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  1. Second. This show is about one thing only. How to get trump and Senate Republicans reelected.
  2. In Our Name I hope Rachel's right. I hope people don't forget. What a national tragedy and disgrace.
  3. I was innocently watching the show last night until Rachel started talking about the US attorney in Brooklyn possibly (or probably) being replaced on the heels of the Jeffrey Berman firing. I don't which happen first. My eyes popping or my jaw dropping.
  4. So the Haines Comfort Flex Fit men's underwear commercial is a bit odd but the kangaroos especially the joey, are sweet!
  5. Oh hell they can take their dog and pony show on the road. Joe can sing "Glory Days ".
  6. OMG did they really spend the last ten minutes of the first hour with some guy named Richard Bennett talking about Liverpool winning a soccer tournament. I turned to CNN when Mika was all yay Liverpool!, only to come back ten minutes later and Joe was still reveling in his glory.
  7. Joe should take a page from his own play book. If anyone doesn't want to be there, it's Joe and Mika. Reading the same old script everyday is monotonous. Just pull an LBJ Joe and Mika.
  8. Oh please oakville, don't compare Joe to Andy Rooney. Andy Rooney was a loveable curmudgeon and Joe? Not.
  9. tres bien


    Seems Joy will be taking over the 7 pm M - F time slot permanently. Congrats Joy!
  10. Too much time is spent on polls. Including an in depth segment with Kornacki. Do you not remember anything about polls in 2016? It would be interesting if this show would start playing to it's audience.
  11. After an hour of the dissection of the trump campaign, Joe you're making me cry crocodile tears.
  12. June 22nd. Welcome to The Rachel Maddow Show. Dark, depressing and scary. Enjoy.
  13. Kemper, deepest condolences to you and your family. RIP Mr Kemper
  14. I hate every ancestory.com commercial. That includes everyone in them. Every commercial is worse than one before it.
  15. Well to say Joe's WAPO op ed was a little crazy is putting it mildly. While I agree with him on the subject, he just went over the top with analogies and should have not tried to be so clever. It reeked of smugness instead.
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