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  1. The celebrities participating in the show receive a base salary per week. As they advance and make it to certain 'milestone' weeks their pay increases. (someone more familiar with the actual numbers could explain it better or look up Shawn Johnson's contract on line. I know it's public record because she was on the show as a minor). Rick is donating any money earned on the show to a veterans group tho I'm not sure which one.
  2. A couple things ... 1. Do you think Nyle gets a copy of the lyrics of the song so he has an idea of what the song is about whether it's part of their 'dance story' or not? 2. I think the judges should talk TO Nyle instead of ABOUT him when giving critique/comments. They position Ramon behind the judges' table so Nyle is looking at them while they are talking. To tell Peta ' You need to make sure Nyle does this or that' instead of saying 'Nyle, you need to extend your arms/make the movement continuous' is talking as if Nyle isn't even there. To me not talking TO him is ignoring him. (Am I wr
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