that? I thought Heidi was the client. In any case, those side straps are indeed really hard to make to fit flatteringly. I pray to the universe whenever I wear a pole dance costume that has those pesky side cutouts because you never know if show night is when everything spills out the sides. Kelly's cover up was very cute and even though I didnt care for her color choices, I thought the look was strong. Swapnil's did not look difficult to put on...you could tell from the back that it was a pretty basic setup even if the front looked fussy. Maybe if he had pitched it as a set for boudoir photography ( including the drape) it would have gone over better, but it still wasn't a winning look. I think Ashley got robbed because hers was well made and marketable. Merline's looked dreadful. I think I yelled OH HELL NAW as it drooped down the runway. Even with the "fix" on the website I can't see anyone wearing it out. And for $60? Nope. It might make a cute costume but I think I know several burlesque designers who could make that better. Wow that guest judge was 17??? I did enjoy her constructive and firm yet nice critiques very much. I did miss the rationale for having her be the guest though?
  9. Yeah I think the screen grabs are the only record. I would use a "ring of fire" except I dont think the venue would be supportive of that. haha. I may have to go a slightly different route with the concept but this was super-helpful. Thanks everyone!
  10. Thanks! I think the screen grabs are indeed the only record of this trap!
  11. Would this thread be the right place to ask? I'm looking for an image of the Angel Trap that the boys used to trap Gadreel in Meta Fiction. I'm thinking about creating a nerdlesque ( yes!) Supernatural routine and I had an idea to start trapped in the circle. I guess I could use the angel warding sigils but that doesn't seem right somehow. I've looked online and can't find anything. I'm not making this up, am I?
  12. Would this thread be the right place to ask? I'm looking for an image of the Angel Trap that the boys used to trap Gadreel in Meta Fiction. I'm thinking about creating a nerdlesque ( yes!) Supernatural routine and I had an idea to start trapped in the circle. I guess I could use the angel warding sigils but that doesn't seem right somehow. I've looked online and can't find anything. I'm not making this up, am I?
  13. Anothermi, well stated. Oh man, Ryan!!! He and Gev were my favorite pocket b-boys on the show because they really did push themselves out of their comfort zone and were amazing in their genre. I guess in thinking about it more, it is the literal-ness and non-innovative nature of the choreographies this year that are throughly boring me. Although the samba last night was a lot of fun to watch. The Stage vs Street notion gave us more awesome street dancers that we might not have seen otherwise, but the team concept also took away from us seeing relationships being built between the dancers as partners and friends. Those do matter to viewers. My favorite seasons for that were 2 & 3. Gaby is fierce. She's outlasted a lot of other dancers based on her drive and talent alone. I wouldn't be mad to see her win. At this point, Hailee has been the most generic and underwhelming for me. As far as "pocket hip-hop" dancers go, Virgil has been great in his style, has an infectious stage presence but hasn't consistently kept up technically in his non-hip-hop dances the way I hoped he would. But I like him just fine. I dont mind terribly that for whatever reasons the producers keep tweaking the show. Some things though I always wish they;d address better...but thats for another thread.
  14. On the one hand, seeing the show break the pattern of two boys, two girls as finalists was really cool but on the other hand, I was indeed surprised and disappointed that Jim didn't make it over Hailee. That hip-hop last week screwed him over. I have nothing against Hailee ( well maybe just that her short blonde hair + dark eyebrows makes her look like Miley Cyrus) but everytime I plan on being impressed by her, I can't remember what she did on the show. I groaned out loud at the concept for Gaby & Jim's dance. REALLY? SHE HAS A FEVER. Its like middle school girls came up with the literal concepts for the show. It was great to see Anya again and I think Jim danced well with her, TBH. Jaja did great with Alex. I think she is a bit of a phenom in that her expressively mobile face adds so much to her performances, and she does make her work look effortless. I was prepared to dismiss her as a novelty ( white girl krumping) but really...she's a star in the making and I'm not mad at her for it. Megz was bound to go in part because of that paso that she couldn't overcome. But I am a fan. She's fierce, she has abs and her gender-non-conforming self DID end up breaking ground on the show. It mattered to me. She's someone else who has a career if she wants it. I also am completely sympathetic to her difficulty with toe pointing To the poster upthread who said it was easy...nope nope it is not. For some reason ( probably just that all my dance training has not been at all about ballet/modern) I cannot remember to point my toes in the clutch to save my life, hence judges notes forever and demerits in pole dance competitions to that effect. SO Megz...I feel ya. I'm just hoping that next week we get some good choreographies, by maybe some different people. If nothing else, this season fully bored me in terms of what the choreographers had to offer. Also, I would have loved to see everyone's solos be longer. That would be really nice for a final someday.
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