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  1. I don't like the fact that the only time Eric is in cliched-tv, order-barking CEO mode is when he's dealing with Carter. Not a great look, Mr. "Exotic".
  2. But this is exactly how Brooke operates. She's rarely malicious but she's almost always inconsiderate. She wants what she wants and never stops to consider the people she's going to hurt on her way to her "destiny". Negligent homicide isn't first-degree murder but try explaining the difference to the corpse.
  3. I wonder if Brooke is going to use Eric as a way to get back in the CEO spot. "Steffy needs time to bond with her new baby", maybe she'll throw in an "it'll only be temporary", etc. (The operative word here being "use" which, more often than not, is the nature of her relationship with Eric.)
  4. Yes. Alienation of Affection is pretty much done. Only available in a few states. On another note, while I'm sure BellLA law will provide differently, and we can never underestimate Eric's romantic stupidity, there are no "cleaners" to which Quinn can take Eric. Evn if he didn't get her to sign a prenup, at most, she'd be entitled to half of the money he made/net worth that he acquired during the marriage. So, if he'd been worth $500M the day they married and $501M the day they separated, she'd get half of $1M. Again, there'll likely be some cockamamie nonsense where she gets share
  5. Quinn: "Brooke, your oldest daughter. How did you decide on the name Bridget?" Brooke: ". . . ."
  6. I've watched this show from the beginning and one of the things I always enjoyed was the father-son relationship between Eric and (RM's) Ridge. Ridge (and Brooke) betraying Eric after BeLieF really left a bad taste in my mouth and, as a result, I took a hiatus from this show for quite awhile. While I get that everyone on this show is a hypocrite in one way or another, Eric's very specific rant about his wife betraying him with someone he loves should have caused even Brooke and Ridge to question their right to be so fervent in their Quinn-bashing.
  7. I'm sure it is. Zende's mention of "the cloud" was there for a reason. Justin will delete the video and someone will remember to check for the backup and, voila, case dismissed. Except for all the after-the-fact criminality, e.g., fleeing the scene of a "crime"; disposal of evidence; obstruction of an investigation, etc. But I'm sure that will all be hand-waved. Dumb show.
  8. Of course Carter owed Zoe nothing. And she and Quinn were BFFs only in Zoe's deluded mind. Unfortunately, both Quinn and Carter feel they have to play nice and coddle and entertain the Buckingham sisters' interrogations because the potential fallout from pissing them off would be too great. Even though, yeah, none of this is any of their business.
  9. $Bill is charismatic, funny and occasionally charming. But just because we like him doesn't mean he isn't a degenerate viper who locked his wife in a tower; tried to kill Amber; attempted to bed a barely-out-of-her-teens Steffy; cheated on his wife, twice, with her sister; and slept with his son's wife. I find him entertaining but he's as much of a sleaze as Vinny any day of the week. I'm looking forward to his comeuppance.
  10. Thank you. I'm happy to be wrong about this. Didn't notice her full outfit yesterday but Brooke looked great today. Doesn't seem inappropriately "young". But she does need to listen to herself. She sounds just like Stephanie did when she was talking about her. Sniffing dismissively at "Vegas" the same way Stephanie did about Brooke's origins in "the Valley". She needs to find business of her own. This is not it. And Zoe? For your thirst, here's a nice, tall glass of STFU. Drink up.
  11. Of course Brooke (and Zoe) speculated who Carter might be involved with. It absolutely has to be someone they know. The dating pool for these people is as shallow as a thimble. Odd that they had to throw in the possible love interest was "from Detroit" though. Not sure what that was intended to signal. Or maybe I am.
  12. Ha! As Zoe was walking upstairs, I thought/hoped, "Maybe they'll kill her?" Amazing these two are blazing up the screen. Admittedly, the heat has been turned off entirely with all the social distancing but this is making up for lost time. And RS' portrayal is really hitting all the right notes, e.g., desire, guilt, gratitude for a moment that made her feel special again, etc.
  13. After all these years, Quinn is finally sexy. That is all.
  14. Agree the Carter/Quinn final scenes were problematic but LSV, honestly, doesn't bring much to the table other than his looks and physique. At least, he hasn't yet. If he'd been ogled and objectified like that by Zoe, it would have played differently. The fact that it was Quinn draws less favorable comparisons as provided above. Nevertheless, this pairing could be interesting. The problem is the social distancing (that, apparently, GH, Days and Y&R aren't doing) just kills any sort of sexual or emotional heat. Finn and Steffy's relationship suffered from this. Paris and Zende's i
  15. That pillow fit? Liam is an infant. Can't believe he can tie his own shoes and feed himself.
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