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  1. Carrie's showmanship inproved leaps and bounds after Idol. Lauren could too with some stage training, if she wants to go that route.
  2. Well of course this didn't feel like a series finale... they already filmed the episodes before getting the cancellation news, right?
  3. I think this is the oldest group of finalists for Voice since season 1? Guess America has moved on from the teens.... until next season with Miley Cyrus.
  4. My mind instantly went to Pink when I read this. I bet she could do this version justice while spinning 25ft above ground. (and perhaps fitting to the lyrics I'll be watching..... ). Hannah did fine for the most part, until the bridge - she lacked oomph for that portion. I can already see this version being used in a future DWTS episode.
  5. If I was the art judge, I would fail Dana couple more times just for her mega bitch face and eye rolling when she was told the spacing was wrong. "I don't want to talk anymore, I just want to hang these damn things on the wall." No Princess, you don't get this handed to you on your first try. Or 2nd. Or 3rd. Can't believe Miss one-chicken-at-a-time is in the finals.
  6. I wonder how Jessie even got involved in the first place, unless she was with Jackson on the night he decided to drive by Quitman. Unless it really wasn't a drive-by, but rather a planned assault/murder because Jackson knew Red's schedule/habits. Jackson was wrong when he claimed the warden doesn't know who Jessie is. Ray definitely knows she is involved with the boys. Not sure what to make of that focus on security camera at the end... was it the same cameras Jackson had installed? I have a feeling Terry and/or Ray is watching them via those tampered spycams.
  7. Adam is kinda smart with his "critique" of Shalyah - casually mention what song he wants her to sing NEXT week, heh.
  8. That stuff Noah is doing with the banana bags (whatever that is).... is it legal? I guess it is or April would have reported him. The whole thing just seem to fishy. Wonder if Noah stole it from work.
  9. Looks like Adam Levine borrowed one of Phil Keoghan's blouse for tonight's show.
  10. Evanescence - My Immortal Annie Lennox - Dark Road Sadly those are the only 2 songs I can think of. Incidentally, both songs have similar structure, start out somber and haunting, into a more "rock-out" climax.... which probably works well for a competition.
  11. The double-triple-quad crossing has begun. I wonder which team Bobby is on. He was lying to both sides. I hope she's not pristine clean like they want us to believe.
  12. The foundation of the story is really bad shit happened in the juvie back in the days that changed the boys (+ Jessie) lives forever. The guys surpressed those memories and moved on with their lives.... until the recent events bring it all back to the surface. One dead friend set the motion for the remaining 3 into revenge mode. Anyone who watched Sleepers already know the premise. We know how it started, and we have an idea how it will end. Details of the the bad shit that happened in juvie will be revealed, a little at a time, over the episodes. I suspect they will continue with the bac
  13. How does he even know the route of the Regalo truck? Did he tail the truck? I wonder which highway it was where the whole setup took place. From the water compass, the truck is heading south-ish. That billboard which Mike parked his car behind, as well as the hose-ropeline setup, is of something Oasis Motor Court (with a "Next Exit" graphic that looks more like a freeway map marker). There was a green highway sign that shows how far to the next few cities, like what you see on a normal freeway. It read: Socorro .......... 14 Las Cruces ....161 El Paso ........ 207 I-25(S) passe
  14. My least favorite round. Kicking 12 people on the 1st week of Lives seem so unneccessarily brutal. They could just cut 4 a week and reach the finale in the same amount of time.
  15. I didn't see any previews until tonight during The Voice, it reminded of The Sleepers. I was intrigued, didn't turn off TV after Voice and watched the pilot. But is this supposed to be a multi-season show? Seems like it would have been better as a 10-15 episode miniseries. Otherwise, I can already feel the onslaught of convoluted triple-crossing back-stabbing plots that will just make me tune out. Why are the boys in juvi dressed in different colored uniforms? Age group? Severity of crime?
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