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  1. Apparently doctor boyfriend is oblivious to the fact that music/musicians have the ability to "save lives" too. ;)
  2. Well, another season of this increasingly hot mess of a franchise is in the books. I'm not around social media very much, I've seen enough to want to stay out of the petty ridiculousness that often surrounds it, especially as it relates to all things celebrity. So, it's kind of nice to come here and participate in some rather level-headed, mature, humorous discussion regarding this manipulated fluff of shows. :)
  3. About 30 seconds in, I had to switch to an old ep of Criminal Minds, I couldn't stand listening to Jade's baby voice any more and I just didn't care enough to see it through (I'd read spoilers anyway). Sad to say BiP was less entertaining than I'd hoped. And my hopes weren't high to begin with.
  4. I don't join the Kirk hate. Probably because I've had a few boyfriends disappear without a peep, no decency to say they wanted out of the relationship...so I don't see it as all bad that Kirk tried, awkwardly, to explain his feelings of pulling away. No matter what he said or when or however sincerely, it was going to hurt. No surprise so many men (and women) are hesitant to open up and talk, if they've been disparaged for doing so. And, it's hypocritical to think it's always the other person who's making missteps in a relationship. Please no more Sean and Catherine.
  5. Bugs, thanks for the link to the Auburn paper's interview with Ashley S. I wonder if TB is still her favorite show now that she's seen behind the curtain. She further confirmed why I would never want to appear on a so-called reality show, you have no control over what is shown and the character they create for you. It must suck for some of these people to have an advanced degree and/or your own business etc. and be portrayed as little more than a dimwit/villain/cuckoo. But this franchise has been around for a while, so none of them should be surprised, so there's that. Fame is a bitch.
  6. I can't believe I watch them, either. And then post my thoughts about them. haha
  7. At the end of the show when everyone was mixing and hugging, it appeared Jared and Ashley weren't too motivated to exchange a glance with each other, let alone talk. I won't read much into that (they probably talked moments later that we didn't see), but I did notice he never(?) says anything bad about AI.
  8. Jaclyn was a breath of fresh air, coming in and not giving a f*ck, it was funny. After weeks of weeping and drama, it was a nice change. It would've been interesting to see what she would've done with Jared. He really doesn't seem enthused about Ashley I, Jaclyn got that right. Why be attached to AI, I don't see "couple" with them at all so why join her in a fantasy suite. Ew. Men are giving roses this time, so it's not even a strategic move.
  9. I think Nick could've been an entertaining Bachelor if they gave him a crop of more intelligent, conversational, sporty, artsy types over the vacuous, pageanty, drama queen dime-a-dozens they cast so many of. [eta: And throw in a sex coach contestant, like Kaitlyn had in her batch of guys. heh] Ben will wade through a lot of women he typically wouldn't have much interest in if he was out on his own meeting them, since the Show casts more for ratings than who may appeal to the Bachelor/ette. Because their 'finding love with a husband/wife they can see in the room' theme is b.s. ;) Which is not
  10. I see Samantha resembling the Wicked Witch and Joe her Flying Monkey.
  11. I don't suppose we're NOW done hearing about the Joe-Juelia saga?! Please put it to rest. Please. And the Joe-Samantha plot too.
  12. I initially fell for the Nick fake-out because I was paying more attention to the computer screen than the tv screen. I can't multitask! ha I'm cool with Ben H being TB, hope his appeal holds throughout the season.
  13. Michelle's head and limbs look a lot larger than everyone else's on the panel. When they were standing around before the start of the show, I'd have guessed she was in the 6'5 range. eta: She is almost as tall as Ben, it looked like at the end, so I'm not far off. Look forward to seeing how things pan out for Ben H on TB. I hope he gets better-quality women than the norm for this franchise!
  14. I was googling Michelle Collins because I've never heard of her and was wondering how giant she is...looked up to see "Ashley I and Carly never participated"...what was the first part of the statement I missed as the show went to commercial? My opinion that this After show is lame still holds.
  15. The "save Juelia" storyline was b.s. Dating in this paradise isn't a very solid option for a single mother looking for love, and certainly not the only option (did I hear Carly right??). I hope Juelia doesn't fall for Mikey, only to have a new woman arrive and hook him. But then maybe she'll head home to her daughter? I don't get a feel for the alleged strong friendship between Juelia and Samantha prior to their BiP appearances.
  16. Jade and Tanner and their clothes look so fresh after 24+ hours, straight from the nighttime RC. ;) Jade's voice still grates, though many of the other women's voices aren't much better.
  17. The raven advising Ashley S to eat Nick's fruits that were ripe for the picking had me laughing so hard, I couldn't believe the Show was pandering that hard. They made a comical drunk couple, but I can't see it going anywhere further as the hangover fades.
  18. I was distracted by the good-looking guy next to her :) But yeah, her glasses look good too. hee
  19. Sadly, the Show isn't as amusing as the myriad ways you all come up with to (mis)spell "Juelia" :)
  20. Joe being incessantly hounded to "talk" is such boring television! All the confessions and honesty or whatever it was that the gang expected from Joe wasn't going to change that he played Juelia to get to Sam...yes, that sucked, but how much more airtime is going to be devoted to this crap? Looks to continue next week? The next ep looks even more unappealing, but I'll likely watch anyway. :(
  21. This show is so ridiculous, yet I can't stop watching. ugh When CH excitedly announced that the next Bachelor would be revealed in person on next week's episode, and also said Joe would be a guest, did anyone think even for a split second it could be one and the same? hahaha, that would likely make it truly the Most. Dramatic. Season. of TB. Ever!
  22. Though I certainly can see Joe's resemblance to a peanut (lol), I haven't been able to shake my opinion that he reminds me of Heat Miser. :p Then again, if Joe were to dress as Planters' Mr. Peanut... Ashley S looked sharp in those cool glasses she wore while telling Dan what she thought of his desire to be open to other women at paradise.
  23. So are they bringing Mikey back to continue the tension with Joe, seeing how asshat referred to him as his bitch and they both talk smack about cracking skulls? Good grief, I don't want to see more of that drama. Once you're off, maybe stay off and bring in someone fresh. Is JJ bailing because of drama with Joe too? This isn't my idea of paradise, ha.
  24. The script for this ep was really bad. Two hours of having endless "talks" with asshat Joe, and it continues in the next episode as well?! Overkill much? Carly's incessant use of freakin' this and frikken that makes her sound juvenile (her eyebrows, however, don't bug me, ha). I thought I read something a while back that she WAS at Zak's wedding, so color me confused. Samantha's laughing bothered me more than Kaitlyn's, go figure. JJ probably would be amusing to hang out with for a while. I liked that the women expressed themselves through the drama without getting SO overwrought as
  25. ^ The "supposedly famous individual" who is married to Jenny is Jason Biggs; I know of him, it's Jenny I don't recall knowing before After Paradise (I obviously missed all her so-called prolific Bachelor/ette tweets).
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