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  1. A lucky week for me. 5/5 with one *. Barely got Friday's written down in time. Whew!
  2. 4/5 with two *. No idea about Friday's clue, even if I had all year.
  3. I knew monarchs migrated south and I thought butterflies would look better on a license plate than cockroaches or locust. Asterisk!
  4. I didn't know one could do this and make butter! Now I want to try it. I've also never had a real fresh bagel so now I wish I could have one of those, too. Just not a Bagel of Many Colors. I have frozen milk before and it separated and was useless when thawed. Maybe heavy cream is different than regular milk for freezing.
  5. I couldn't believe the whole panel agreed on the French poodle question, that never happens. I guess beret was obvious since that's what I said too. I said lip stick for blank stick, but maybe that wouldn't be the first thing a man would think of. I agree with everyone who liked Rob. I loved him on Lights Out. He was having a good time on this show.
  6. Credit to my Catholic school education. 5/5 and 1* this week. And credit to all the Will Smith movies I've seen, even if that was a lucky guess.
  7. Lucky week for me. 5/5 and two * for my country.
  8. James FanDuel Commercial I think it makes James look and act creepy.
  9. 5/5 and one *. Golf fan here! We watched the US Open plus saw Phil Mickelson selling Enbrel on commercials. Lucky for me this question came up so close to the Open. I said Siam instead of Thailand because of the year. I hope that's correct too.
  10. Has anyone else seen the FanDuel commercial with James Holzhauer? It's pretty odd.
  11. 3/5. I said Chuck Berry too!
  12. I haven't been on Previously for so long, I almost forgot about Jeopardy starting. Count me in for the new contest, if I remember Jeopardy is on these days. I'll be awake, just forgetful about what day and time it is.
  13. Oh, WOW! I forgot to check in yesterday, work has been so busy, but how exciting that my number was drawn from the Magic Cottage Cheese tub! Thank you Magic Tub, and thank you @saber5055 for hosting the contest. It was so much fun. I looked forward to checking in every Monday. I hope we get to do it next season *hint hint*.
  14. Ending the same way I started, 3/5 with no *.
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