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  1. I love that CNN has given John Avlon some hosting duties. And when he's reporting from home, he's in the most beautiful room. It's so inviting.
  2. That's Liberty Mutual. I hate it too mainly because we're nearing the end of January and they're still running a Christmas ad.
  3. This ^^ Also I am a supporter of charities for children and animals. I donate to many different ones every year. But not to those that advertise on TV. I also try to keep a lot of my donations local although national charities are important to me depending on the cause. If they have a big enough budget to air ads ad nauseam, then they don't need my help. That's my feeling.
  4. Dr K's new season started last night. The episode was very chaotic. I hope this isn't the new norm.
  5. Ugh. Jennifer Aniston is in yet another commercial. She's advertising something called Vital Proteins. It seems to be a liquid collagen supplement. Maybe she really uses all these things she endorses? But enough.
  6. Fun! I Iove Bobby Darin singing Mack the Knife. Don't know who did the singing there but still good 🙂
  7. PBS is airing an episode of American Masters on Laura Ingalls Wilder: Prairie to Page tonight (12/29)
  8. I've just started reading Centennial by James Michener. I'm kind of suprised that I hadn't read it before now, being that I've read other Michener books. I recently bought it at a used bookstore and paid $1.40. However, it's a book that was printed in 1974 and I had to tape it together. I hope it holds up (it's 1089 pages long).
  9. I don't dislike Allstate's commercial that plays the Edith Piaf song but the song is so totally mismatched to the commercial that it's auto mute.
  10. On the Progressive Minotaur. I find this character offensive in every commercial. He's rude to everyone he interacts with. Progressive please note. Make him a Jack ass. That's how he acts. 😏
  11. I'm guess it's appealing to Domino's eating, NASCAR watching fans.
  12. ID is airing a three hour documentary Doomsday: The Missing Children. It's the story of JJ Vallow and Tyree Ryan and follows JJ's grandparents working tirelessly to find out what happened to the kids. I give the grandparents a lot of credit for pushing this investigation until the kids were found. But this is a hot mess and if Laurie Vallow and her husband Chad Daybell walk free (a la Casey Anthony), it is going to terribly sad.
  13. Every time I think some company can't think up a new piece of exercise equipment, that seems totally stupid, here comes the Aerotrainer. It's like, let's come up with something for people who don't really want to exercise anyway. I posted something similar a while ago. I disliked him so much as Richard on Friends that I've never watched those episodes again.
  14. Same until I watched the BBC miniseries on PBS. It follows the book very closely. It's now one of my all time favorite books. The same goes for Emma. After giving up on that I saw the movie (with Gwyneth Paltrow, which also stays true to the book) so it was readable. BTW PBS still runs the P & P miniseries occasionally as does the Ovation network.
  15. Hunt for the Wilderpeople a 2016 film written and directed by Taika Waititi. I'm posting this here because there isn't a thread for it. I recently "discovered" it on Netflix. A wonderful quirky movie.
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