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  1. ☹ The J & J pause was because six patients were affected. All were women between the ages of 18 and 48. And that was 6 out of nearly 7 million total doses administered to men and women.
  2. Update to J & J vaccine pause. One patient died. One is in critical condition. However the CDC and FDA expect the pause to only be temporary.
  3. In case you missed this. Today the CDC and FDA are recommending that the use of the J & H vaccine be paused over blood clot concerns. There have been six cases reported of rare and severe blood clots out 6.8 million doses given, to women only, ages 18 to 48. The blood clots occurred six to thirteen days after receiving the J & J vaccine. ☹
  4. Currently: My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante
  5. tres bien

    Harry Potter

    The only reason I can think of why Harry is married is so that he can have a son named after Snape. His spouse being Ginny, only so JKR didn't have to explain who Harry's wife is. Unless it was someone else the reader was familiar with. The epilogue 19 years later would have been better left out. JMO
  6. Speaking as a US citizen, no matter my feelings about Andrew, he should speak publicly about his father but that doesn't mean CNN (for instance) has to air it. And I don't know how people in the UK view him.
  7. Do you have anyone in your immediate family that will not get vaccinated? How are you dealing with them? We going back to our summer residence next week. Our older daughter is not going to get vaccinated, she says. And I don't expect her to change her mind. My husband and I as well as our younger daughter are vaccinated. We continue to follow CDC guidelines but it'll be nice that around each other (the 3 of us) no longer have to wear masks. Bottom line. I think it'll be best if we limit our time spent with our older daughter, wear masks and not talk about why people should get vacc
  8. Interesting thought. My grandfather had heart bypass surgery at age 92. He did fine with the surgery but sadly the incision became infected and the infection killed him.
  9. This week Moderna announced that it's vaccine is effective for at least six months. Same as Pfizer. Last month Moderna and Pfizer had announced that they are working on boosters.
  10. While I don't spend more than 10 to 15 minutes watching, if this show was filmed in 35 mm, I would say what a waste of perfectly good celluloid.
  11. Last night was the first time in over five months that I watched Rachel. I tuned in because it was advertised during All In that Rachel was interviewing Beto O'Rourke. The segment was outstanding. Rachel started out with history of the Republicans 2006 push to pass an extension to the Voting Rights Act that had been signed into law by LBJ in 1965 but was going to expire. To try to get African Americans to vote for them in the upcoming midterms the Voting Rights Act was pushed by Republicans with the help of large corporations, starting with Walmart. Sadly only about five years later th
  12. tres bien

    Harry Potter

    I liked Ron and Hermione's relationship. It's a bit of the only real life boyfriend/girlfriend thing going on in the series. It was also sweet from Ron "she mental, that one" to the awkward but cute kiss. Harry and Ginny had no chemistry and that relationship was a dud. I could have seen Harry marrying into the Malfoy family with their baggage and contemptuous relationship. There is never an explanation into why Narcissa Malfoy muttered Draco then pronounced Harry dead knowing he wasn't. Did she think, what if this was Draco? How can I save him? I'm going by the movies be
  13. The four part series My Grandparents War began airing this past Sunday. Helena Bonham Carter learning about her maternal and paternal grandparents lives and roles pre and during WWII was quite interesting.
  14. tres bien


    Wow. I love Mehdi Hasan. He has his own show on Peacock Monday thru Friday at 7 pm ET and MSNBC recently added him to Sunday at 8 pm ET for an hour.
  15. If you haven't seen CNN'S Special Report: The COVID Doctors Speak Out, CNN is showing it again tonight. It's pretty good. The docs were living in a dog eat dog world.
  16. Pfizer has announced that their vaccine is good for at least six months and protects against variants. I got the Moderna vaccine so I hope they'll come out with similar data soon.
  17. Mediate can go straight to hell. When's the last time you had a vaccination and didn't feel confident and didn't think about it again? Although fully vaccinated I still feel vulnerable because COVID has been treated like the punchline of a dumb joke by a certain segment.
  18. Joe's not totally off base to be ranting against the anti science anti vaxxers We've now gotten both our COVID vaccines. But we're still following the CDC guidelines and I'm particularly getting sick of the COVID deniers.
  19. Joe's rant made mention of CNN'S special report COVID WAR The Pandemic Doctors Speak Out. It was pretty good and will be rerun later this week. The docs were living in a dog eat dog world.
  20. Neither of my children got chickenpox although I'm sure they were both exposed to it. By the time they were 11 and 6 their doctor recommended they get the chickenpox vaccine. When my older daughter was 15 and the younger daughter 10, they both got mild cases of chickenpox. The original shingles vaccine was recommended for adults 60+. I got shingles a few years before that (although it was just starting and I didn't know what it was ) but I went to the ER and was given Valtrex to stop it and it worked. At age 60 I got the vaccine but in 2019 Shingrex came out and it was recomme
  21. RIP Larry McMurtry. I've read every book Larry McMurtry wrote. I even have several that I ordered from his bookstore in Texas that he signed.
  22. This show is completely clueless as to what constitutes news. I don't know why I ever bother checking in occasionally however I know why after a five or ten minutes I turn it off. It wants to remain politics every day but sometimes breaking news is more important.
  23. Yes! Uber Eats got it's mojo back. Can't get enough of Leslie Jones!
  24. We live in a small vacation town in SW FL in the winter. Especially beginning March 1st this is a scary place to be with the overwhelming number of spring breakers. Last year the city went into complete lockout to non residents at the end of March. This year things have sort of gone back to normal although masks are required and indoor dining and other indoor activities are restricted. I'm grateful we don't live in Miami. We've been vaccinated but we still double mask and keep visits to Target or Costco to the bare minimum although they both require masks.
  25. My husband and I got our Moderna vaccinations #2 this week. Neither of us had anything more than a sore arm both times for a few days. I had some anxiety going in because several years ago I had a mild reaction after my annual flu shot and this past November a very brief reaction after Shingrex #2. Good luck to everyone!
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