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  1. I’m pretty sure it was called Scorned. It’s from 2018... Cari Farver?
  2. They all looked/acted uncomfortable when the Orca said he had ten year olds twins. Way too much easily Google-able information. Do you think that’s why he was “voted” off?
  3. I think Christine is just the most loving person in the family, and that explains why everyone else’s kids love her, but her kids don’t need to get any outside love beyond their own mom, so they don’t seem close to the other moms. I think Truely is close with Solomon because they are close in age, and Robyn’s two youngest kids are the only kids Truely gets to be a big sister to. There’s also a big gap between her and her other siblings. Also, because Christine really does consider herself a mom to everyone in the family, she would have passed that on to her kids, making them all naturally kind
  4. I think they’ve decided not to show the kids’ faces because that’s what they’ve seen real celebrities in LA doing. They don’t actually care about the kids’ privacy or safety. It just makes Jeremy feel more like a famous person. But they’re going to have to show the girls on the show if they want to continue to be “the stars of TLC’s hit show Counting On.” There is no interest in them that isn’t mainly interest in their offspring.
  5. Random observations: Henry is speaking really well now. I have thought this since the scavenger hunt episode... even though she’s a daughter-in-law, I think Kendra is JimBob’s favorite daughter now. If Anna isn’t pregnant, she has gained a lot of weight. This is perfectly normal after all her pregnancies and the stress of her marriage to that nasty, awful monster, but I worry for her that she will blame herself if he strays again. I sometimes wonder if Jana might secretly be the more difficult sister out of Jana and Jessa, but she’s just less overt about it. I wonder
  6. This is what the photographer had to say about her experience with the Dillards. Since she also photographed the Seewalds, I wonder if her line about expecting to spend her time in NW Arkansas alone in her hotel room was the experience she had with Jessa’s family. But since Jill is actually out in the world learning about socializing with different people and getting accustomed to the social graces of non-fundie society, the Dillards made her feel welcome.
  7. I think they could get at least a season out of “Sister Wives: The Aftermath” if they finally just all broke up except Kody and Robyn. Meri could be shown running the Inn and helping Mariah and Audrey with newlywed stuff. Christine could try online dating, and her segments could also focus on what her younger kids are up to. She could still be shown visiting Janelle’s kids as well, especially Maddie’s family, as well as spending time with Mykelti’s baby. Janelle could be shown trying new fitness ventures and trying to “get outside her comfort zone.” Robyn could lament the loss of the life she
  8. Also, a non-narcissist would have just posted “Here is a photo Nurie sent me of herself at 8 weeks pregnant” and left out the actual text and all the best mama everrrrr stuff.
  9. It almost looks staged to me, just in terms of the coloring. Some “influencers” have a thing where all their photos have a certain “aesthetic,” like certain colors and tones. Everything they’re playing with is teal blue, peachy orange, or tan, and it goes with the neutral room colors and clothing colors.
  10. It’s interesting how much blonder Jennifer and Josie are than the first 6 daughters. Genetics are such wild cards.
  11. Would it matter to them that that’s the day between Good Friday and Easter? I’m not Christian, but it feels a bit like taking away from a weekend that should be focused on things more important than a wedding?
  12. I have to say, Jill’s kids look so genuinely happy these days.
  13. I like the messy braid, actually... it reminds me of Rapunzel in Tangled, when the little girls braid flowers into her hair. What makes her look older, I think, is the teased hair to make the top part higher and fuller. If it was flatter to her head, she would look younger. Right now, the braid looks like a young bride and the top part looks like a mother of the bride style.
  14. They went and masked (at least in their hotel)...
  15. I think they chose to miss the wedding due to the estrangement and maybe chose to adopt a dog around the same time to help Jill feel better.
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