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  1. This times a thousand. He's trying to portray himself as some kind of romantic hero, but these three "slips" say that he just wanted to buy himself a sexy girl toy that would "owe" him whatever he wanted from her in bed. He's gross.
  2. This made me laugh so hard! Thank you: I needed that!
  3. Have they never sliced cheese before...or even seen how it comes in wedges? That was pure cheese butchery, and it hurt my cheese-loving heart!
  4. Watching the young woman talk about her molestation and the response to it by the CoS was so hard to watch. I wanted to hug her. And it really showed the priorities of the "church": first and foremost, protect the CoS, and then second, protect the attacker (because to admit he was at fault would be to admit that the church system is flawed). The victim is not on that list. At all. And the first guy who spoke? Wow. So articulate and intelligent. He blew me away. What I want to know is when L.Ron started this whole thing, did he actually believe his own bullshit? Or did he knowingly start a cult? I remember in one of the earlier seasons, someone said it was Miscavage who really stepped up the abuses, but I'm not clear on L.Ron's initial motivations. Also, are there any professionals who belong to the CoS? I'm wondering how they align their professional responsibilities and obligations with their CoS membership. I don't think a lawyer or doctor could do so: the church requires you to put it's bizarro version of the world above all else, and that does not work when you have professional responsibilities to your clients and patients. And finally, is it me or does so much of L.Ron's writing seem hilariously childish. I mean, a BILLION years? Oy. And when they show snippets of his texts, they are almost entirely incomprehensible. Imagine studying that! And the church's letters are also somehow childish. Maybe that lack of formal education for CoS children is starting to show itself as those children grow up and run the church. And that might also contribute to its downfall.
  5. I loved when he said something didn't need to be so dramatic...with a dramatic eyeroll. He's such a tool.
  6. HA HA HA: I totally had the same thought. Also wondered if they were throwing not-so-subtle bitchy shade at her.
  7. Ugh at Dave tearing up their sheet with the answer in the museum. I guess it takes a cheater to know a cheater, huh, Dave?
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