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  1. Down with the over the head arm pose. It feels like most do the girls this year have that darn arm up ughhhhh. It really does NOT make shorter girls look taller if they is what they were going for .
  2. Agree ! Lily ugly ? What about this ? Square as the day is long . What is she wearing ????
  3. They were not worried about their safety. If so vets that traveled to Mexico, attended weddings and bachelorette trips to Florida with groups larger then immediate family and no masking or social distancing, teaching dance classes and traveling to them out of state should have all been cut for not following CDC travel guidelines !
  4. I find it interesting every one of these videos give the disclaimer they were filmed before so is distancing . So they were filmed back ins Jan/feb/March ? Just asking as I am confused .
  5. Lisa posted herself she is now a Medical Sales Rep. working that degree she is πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  6. Marissa is over the rope she is one of those that gives the impression she is dancing as a team but makes her moves just enough different she stands out aka Holly P, Erica
  7. 1534 applicants ....cough ....choke Julia never stood a chance thanks TPTB from the Mavs (aka Lisa).
  8. Entire thing leaves a bad taste. I have not brought myself to watch the show. The team picture should be an embarrassment to the organization. I cannot get over H&B and they leave the likes of Savannah, Lisa, Maddie and on and on
  9. She is not a dancer but a drill team persona. She never fully extends her arms or legs . Her hands are always in a sharp β€œV” configuration. And when she thinks she is extending her arms and legs such as jumps she is still in a β€œV” position. Similar to how Lisa dances but much worse.
  10. Dancing on the decks are the most rediculous thing ever . Agree the risk of infecting or contracting is lower but y’all are impairing persons that actually want to watch the game .
  11. There are less persons in the stadium during practice then the game. So wearing the mask during practice is idiotic ..NO ONE is there πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ
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