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  1. Leandro is highly educated and could provide Tsion with a great life in Indiana. Marrying a future physics professor isn't a bad option for Tsion!
  2. I feel guilty for not liking the COVID rescues, the story arc is too normal.
  3. Just here to express my red hot rage at Dance Mom constantly biting her bottom lip to unsuccessfully try to stop herself from body-shaming her perfect daughter's breasts, hips, bum and thighs. Saying it with clenched teeth doesn't make it any less hurtful and wrong.
  4. I was hoping that Alla would clean up her life. I was disappointed it happened so quickly.
  5. Nice apartment, Brandon and Julia! Ron is a sexist pig. Jovi is a pig. I really feel for Natalie when she says she's not strong enough for Mike's BS. She spoke from the heart.
  6. I want this self-identified bitch OFF MY SCREEN, Matt Sharp!!! I don't want to watch mental torture.
  7. I want to see how he's going to make u turn.
  8. Matt Sharp needs to tighten the Potthast script.
  9. Re: Asuelu. "Slow" people can be loveable and deserve love, and someone to love. That other person doesn't have to be "slow" too.
  10. I may be alone, but I am really rooting for Kalani and Asuelu. There is some love there
  11. Poor Asuelu, and poor us not seeing the full view of Zion.
  12. It was wrong of Brandon and Julia to walk out of Ragin'Ron's 70th birthday party and humiliate Ron and Betty in front of the other car dealership employees, swingers, and various distant relatives that haven't shunned them out yet. It was just a few sad folding tables, plastic chairs and dollar store balloons, my God, they could have stuck around for the potato salad and white bread ham sandwiches, pretended to enjoy themselves and thank Betty for her efforts THEN MOVE THE HELL OUT. There was no point in making them upset in front of all their relations. Betty did welcome Julia like
  13. I was very entertained by Natalie's savagely sarcastic speech to Shrugs and Trasha about telling every little thing to mommy, listening to mommy and doing what mommy says. Just like Mike does. I rewound and watched this delectable TV moment a second time.
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