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  1. Pippinspeach

    The Moms: What's Wrong With These People?

    I disagree that the moms were inconsistent in their criticism of Abby. I don't remember any of them saying she was past it or should get out of the business. If they did, it would have been about choreography, which is an entirely different thing from her promotion of whichever dancer she decided was the best and yammered on about nonstop until she had "shoved her down everyone's throats enough." (Abby's own words, when she admitted to the favoritism and promotion of Maddie in season 6). Abby absolutely did work behind the scenes to promote Maddie and only Maddie. The other moms weren't paranoid or jealous, they were right all along. Abby admitted to all of it. Watching the first few seasons again, it's strikingly obvious. I'm really surprised at some of the venom directed at the girls on this forum. I don't think it's right to blame the girls for any of this when the truth of the matter was that all of them were emotionally and mentally abused by Abby, including Maddie. Time after time, respected professionals have said in interviews that these girls were being traumatized by her. Even Cheryl Burke said several times that the older girls were traumatized and that was why they were having such trouble dancing. Of course it was! Nia, Kendall and Chloe were showing signs of PTSD in the episodes with Aisha and Cheryl.... and somehow they're attacked for being "entitled" or "mediocre." How do you open yourself up and be vulnerable enough to emote in a dance when you don't feel safe to do so and know your teacher doesn't support you and is a psychotic mean girl who never went past the mental age of 13 years old? How do you relax enough to find that ability again when you know the producers or Abby could wreck it all in a heartbeat? I guess I just don't understand... how is it okay to blame the girls? Abby was the adult, the so-called professional, and she crossed the line many times. To this day, she apparently feels no remorse over how she treated the girls or her monstrous manipulation of Maddie. Worst of all, she took a respected legacy in the dance world (her mother's decades-long career) and completely trashed it. Even the Pittsburgh studio her mother opened is pretty much history. Abby is surrounded by suck ups, and as soon as the possibility of the show goes away, so will they. She is alone and has no one to blame but herself.
  2. If Abby's involved, I'm not watching. Not at all interested in watching her abuse children with no consequences or remorse again.
  3. Pippinspeach

    S07.E22: Ashlee's Big Decision Part 2

    I wondered what would happen when the blind, vicious obsession that was Abby's fixation on Maddie was finally rebuffed and Maddie went on with her life as if Abby never existed. Could have predicted that one, LOL. So now Abby's acting like the pathetic jealous bride jilted at the altar, probably erupts with volcanic rage every time Maddie succeeds at something and again doesn't acknowledge Abby's existence. Gotta love how Abby blows her mouth off and proves everyone right about her.... gee, why doesn't Maddie want anything to do with her? LOL