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  1. At my table for one, I thought Liam made some sense today. Although, as we know, in relationships, it’s not always easy to hear each other, particularly in times of stress. But when he said he doesn’t hate Deacon just like you don’t hate the hurricane, you just get out of its way to avoid damage? Not a bad argument.
  2. Paris now has three men interested in her? Her “let’s-slow-it-down, now-speed-it-up,” boyfriend Zende, inevitably-obsessive Thomas and now hunky, dull Carter? Anyone, anyone, interested in her, who sings her praises as if she’s Beyoncé, Mother Teresa and Princess Diana all rolled into one, sounds beyond foolish. (At least Zende is the appropriate age though.) Paris is pretty but she is not a “fireball” or “enthusiastic”, both of which were in the litany of praise heaped upon her this week, and neither of which apply. For her to be those things, she’d have to have actual, you know, ene
  3. She's a "Fireball"? She has an "Infectious smile"? All the accolades Zende heaped onto Paris today, and his over-the-top tongue-bathing, repeatedly made me question who the hell he was talking about.
  4. Just as I thought, seems we'll be skipping Li's reaction to Jack's decades-long deception to get to Finn's confused befuddlement and, most importantly, the fact Sheila could have blown Jack up anytime over the last thirty years but didn't. "Isn't that proof that she's changed?" (See, also, Deacon discontinuing the fiction of a relationship with Sheila. "Isn't that proof that he's changed?") Switching gears, I have to say it burns my butt to see Hope, who has no discernible skills or talents, zero, being "the boss" over people with actual skills and talents, i.e., Thomas and Zende.
  5. What is with Jack's occasional Irish lilt? "Oim Finn's fodder"? What? Are you Irish or not?
  6. Buck Taylor goes way back. He was a series regular on "Gunsmoke" in the '60's.
  7. Same with Hope and Deacon. Hope should be able to see her father and have a relationship with him. That’s pretty much her choice alone to make. But her children have fathers. And there’s no way she should be able to make unilateral decisions about who should be a part of theIr lives, i.e., Deacon. Both Thomas and Liam have a say in that and Hope, who has a tendency to get up her own ass when making unilateral decisions, needs to hear them on his.
  8. Strolling down memory lane with all this talk about the O.G. TOD, I'm struck by how much this show actually got right back then. Casting-wise, anyway. KKL, RM and HT were straight-up beautiful. While none of the three were great actors (by any stretch), they all brought something to the table that made them compelling. Brooke and Ridge (RM) were . . . apologies . . . unforgettable. When Katie was insecuring about Brooke to Carter saying she's the woman no man can ever forget? Yeah! I didn't snicker or sneer as I would have if it had been said about just about any other actress/
  9. Thank you for this. This scene plays very differently than what's been quoted here. And it's followed by "I love Hope." Big difference. Also shows the world of difference between RM and TK. I can't imagine TK ever being this gentle and kind when disagreeing with Brooke. Hell, he's blustery, loud and aggressive when they're not at crossed purposes. Damn. You don't appreciate what you have until it's gone.
  10. Grown woman Hope needs her mother's and her husband's approval to have a relationship with her father because she's been infantilized her whole life. Recall how Brooke sat in on Hope's therapy appointments (which she needed after she had sex with Liam despite her very public abstinence proclamations). Brooke, likely out of guilt, has over-mothered Hope at every possible turn. None of Brooke's other children received this much coddling, meddling and interference. And Hope's child-like need for approval about how to live her own life is the result.
  11. As between the two of them, the person who behaved abominably in the Brooke/Deacon relationship was Brooke. He was into her, loved her, was passionate about her. She reciprocated those feelings, albeit she was a bit torn given his marriage to her daughter. As soon as Ridge became available*, Deacon was inexplicably villified, by Brooke no less, and told to leave town. Glad Hope pressed her mother on these issues today. The slow unfolding of the conversation led me to believe Brooke wasn't going to own up to the very legitimate shame she should feel at bedding her daughter's husband.
  12. Eric sucks. His response to his (current) woman's exasperation and anguish has always been a bemused smirk followed by a figurative, and occasionally literal, hand-wave. He never takes these conversations with the seriousness they deserve. Someone mentioned this upthread but being with Eric must be the worst. So now is he going to tell Donna he wants to be with her just as a drunken Quinn has an accident with a recovery that require Eric's constant care and attention? Swell.
  13. So Katie and Carter are going to come together to form the most boring couple ever. Snoozefest Powers activate! And after the fire that was Quinn and Carter. Shame.
  14. If Katie can keep her sourpuss demeanor locked away tightly and if she can bury her Debbie Downer bit deep underground, and if she can not be her normal annoyingly insecure self, then maybe, maybe she and Carter might be interesting. If.
  15. If this show tanks Quinn and Carter? In favor of Katie and Carter? Well, I guess it will be just another in a long line of dumb, unsolicited storyline reversals.
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