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  1. This show has really grown on me. I love the relationship between the three docs, but serious and professional when they have to be.
  2. I hold Kody responsible for everything: uprooting his family over and over, the kid’s adjustment problems, his wive’s adjustment problems, not to mention the avalanche of financial problems. I am feeling like Robyn: whiplash from all the changes Kody pings around like a pinball machine. And the wives have become accustomed to living in their own McMansions and having all that autonomy, how he is going to get them all in smaller apartments in his new estate, we’ll have to see. Who in their right mind picks up and moves hours away, leaving four homes behind, sets themselves up in four huge ho
  3. I want Tori's friend Courtney to be her new therapist. She tells her straight up what she needs to do, unlike Wexler.
  4. I feel ill. This episode disgusted me. Aside from my initial disgust at bringing home a baby pig, like it was her security baby doll, Tori needs hospitalization. Not for sinusitis (yeah, right), but a psychiatric facility. She functions like a five year old, but she knows how to be vindictive though. Yes, Tori, Dean does not hear you anymore, your "feelings" have been discussed to death and frankly nobody cares anymore, not even your friends. Dean is the only one who is making any sense to me. He is even more rational than Wexler, who must be getting paid to just pat Tori's hand and va
  5. If there is no daily drama in her life, Tori will manufacture something and then get sick over it. Being sick over everything is then her escape. Her self pity is her sickness. I actually feel sympathy for Dean, the guy can't breathe right according to Tori ever since HE. CHEATED. ON. HER. I almost can't blame him for it, she is unbelievable. I get the devastation, really I do, but at some point, if you decide to stay with the guy and work on your marriage, then you have to get on with it. I actually enjoy the scenes with Dean and his kids, at least he tries to have a little fun with t
  6. I get that Amy is not a gourmet cook, but it was kind of nice to see her do something she enjoyed. She was friendly with customers and asked Matt to be there too. He looked a little uninterested, but that's Matt, but he showed up anyway so I gotta give him props for that. I also thought the Jeremy marriage proposal was sweet, he put a lot of thought into it and it seemed to mean a lot to him to do it that way. I wouldn't have minded that proposal! I wish them well.
  7. Hilarious, Lablover! Not sure how I would react if I ran across Tamra, she scares me.
  8. Met Lizzie tonite at the market as we were both at the self checkers. I had to ask if it was her, she was very gracious, and I must say she is gorgeous in person. No makeup and straight hair, just wearing some stretchy yoga pants or something and a tank top, fabulous figure, actually better than how they have her done up on the show.
  9. Really well acted episode, Alicia really portrayed herself as a grieving widow, and she is already pulling away from Peter. Just the beginning of the end for those two. Looking forward to when Kalinda and Alicia finally see each other again.
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