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  1. Half an hour in and all repeats so far. What a gyp. Every freakin scene I saw five times already.
  2. Now she’s in sequined baseball jackets and sequined captains hats. WTF? Not a good look at that age mah friend.
  3. Bethenny with the Red Scarf guy imitating Ramona giving him a drink was GOLD. Her thinking heads were the best. Dorinda thinks she’s funny but is not. In fact, none of them right now have any Witt. Laughter is what’s missing. Leah’s drunken rants are not funny.
  4. OMG .. that is so funny. She was acting so much she needed a staircase. While she was screaming, her face was contorted.
  5. How about “ no husbands allowed”. Women cannot talk about most things when men are around. It should be “girls only”, or “Couples” invited. Aaron does not belong there. Most men don’t want to be with cackling women anyhow. Denise should be able to stand on her own two feet or stay home. Then again, there would be no drama.
  6. Haha .. It might be a South-North Shore thing. My kids used to skate with Bethenny at “Hot Skates”.
  7. @gueuxaway .. I know it’s probably too late, but I passed the bycicle store this week (Long Island) and thought of you needing a bike for your son. There were a gazillion of new bikes all sizes and water bottles, etc all over the sidewalk. They’re probably shipping them all over the country now. You probably have one now, but just sayin. Sorry, geauxaway .. spelled it wrong up there.
  8. Me too. It started with Mahjong and Canasta at each other’s houses, then the Birthdays in a restaurant. Then one by one, everyone disappeared. Now, it’s down to a phone call here and there. Everyone’s either tired or would rather go out with the husband. When all the little kiddies were home, we were up to three nights a week playing Canasta, drinking wine and eating chips and dip, lol. Now I’m watching Housewives and crap t.v. In my pj’s and content. And snarking.
  9. All that bleach makes it dry, plus she’s older now and your hair somehow loses its luster. Besides, she probably uses those clip ons. Guess those bigger boobs aren’t attracting too many men now. She seems to go to a lot of meet ups, but nothing is sticking. It all must be exhausting.
  10. She lost a husband .. I give her that, but many women have also. She has her health, has an apartment in the city and a house in the Berkshire’s. Does that give her the right to terrorize and belittle her co workers? Someone has to straighten her out, put her in rehab, and case closed.
  11. And, I like that Denise wears jeans and a t-Shirt almost everywhere as she has nothing to prove, where the others get decked out with designer clothes.
  12. I think Denise, the others and us viewers have had it with all the bullshit and phoneyness. They all have run out of story lines, and that’s the trouble. All they have are fights now. There’s nothing else.
  13. Dorinda and Leah are ruining the show. The rest should stay. They are staples. Bring in a few new ones and you have a show again, but not Jill Zarin, IMO.
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