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  1. Oh, WOW! I forgot to check in yesterday, work has been so busy, but how exciting that my number was drawn from the Magic Cottage Cheese tub! Thank you Magic Tub, and thank you @saber5055 for hosting the contest. It was so much fun. I looked forward to checking in every Monday. I hope we get to do it next season *hint hint*.
  2. Ending the same way I started, 3/5 with no *.
  3. 5/5 + 1*. Congratulations to Ben, Meggie, and Will. It was a good tournament.
  4. My two favorites made it to the end. I like Arthur but I voted for Just Sam. I hope they both make it big and are successful down the road. This show is tedious to watch because of the judges who blather on and don't say anything worthwhile. It would be a better show if the judges left and we voted for the contestants. It would save me FFing the judge part. I liked the singers got to just sing without all the extra distractions of flashing lights and other stuff from a normal season.
  5. Oh, you went to Notre Dame too? No, just born Irish. I don't have to pretend on St. Paddy's Day. I'm glad the contest isn't going on during the tournament. I was 2/5 last week.
  6. Good luck @3 is enough. I did pretty well on my test I thought but haven't heard anything so I guess I'll try again next time. I don't know if I can do the anytime test since I did the regular one but I will check it out.
  7. I think that the producers tell judges which singers to pick. The questions the kids are asked are too scripted.
  8. Really? where is it in Indianapolis? It's downtown near I74 and 65. I think it's still there, it was a while back when we visited.
  9. Nice! Me too! 5 plus 1*. The luck of the Irish I guess.
  10. I liked the fast pace too and getting to see and hear them all. FF-ing through the Katy Perry nightmare helped speed things up too.
  11. There is a Rolls Royce aviation museum in Indianapolis and one in England. Lucky me has been to both.
  12. I found this about the lives. Quotes are from John Legend: “There were only three weeks of live shows planned and those were for May. I don’t know if we’ll be able to do them without an audience. I think everybody’s playing things by ear because we don’t know where the world’s going to be in May.” By the time the live episodes do begin to air, there will be fewer than a dozen contestants remaining in the competition.
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