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  1. I don’t see why she was recommended as I don’t see much of a personality with Leah so far. Time will tell I guess. With Bethenny, we sort of seen her life from nothing to somebody. From giving away cupcakes, she became a success. We saw all her highs and lows. Plus, I really think Dorinda is worse than people think Bethenny is. At least Bethenny was funny. Dorinda is not. She’s left before, she might come back. She’s hyper and can do ten things at once. You never know. Stranger things have happened.
  2. I don’t blame Rose for wanting to give her boy a better life. Where she lives is in shambles. God, we are so lucky.
  3. This has been going on since the beginning. Waste of time and just a filler. Darcy looks terrible. Gained weight, face bloated, lips overdone. She brought her suitcase for overnight hoping. Connecticut is only one hour away.
  4. Yeah, Usman really loves Lisa. Okaaaay, hahahaha.
  5. If the show just started here on the east coast, why is this thread on page 3 already? Did I miss something?Its Sunday nite at 8:15 pm. here.
  6. Geeze .. couldn’t baby luv Lisa at least dye her hair before going to Nigeria?
  7. Yes, Leah reminds me of a groopy, you’re right. She wants to act cool. Hate Bethenny or Love her, she was sharp as a tack and funny with her comebacks and thinking heads. I have a feeling she will be back maybe next year with a reality show of her own. I don’t believe she’s finished with reality t.v. forever. Ps. I meant groupy up there. Don’t know how to change it.
  8. Yep, and I want to see Red Scarf Guy, Rocco, Tom and all the guys they all have slept with at the Regency Bar. I also want to see LuAnn on the stage singing her three songs at the Cabaret in her Jovani gowns. Plus her house upstate. That’s all.
  9. Besides AA, there are a lot of things that shouldn’t been said or talked freely about. For instance, and I hate to say it, but “blow jobs”. I was mortified to hear that said on t.v., but that’s Bravo. I’m married a long time and never talked like that even with my close girlfriends. Unless I’m wrong .. I don’t know.
  10. I cannot STAND Denise Richards. All she talks about is sex, sex, sex. Where, how, how often (five times a day). See me in a few years Denise.
  11. Hmmm, let’s see. 1. OC Tamra and Vikie SCREAM more. 2. Sick of Vikie sayin “Whoop it up”, she’s too old to be on the bar screaming in Mexico every season. 3. Tamra’s whole family is boring. Tamra shows her boobs more than Sonja and Bethenny. 4. Vikie always rushes to the hospital for something. 5. I just can’t look at Vikie or Tamra anymore. 6. Don’t like “Brownstone”. I do like Shannon and Kelly. Just MY opinion, of course. I just feel N.Y. are real.
  12. Ramona has Lyme disease now. Hope it doesn’t get bad like Yolanda. She said she got a good prognosis.
  13. Watching for the third time. I just love them, plus I’m bored. I didn’t know as you get older, your age goes backwards. Ramona is now 60. Last year she was 63. I still don’t care for the new girl. She’s a little weird. Does LuAnn still have her house upstate?
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