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  1. Both "my friend" and I answered Field Museum before Ken was finished reading the clue. It helps if you live nearby and have been there a zillion times. Was expecting @illdoc and @shapeshifter to also easily answer that one, although I guess Shapeshifter paid the price for moving. Horse Whisperer ... another no brainer for horse people, or maybe people who like Robert Redford. Or both!
  2. 4+1A*. I'm not up on my French awards. Everything sounds delicious this week, all things that I love. I'm willing to give up my score if I can join in at ALL the tables! The NOLA theme suits me well. Cafe du Monde = good times.
  3. The Charles Barkley rerun was one of the best ever, at least the segment before WU. It sort of tanked after that. But Barkley was brilliant. I laughed so hard at his White People Problems segment when he said "That problem is so white it should go snowboarding."
  4. Cooper? I'd rather see him gone than Marvin. Marvin (and Glen, RIP) are/were the best characters on this show.
  5. I couldn't believe his low-ball bet after Ken propped him up by saying he could see Amy's score and to take advantage of finding a DD. Ken even said, "You know what to do." And it turned out, Avinash did not know what to do. Audible eyeroll indeed.
  6. I was thinking today that when Amy loses we'll be back to clues left on the board, dozens of TSs every game, and DD wagers of $1,000 considered bold and daring. I'm enjoying this good player while we have her. I'd be just as depressed if excellent players were once again forced to leave after five wins. Dreck tv.
  7. Thanks for harshing my mellow. And for this agnostic.
  8. WEEK 19 • Jan. 17, 2022 — NO asterisk TWO A* 91. Scientific Names. The 1905 paper that gave this its name also referred to it as “Dynamosaurus Imperiosus.” A* 92. Awards Around the World. France’s national theater award, it’s named for a man who died in Paris in 1673. A* A* 93. Films of the 2000s. One of the screenwriters of this 2001 film described it as “‘Clueless’ meets ‘The Paper Chase.'” A* 94. Words in American History. The 1890 Census reported that “the unsettled area has been so broken into…that there can hardly be said to be a” this. 95. Mountains. First scaled in 1829, t
  9. You are so kind. Thank you for your vote of confidence! I did look up the job description and it would be fabulous to work for WaPo, it's my go-to news source, and I thought hard about it. But it would mean moving to DC, although that could be interesting, and no work from home after "things" get better. I do know several posters here who would be an excellent fit though. That would be so cool if "one of us" got the job.
  10. You are correct. So funny, "The San Francisco Treat" def was a consolation prize. On every game show I think! Well, there's wilderness. That was what a friend answered. I agree that Amy continues to be gracious and humble. I admire her composure and ability to keep going strong, she has done nothing to make me think anything negative about her. Quite the contrary. And YES! to how amazing Ken's run was. Imagine that, twice as long as Amy's.
  11. Amen. So much this. And it's not just on Jeopardy either. Many game shows the losers go home with zero money and not even a consolation prize like a ceramic Dalmatian. I don't know. She's pretty up on Eminem songs and lyrics.
  12. Ugh. Buzzy would have been so perfect to host the tournaments.
  13. The Washington Post is looking to hire a quiz writer. The job just posted today. https://washpost.wd5.myworkdayjobs.com/washingtonpostcareers/jobs
  14. I saw The Paper Chase when it first came out in theaters, and the same with Legally Blonde. And I easily got FJ (even though I've never seen Clueless). That The Paper Chase is "constantly on television" means nothing to people who do not have streaming services and only a few network stations via antenna. It's possible Amy is one of those people like I am, only has OTA antenna TV. So I do not blame her or anyone else who did not get that FJ. I too got a big charge out of Dimitri's DD bid. So funny. I join you with being glad Mayim was not there for that clue or any other clues. I s
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