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  1. I'm not sure anyone would like good in that bathing suit Brittani was wearing, but it wasn't flattering at all. I couldn't tell a difference in Mary's eyes either. Dawn is the worst. "Did I do something WRO-UNG? I didn't mean to do anything WRO-UNG, I'm just trying to be helpful. I hope I didn't do anything WRO-UNG!" She is such a narcissist- just look at that ridiculous picture in her house of her in a suit and all her medical worker family surrounding her. I think it's going to kill her that the baby looks like Jared and not Cher/her.
  2. I really wish more people were watching this train wreck so there were more people to hate watch it with. 🙂 The kissing mother and daughter, the showering mother and daughter, Sunhe the gigantic narcissist, Dawn who desperately tries to pretend she is actually her daughter's twin sister, Kathy, who is a love child of KISS and the Muppet cast, etc. -- it's all gold. What really bothers me are the instances where one of the mother/daughter pair crosses a line with the other person's significant other, and then the one who didn't actively plan whatever it was denies any responsibility for i
  3. Seriously, Lala has been dressed this entire season like she’s backstage at a drag queen revue, while Rand looks like he rolled out of bed to give the dog a bath.
  4. This. I read it on Libby and it is no great literary feat. I’m not even sure what her point was. She could have tweeted “Be the best version of you.” and that would have summed it up, honestly. If I had bought it I would ask for a refund.
  5. Schwartz, “I wanna keep it. Not in a weird way.” Katie, “There’s no other way.” Schwartz, “All right, good point.”
  6. I'll submit Lara Spencer as an example of why that doesn't work- she pronounces it "LAIR-uh." There's another Lara at my fitness studio, same thing. Topic? James is a disgusting, terrible human being. Racquel may drive me nuts with doe-eyes and her slow...talking...and...all, but she deserves much better than that abusive wanker.
  7. THIS!! I too am a Laura so I feel your pain. What's even worse is I grew up in a small town and due to alphabetical seating(by last names) LORA sat in front of me, but so many people would say both our names the same way, Lore-ah. It drove me banana sandwich. I have a very good friend(30 years+) who to this day cannot say my name correctly. "Say "R". "R." "Now say LAUR-ah." "LORE-ah." 🙄
  8. I got two types of throat cancer(because I don't do anything halfway) that were neither lifestyle related nor hereditary. I never smoked, and I don't eat spicy foods. Just lucky. 🙄
  9. In the last episode, Whitney's hair was plastered down when Ryan was trying to tow her in and the top of her head was alarmingly balding.
  10. Exactly. Even if the editors don't actually hate her, how they could ignore this goldmine of low self-esteem? Somehow, at age 34, she is still under the delusion that sex equals love. Desperation seems to be both her favorite color and perfume. I think it's so sad she doesn't have one good friend that can convince her to get some therapy and discover why she chases men like a starving hyena, then clings for life when they try to get away. An APPLE WATCH, for THANKSGIVING, when she and Max were barely dating? She probably would have proposed to him at Jax and Brittany's wedding, just for the at
  11. So I haven't had an account since TWOP days, but I caved just to comment on this. Seriously, that dress? It was like a sorority dress/skort (skress?drort?) from Initiation in the 90s. And Demi leaving Kristian to go fool around on the pillows with JPJ was just rude. Kristian is out of place, doesn't know anyone, and basically looks miserable.
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