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  1. After a string of very stressful days and upsetting occurrences, it was very calming for my nerves to turn on Jeopardy and see Matt being the constant and dependable player. It's like when little kids want to hear the same story or watch the same movie over and over because knowing how it ends makes them feel secure and safe and calm. So thank you Matt for being who you are. You have made some bad days much better.
  2. After I recover from my heart attack if (when) I ever get on the show, that will be on my top interview card. It probably will be my only interview card but I will give a shout out to the contest players for sure! I will have to get used to coming here every Monday again. It's time to get back to paying attention. I'm looking forward to playing the contest again. Good luck everyone!
  3. My certificate is wonderful, thank you saber. I'm going to frame it so I have documented proof of being a smartie pants.
  4. I've always liked Buzzy and it would make me happy if he were selected as perm host although I'm trying not to get invested in anyone. I'm curious to see how MR does as "host" and how he is edited. It would be funny if Sony made him record a new intro saying he's hosting for a week but then he'll be gone cuz he was fired for being ... well, himself. I love Matt and want to see him win at least 70 games. Or more!
  5. I'm in too. Everyone here is so nice and the posts are fun. I'm still trying to get on the real show so playing the contest is good practice. Congratulations to the three contest winners.
  6. Thank you @saber5055 for hosting the contest. And please please host again next season, which is starting in a month so take this time to rest up! I loved the photo of you at the T41, and in keeping with the fair-food theme, I'm bringing cheesesteaks on hoagie buns, with a side of kettle corn. Enough for all to enjoy. I don't get to post often but coming here and seeing how everyone has done each week in the contest is a high point for me. Saber, you are appreciated more than you know.
  7. Wow, great news about Richards stepping down. With everything AND MORE coming out about what kind of person he really is (and no, I do NOT believe "everyone" has skeletons as some have said here), I'm relieved Sony has done the right thing. Because you know Richards didn't "step down" voluntarily. Well, at least I don't think so. Not looking forward to more "guest hosts," but maybe that has to be done while any contracts are being negotiated. I liked several of the guests, including Joe Buck who made me laugh when he said Matt Amodio had a crewcut when he started on the show. But my perso
  8. 4/5 and 2 *. I ended the season by tanking on the very last day, a harbinger of things to come? I was lucky to get the asterisks though, so I know two things that Matt did not, which is amazing. If I ever get on the show (I keep trying!) that could be one of my interview comments, a shout out to contest players! I enjoy this contest so much. My week begins by coming here and seeing how everyone has done, and to think about what to bring to the potluck. I agree there is too much negativity everywhere, it's difficult to get away from it. But this is where the nice posters are. I agree with
  9. Oh, yes, who wouldn't want to quit making a year's salary per game, five-year's worth in a day. I can see where the possibility of winning more than a million on some game show would be BORING. I agree wholeheartedly with your post re: Matt @MrAtoz, although I'm glad everyone is harping on the new host so they are (mostly) staying off Matt's back. He has renewed my interest in this show, I'm hoping he keeps going forever. I like everything about him. On the other hand, it's obvious that sarcasm/wry humor isn't easily recognized. But yours made me laugh.
  10. I'm late to this thread but I hope you are doing better @zoey1996. You shouldn't have been riding those wild Chincoteague ponies, but that made for a memorable birthday month though. Get well soon!
  11. I put my thoughts on Mike Richards in the Guest Host thread. As for how Jeopardy itself is going, I'm naming myself president of the Matt Amodio Fan Club. I haven't been this excited about and invested in a player since, well, forever. But to counteract the jinx I just gave him, I'll have to say "I can't stand Matt Amodio." /counterjinx/
  12. 5/5 and 2*. I lucked out with Monday's clue, I focused on Waldorf and just answered Waldorf Astoria = Astor. I'm glad I didn't pay attention to the years as I had no idea he was that old. I will bring Waldorf salad in honor of my getting that answer in spite of not paying attention. Sometimes half a brain is all I need. It should pair well with @Grundoon59's Crunchy Salad.
  13. I am not familiar with David Faber but I'm so happy LeVar is gone. His shouting of "YES! CORRECT!!!" was wearing, and his clumsy cadence when reading the clues was off putting, as was his tendency to open his eyes so wide he reminded me of Marty Feldman. I wouldn't criticize him at all except his insistence that he would be the best and only choice to replace Alex rubbed me the wrong way. Even without that personality flaw of thinking he's the best, I grade him at the bottom of all guest hosts so far, even below Dr. Oz. You, Mr. Burton, are no Alex Trebek.
  14. 5/5 and 1*. I love that Abbott and Costello routine, it never gets old even though it is. I used to go to a buffet with a friend when buffets existed, it featured crab legs and we'd stay there for hours. Because it takes hours to get enough out of those legs to get filled up. So I'm all for the FJ Crab Boil. And toss in a couple lobsters too. I'll bring the drawn butter!
  15. 5/5 with one *. I am very happy to be at @Grundoon59's table to share that delicious Detroit Sanders Chocolate Bumpy Cake. Next time I'm in Motor City, I am going to look for one. Or two! It will be a great finish for @Driad's Five-Spice Chicken. Look at me, just eating everyone else's contributions. I'd better get looking through my recipe books or I will be banned from all tables.
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