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  1. The thing I remember most about them was this. The guy got up about 3 a.m. to go make roads for his Company. He got home around 3 pm STARVING and ate chips or whatever snacks were around. Why couldn’t she have dinner ready to his convenience? She always chastised him for eating junk before dinner. She never went out of her way for him as far as I could see. It always had to be her way. A stupid observation, but maybe important to a hardworking man who wants a hot meal when he comes home. IMO. Plus, I don’t think she cared for sex. I really don’t blame him for cheating as there was more annoying things about her. She wasnt fun to be around.
  2. Ha. One egg yolk is bad for her, but drinking a gallon of vodka isn’t ? She was a beautiful woman, but now too much plastic surgery and too many hair extensions. She looks like shit. Dr. Moon will fix her up. Lol. Guess David got real tired of all her quirks and weirdness. I know he was no prize himself, but still, you know what you have, and don’t know what you will get into. I don’t get why she let this new guy into the house to live with her and her three girls, especially when he has three of his own.
  3. Because, “there’s nothing like an old pair of shoes” ... DAVID.
  4. She still looks like a truck driver. No amount of feminine hats help.
  5. I agree. Shannon was my favorite. Now, she is a snooty drunk. Every scene she had a drink in her hand. This episode was loud, catty and booze filled. Sorry guys, Emily looked horrible. I don’t care how much weight she lost. The thought of Shannon’s girls living with Shannon’s boyfriend and his kids makes my skin crawl. If I were David, I’d be more than pissed. How long is she going with this guy .. five minutes? In her thinking heads, her lips were square and too puffed. The whole episode stunk. Twenty years married, big deal. Brownie still prefers women, so she has said. What a farce. They are all nuts.
  6. Tues. WTF was that? I tuned in for a minute and saw something in the purple chair with ridiculous hair and very big lips. Looked a little like Joan Crawford who burps.
  7. That was a stupid idea in the first place. They even got an hi end Italian store to sell the crap. Didn’t work. Why don’t all these people just get a normal job? They always have a gimmick. The only thing that made good was Bethenny Frankel stuff.
  8. Talking about Cam in particular, I found her “ nutso” about having this first baby. Everything annoyed her about the pregnancy and thereafter. Everything was a big deal and a chore. She got crazy when the baby cried. If the baby was fed and dry, get a pacifier and cuddle and rock her a bit. I don’t think she was overjoyed with this baby unless the whining was just for the camera. A trillion women would be thrilled to be in her position. A doctor husband, beautiful house and beautiful daughter. P.s. Dani is a doormat. I wish she would find someone worthy to have her. Nobody from that group tho.
  9. It’s hard to explain, but I just can’t watch WWHL, unless there’s someone I really like on. How he gets these A listers, I have no idea. The filthier they are, it makes him salivate. He just loves it. The filthier, the better. He just goes overboard and loves when the guests get out of hand. Plus, some of the guests think they are so entertaining, but they are not. Just making fools of themselves. Just my opinion and everyone has theirs.
  10. She’s a wreck every which way. I’m shocked she grew up seven kids and they are still standing. All the nannies probably grew them up.
  11. That’s it. The dress wasn’t bad. It was just too short and too tight for her. Maybe she figured she lost weight so went for it. It didn’t look classy. That’s for sure.
  12. What about his pillow business? He never mentions it. I saw it was on HSN, but don’t know how it’s doing. BTW, while looking for the pillows, I saw pillows by Patricia Atchule or however you spell it; one that said “Its time for my medicine” and another of a flamingo. There might be more, I didn’t look. Did they collaborate in the business of pillows? Craigs were $55 and Patricia’s were $25.
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