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  1. It's good to know that despite Jon's total lack of ability to lie to a known enemy, his loyalty and truthful nature didn't truly sway the vote. Cersei and Euron never planned to join them in the first place. But it did give him more points to score with his auntie. So... yay? The sudden trial of Littlefinger was a nice bonding moment for the Stark siblings. A good way to clear the air, and mend the family ties. I think that Arya is really warming up to Sansa's management style. So, we'll have Euron and his teleporter bringing in the 20k mercenaries from the East, which should take about 2 episodes. At least Theon should have a clear path to rescue his sister, unless she's aboard Euron's ship. Jaime's departure was a surprise. It certainly took him long enough to figure out that everyone was right about his sister. I wonder if Bronn is sticking around KL or opted to leave with him. At least Dany finally gains an intelligent military advisor.
  2. Though it was painfully obvious that Vulcan surrendered to the new gods, I do wonder if he still maintained some level of intellect. Surely, he knew that Wednesday was likely to turn on him for his betrayal. I wonder if Wednesday's blade might carry a curse as well, particularly since the blade was used against the maker. Also, there's Vulcan's family to consider. In the Roman pantheon, he's the son of Juno and Jupiter, and married to Venus. Would they feel obligated to avenge the death of their son/husband, or has Wednesday simply gotten their attention?
  3. Interesting opener. I absolutely enjoy the scenery chewing from God Al, who is once again serving drinks. Audrey was fantastic. Her take on the entire situation with her husband and Laura was hilarious. I'm guessing that the Leprechaun works with God Al, or at least is allied with him.
  4. NBC pretty much sabotaged this one. They kept screwing with the order of the episodes, and pre-empting the show for a rerun of another show. NBC should never have gotten this show because they just don't understand the superhero movement. The show would have done better on CBS after Big Bang or CW in front of any of the DC shows. Heck, if it went to the CW, they could have done crossovers with the characters since the shows are all in the DC universe. Imagine Teddy and Ron designing new running shoes for The Flash.
  5. My problem is that most of the fun or entertaining characters are gone. Jim Tom was comedy gold. Tickle was the perfect sidekick, though he might be back next season. Tim's legal adventure is really boring. Josh was way too whiny this season. Mark has his moments, but that group was never that good. Chico... that one just pisses me off so much, and he was tame this season. Mark and Digger are the ones I watch these days. They are the most creative, and they keep things light around the site.
  6. True, but we are not yet seeing this world from their perspective. For example, using this particular episode, I'd like to see the flame-thrower guy's reaction, or the reactions from his henchmen, to Batman defeating Two Face in Charm City. It could be interesting since Charm City is more of his territory while Two Face usually sticks to Gotham. Would he get mad about Two Face working in his town? Would he be worried about Batman working his town? Would he get pissed because his alter ego actually has an account in that particular bank? Or seeing Crimson Fox's reaction to Batman defeating Two Face on her turf. Would she feel that Batman is stealing her thunder in her town? Would she be jealous or grateful since Two Face is a higher level villain than the local villains? There's lots to be done here. Also, I'd like to see the gang try to turn Ron into a superhero, or Van into a super villain.
  7. I freaking love this show! It had a rough start. Picking on Emily for two whole episodes was a bit much. But sticking with the show for these last two episodes completely made up for it. This show is so much fun, and I love Van, Becky, and Ron. I still like Teddy from his Community days (It's the same character who finally graduated). The only thing I could think of adding would be a recurring criminal mastermind. It doesn't have to be a Big Name, like Joker or Riddler, but someone to show a different perspective of living with superheroes. And if that particular criminal just happened to be played by Mark Hamill then I will follow this show to the end.
  8. I have no idea why this episode was called the All-Stars when only one of them is even worthy of the title, Mr. Crews. Olivia should not have been there, despite scraping a win against Kevin Hart in her episode. And, Phelps? He didn't compete until the All Star episode. He did a good job, but he should have gone against another Olympian on another episode before the All Stars. Ryan Lochte would have been the perfect opponent for him. If I were casting an "All Star" episode of Lip Sync, Terry would certainly get called up, along with JGL, Hathaway, and either Tatum.
  9. The answer was obvious before the question was asked. Where were the town meetings held? The Gem. When fuckin' Hearst declared war on the town of Deadwood, where was the sole place of refuge and retaliation? The Gem. Plus, Nuttall often stopped by the Gem for a drink and convo with Al. Al never returned the favor, and Cy never left the BU for anything except money or the promise of more money. Al and The Gem were more than just a barkeep and a saloon. Al was the general of Deadwood, and The Gem was his fort.
  10. "Bran? Bran trippin'." So true. "In all 7 kingdoms of the Westeros, peacetime is DONE. Finito." Joffery: "This jerk is still on the Iron Throne." "So, this asshole has to marry her..." "Sansa is stuck in Kings Landing with this muthafucka." I just love the Joffery hate. "Shame. Shame. Shame." "After all that, you still stuck on these fuckin' dragons!?!" I think SLJ should do a live reaction for every episode of season 7.
  11. Cindy Crawford is 50. Paula Abdul is 53. But Clark Gregg is 54. He's the oldest, and he performed. and for the record, Chili from TLC is 45. She has not aged AT ALL.
  12. Oh, I've seen his response on this. But I still want Michaels to make the offer. If he made the offer, then Reynolds would totally do it. And I'm not alone in thinking this.
  13. That was Cindy Crawford naked in that tub... and yes, she went there. She has never been afraid of going there, especially since she did it in the original Freedom video. Excellent performance by ZQ of Freedom. Sadly, Cindy did steal a bit of thunder from him, but it was still a fantastic performance. And for once Chrissy was able to contribute to the show in a helpful way. She got to dance with Cindy and the other models during that performance. Good for her.
  14. Ryan Reynolds hosting as Deadpool for the entire show. Deadpool for the opening remarks, in various costumes/wigs for the sketches, maybe even working as a musical guest. Plug-Ready Project: Wolverine 3, Deadpool 2: Electric Boogaloo Could Easily do an Unflattering yet Hilarious Impression of: Hugh Jackman, Donald Trump, Either Clinton, and Bob from Accounting. Why He Might get Called: He's hilarious. He'd be the first character asked to host since Pee Wee Herman. And he's crazy as hell. Why He Might Not: SNL hasn't been as brave as they once were in the 80's. They've gone PG, and fear the TV-MA rating. Deadpool would push them into that territory. SNL would have to grow a pair to risk having him host.
  15. Not a bad matchup. The song choices for round 2 were excellent. Though I was surprised that not one Backstreet Boy nor one En Vogue girl came out to help the song. Kind of a missed opportunity there.
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