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  1. Leah kind of makes the show weird to me lol it’s always about her. She’s like obsessed with Ramona. If I were Ramona I would not be kissing her at all. I miss Tinsley lol.
  2. Gizelle is loving stirring up crap between Monique and Candiace lol. Ray is probably mad about Mr. Blue Eyes lol when Karen was working out,her fake screams were something else. She likes to try to be sexy,is that a midlife crisis? Robyn is such a flunky to the group lol. Why is everyone kissing up to Ashley? Lol Monique cares way too much about an apology. Lol can’t wait to see how the new girl fits in lol she seems kind of ditzy.
  3. Monique looks beautiful to me this season. She’s always been my least favorite on this franchise though lol. I like Candace. Gizelle was so mean to Candace at both the things Candace invited her too smh. I don’t like Ashley and Monique being mean girls when it comes to Candace. It actually makes me dislike Ashley and she used to be my favorite. Gizelle has gorgeous daughters,the oldest sister is going to be a heartbreaker for sure. Gizelle is going back to Jamal because he’s rich and Sherman doesn’t seem to be in the picture. Monique seems jealous of Candace to me. She shouldn’t be talking and making jokes about Candace to Ashley. Robyn should leave Juan. She can do so much better. Monique wants to fit in with Gizelle,Ashley,and Robyn so bad and I don’t get why. Sad
  4. lol Sonja has absolutely no shame. She looked miserable to me while she was “drunkenly” getting her hair done. I think Ramona really has tried with Leah like how she used to try with Bethenny. To me Leah just wants to find a reason to be mad with her. At the nice event for the nice women Leah was acting like a child. Ramona doesn’t have to talk to her. Luanne always loves to talk to the men she meets on the vacations lol I guess that’s why she was wearing that pretty blue dress. Dorinda and Sonja start a lot of drama. Leah made herself look really bad saying all of that stuff when she was going off about Ramona talking about smh lol.
  5. I really felt for Denise when they were all at the dinner table. She looked really emotional already as if she knew something bad might be about to happen. Lisa got a lot of enjoyment out of the Denise gossip,she isn’t a good friend to Denise. I’m really liking Dorit this season. She used to annoy me lol but I really like her style and her body is beautiful and fit. I also like this spice she kind of has about her and how she carries herself,must be the Italian in her haha. Garcelle is kind of the comic relief for the show haha😃. Sutton always seems to want to call Teddi out. Teddi is such a pretty pregnant lady😃this is her best season in the looks department to me. I think Denise maybe probably did do something with Brandi. She needs a friend on this show.
  6. I still can’t tell if Kalani wants to be with Asuelo or not. I don’t understand why they just can’t “co-parent”. Jess got really brave around her family lol she was getting revenge on Debbie. But I agree with Debbie that Jess should not have acted that way towards her. I like Colt’s confidence. Andrei’s family seems so nice ,his dad is so cute😊. Libby’s dad and brother seem intimidating. I don’t get why Libby wants to be with him because she always seems annoyed by him lol. Eric seems like he’s on the down low. Larissa seems to really like him,that’s sad. But I did question the other woman on the phone,maybe she was just telling Larissa what she wanted Larissa to know. But I think Colt handles the relationship with Debbie and Jess just fine. He doesn’t seem to take any sides.
  7. GG was mean to Nema out of no where. He is the nicest one. I hate how Mike treats him because it makes Mike look like a mean person to me. MJ is quite dramatic lol I still don’t know if I’m feeling Destiney on this show. I almost rather Asa or Asifa and Bobby come back if there’s another season.
  8. The looks on Kyle and Teddi’s faces had me cracking up when Brandi told them and when Kim and Brandi left lol. I think Kim and Kyle and Brandi planned that scene out. I don’t think Teddi was apart of that plan haha. They seemed to want the world to know about Denise and Brandi’s hook up smh. Seemed like those three found away to get that gossip out without Brandi being interrupted at all lol.
  9. I felt sorry for Brittany. She was probably embarrassed and surprised this happened and especially on tv. As always Angela is a terrible horrible monster of a person. I feel bad for Michael and his entire family that they have to deal with this hick.
  10. Again Dorinda and Luanne were acting like they were on more than alcohol. Dorinda was like deranged lol. I love Elyse’s alter ego’s name haha. The girls on this show really go off on Luanne. Bethenny was really bad from a past season,but so was Dorinda with calling Luanne a drunken fool. I don’t understand how she just takes it,I guess because it’s Dorinda’s house. I couldn’t forgive so easily. I wouldn’t have hugged Sonja lol Ramona still isn’t a fan of Luanne as I can see lol. She was on Sonja and Dorinda’s side quick lol.
  11. Denise seemed really hurt by Lisa. Lisa seems to just be for herself. Lol she acts like she’s on Big Brother sometimes🤪. She was so cold sitting talking to Denise. Kyle was really frazzled trying to get her party together lol. I thought she looked cute with a pony tail haha. Kris Jenner came in the party looking kind of sinister to me lol. Kyle seemed so excited to see Kathy. I used to like Brandi,her friend looked like a man in drag imo lol. Next week looks like Brandi is getting ready to put her claws in Denise and Aaron’s relationship lol.
  12. I know I saw that part haha. I was just wondering has anyone else on this show done that before?
  13. It was weird to me when Yazan’s mom started going off on Brittany. Also very weird she won’t show her face,have they done it like this on this show before?
  14. Ramona used to be my favorite character on here on season 1 lol. I used to really enjoy her outspokenness haha and she seemed like a really honest person. But as the other seasons came on. I didn’t like the way she treated maids and people who had to work for her. She just seems very spoiled lol. I’m not even sure if she likes “minorities” lol. But I love her big brown eyes lol their cute. Her figure is cute,short girl. Ramona really is something else haha.
  15. I agree completely. I never understand Kalani’s attitude towards him. She always seems annoyed by him to me lol. I don’t get what this couple has in common either. I think Kalani is very pretty....maybe she needs a more mature guy. Her dad seems extreme lol I wonder if that tough guy act was for the cameras. Her mom seems concerned and stressed about Kalani and her situation with Anseulo. Maybe they should just “co-parent”.
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