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  1. LNDNgirl

    S20.E20: Live Eviction #6. Head of Household #7

    The last time I watched Big Brother, houseguests went up to the new HOH room to look at photos and see what goodies the new HOH got from home, and HOH nominations were still conducted by removing keys from a big block of keys. So as you can guess, it's been a while. Just wanted to ask: Now Bayleigh is in the jury house, how much access does she have to see what's going on/ what went on in the show? Does she now see tapes of all episodes thus far, or does she just see episodes from here on out? Also does she have communication with the outside world? Will she now be able to speak with Swaggy and her family?
  2. LNDNgirl

    S10.E17: Ship Happens

    When Luann remarked that she left a "little something" on her bed before they left, I just hope she left a hefty tip for her poor housekeeper. I mean there's cleaning the room , and then there's that!
  3. Totally agree, though I did chuckle at the "Not a fresh flower in sight. Not even a chia pet!"
  4. LNDNgirl

    S06.E15: Reunion Part 2

    This so so true, every reunion someone is targeted. Mike's had his turn, so have Asa, MJ, GG and even Lily. I'm waiting for the reunion when it's Reza's turn. Who am I kidding? These people bow down to him so much, they'll never target him.
  5. The last time I think I watched Shahs regularly was the season when Reza and Asa were targeting MJ, and Reza revealed her criminal history on the reunion. I've been watching a couple episodes here and there this seasson, and have watched the most current one. GG seems to have calmed down A LOT from earlier seasons, but I don't understand what big issue she currently has with her sister. I'm sure it has been explained over the last year or so, but can someone please enlighten me?
  6. LNDNgirl

    Season 5 Episodes Discussion

    If there are any watchers of this show in the US, could you possibly DM me? I have a small question....
  7. LNDNgirl

    S09.E13: A Bronx Tale

    Gotta admit, I usually have second hand embarrassment for Dorinda when she's having one of her drunken tirades. Mainly because, as someone mentioned previously, she goes for the LOW blow when she's hammered. I've often wondered if she doesn't feel embarrassed when she watches the episodes, and vow to stop or limit her drinking while filming, but I'm guess that answer's a no. Confession: I did love her EZ pass/Holland Tunnel comment to Sonja though...lol. I do find Dorinda as rational for the most part and amusing at times. There is a trait that I don't care for though. In addition to mentioning that Sonja was a hostess, she mentioned giving her ticket to Sonja so Sonja can go go get her coat (a FUR no less) from the coat check. Coupled with a couple incidents from her past seasons (calling the Black restaurant customer over to her table to give him her coat to hang up, and putting a $5 dollar bill in a coffee cup that a man in a wheelchair was holding even though he was a lawyer), she leaves a bad taste in my mouth. She herself didn't come from money, but she seems to have a condescending attitude towards others she deems below her.
  8. LNDNgirl


    I can already tell that the Ashley's dementia storyline is gonna have me in tears at the end. Well written storyline thus far, and the actor is doing a great job. Gabby? I liked the old one, even though her face wasn't very expressive. Just thought it a little strange that they introduced the new actress so soon after the previous actress was on screen. Usually there is a break in seeing the character for a few weeks at least to "explain" the change in actor.
  9. LNDNgirl


    Got caught up on Emmerdale. I actually liked the Rewind episode, Innovative idea for a soap. I like that we saw the seeds sown for a couple of upcoming storylines (Ashley's dementia and Paddy's cheating). The only disappointment for me is that the killer was...Ross!!! I don't mind the actor but Ross is quickly becoming overused and over exposed. Let some of the other actors have some screen time. BTW, I hope these lingering looks and loaded conversations between Bob and Harriet aren't leading to an affair.
  10. LNDNgirl

    S10.E22: Reunion Part 3

    I'm sorry but Kim Richards is in 100% pain. I think she wins over everybody. (Sorry to hear about your mom btw)
  11. LNDNgirl

    S02.E04: Skanks Get Shanked

    I'm really going to have to start watching this show without any distractions. I'm usually surfing the web or reading posts on here, and only half listening to what's actually happening on the show. When mentioned earlier that Connor is the only one of the K4 with a conscience, I had no idea what that was in reference to. Upon rewatching the episode, now I get it. However, I have been unable to learn what happened at Trotter Lake (?) with Asher. Has it been explained? If so, can someone help me out?
  12. LNDNgirl

    Coronation Street

    While I appreciate that Sarah's reaction to Callum's death may be more true to life than Kylie and David's, I just don't know how much longer I'll be able to watch her walking around jumping at every little thing, and living just on this side of full blown panic. And now Kylie is tarting to act like that too? Joy. So a couple of deparrtures: and . Seemingly unrelated.
  13. LNDNgirl

    S10.E19: Baptism By Fire

    This would be the point when That Ronda Bitch pops up out of nowhere and says "Why would you have to be asked? A real friend would have just been there to hold his hand." Also question: When Vicki walked away after Meghan said to join them, Meghan said to Heather and Shannon "I asked her to join us, then she just dissipated." Am I wrong in thinking Meghan used 'dissipated' incorrectly?
  14. LNDNgirl

    S10.E19: Baptism By Fire

    Line of the night for me "That Ronda bitch...". I literally laughed out loud. I've never liked Vicki...until her friendship with Shannon. I thought Shannon brought out a nice side of Vicki. They both seemed to be a good friend to the other, until halfway through this season when Vicki flipped on Shannon for some reason. Sometimes the most interesting tidbits are offhandedly revealed. Like when Shannon revealed that Vicki said she (Shannon) hadn't supported Brooks by not coming by City of Hope for his chemo session, and that Brooks apparently called her, yelled at her and hung up on her. Tamra is still she same as she ever was ...making it seem to Vicki that it's the "other ladies" discussing everything, and leaving herself out of the equation. Then telling Vicki "they're winning" as she's climbing out the limo. Loved the line Shannon made about Vicki being the Godfather and people getting in the limo to talk to her. Laughed when Meghan PI and Lizzie heard the conversation getting heated and hightailed it around the bar to get closer to the action. And not to beat the IV subject to death, but in Heather's TH, she said that Brianna told HER about the IV story, not Tamra.
  15. Quite a few people have referred back to Vicki's purchasing a car for Brianna when she was in college, and sticking Brianna with the car payments. I clicked on the link provided upthread that linked to Vicki's instagram page, and saw that Briana had replied to some of the posts on there. In one of them, in reply to a poster who called her a spoiled brat, Brianna replies that she is not spoiled, and that she ended up writing a huge check to Vicki to repay her for the some of the cost of the car. I just found that very interesting, and somewhat telling. Many of the Housewives from across all the franchises turn their hand at starting a business while on the show, or scoring endorsement deals. I know most of them fall by the wayside pretty quickly, but Vicki seems to always associate with low rent partners, and generates zero dollars and zero cents. I mean what hasn't she tried? If I recall correctly there was a jeans/denim line, a jewelry/"diamond" line, the bacon flavored vodka line and the book that probably sold 3 copies.