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  1. I might agree with you about giving a vet the benefit of the doubt except for the fact that this year training camp was their try out. Vets with the DCC must try out every year, and vets have been cut. This year there were no try-outs, and all vets were invited to TC. It was clear that they would be evaluated in TC and cut if need be. People keep saying COVID had her stressed out, and TC was not safe. Well then why was she even there? If you have that much anxiety about COVID, stay home. Ask for a chance to come back next year at solos because your anxiety can't take it. You don't show up and then complain about it. Honestly they owe her nothing. Unless the policy is a vet has a spot until she leaves once it's earned, then cutting a vet is not out of line. It's not like she was the only vet cut. It's just my opinion, but I'm certainly entitled to it.
  2. So are you actually suggesting they should have held Hannah's spot and cut someone who's game ready just because of her mental illness? Also you should realize that the DCC are not employees unlike the players you cited. They're independent contractors, and the worker rules do not apply to them. If I'm Kelli, I want to keep the 36 strongest girls -- physically and mentally. If they wanted to be charitable, they would not have cut Brennan but instead given her a chance to heal. That's not how this situation works. There are 36 spots, and I would be bitter AF if I got cut and then a spot was held for someone who was not mentally ready to be on the field when I was. There's a chance she may not have been ready all season, and that would mean the cut would be for nothing. The real lesson here is life isn't always fair. Hannah (and Brennan as well) learned this in training camp. Brennan didn't go out and bad mouth the organization after though. Hannah did. That was not professional, and looked like she was pitching a fit the same way my 10 year old niece does when I won't buy her Roblox Dollars. That's not a good look for her.
  3. That's not Kelli's job though. Her job is to field the best 36 girls from the try outs and training camp. Hannah showed up to work mentally unprepared. When you do that, there's always someone who is hungry enough to take your spot. That's real life. It's not Kelli's job to be therir friend or their mother. She needs that emotional distance. When she asked Judy about whether veterans should be cut, I was screaming at my TV OF COURSE! Vets knew this was their tryout for the 2020 season. Vets aren't safe in try outs, and they shouldn't be here. This isn't about loyalty. They've never had a problem cutting vets who under performed before. Why should they now? And to read Hannah's response, I'm not sorry they did cut her. I don't know how she can say the organization had no regard for their safety. They put them in a bubble for goodness sakes. If she felt it was unsafe, then she should not have gone. I get that she was stressed out, but come on! It all came off as sour grapes to me.
  4. tdp1117

    S14.E09: Field Ready

    This is Texas though! Religion and football are kings in that state. Unless you're familiar with the South, you might think it's odd or unnecessary, but I assure you it's totally normal in those parts.
  5. When Shannen came aboard, nothing had been done yet though. They didn't have a pilot. They hadn't filmed a scene. In fact they fired their writers after she came on board. It isn't like they filmed half of it and then she came on board. In episode 2 I believe it was, we waited until after the final commercial break to even see her. That's why I said she was marginalized. We also got to see everyone else's real life but not hers. I am a big fan of hers so I was very disappointed in how they chose to use her. And yes she was a producer, but all of them were. This was obviously Jennie and Tori's baby, and they chose to feature some more than others. I just think Shannen deserved better.
  6. I'm sure he's delighted to be called "Goose fro 'Top Gun'" after 33 years......smh I think he got the part because the former ER showrunner took over. I thought Anthony was fire in the role. He plays badass really well. We need more from him. I think he's one of the most underappreciated actors in Hollywood. I'm sad it got canceled again. However I'm not surprised. Some people were put off by the language. Well you can bet these Washington insiders don't talk like Sunday School teachers when the cameras aren't on them. I think it's actually very realistic to show the language. People need to join reality.
  7. How come no one is talking about Anthony Edwards on Designated Survivor? He slayed the part. He plays cocky in charge very well. I loved seeing him in it.
  8. I think they left that as a way to explain Shannen's absence if she decided not to do a season 2 if there was one. She's said she feels like this was a one and done thing for her. It makes sense as underutilized as she was, especially in the first three episodes. Side note: I got kicked out of a BH90210 group on Facebook for saying they were marginalizing Shannen so I hope this doesn't get me blacklisted here. I do feel like Shannen was marginalized because we barely saw her, especially in the first 3 episodes. I also don't get the whole eating thing. I don't recall any eating disorder rumors with her back in the 90's that might make her want to be eating. I do think they marginalized her because they knew she was only there to honor Luke and not because she really wanted or needed to be And I think the cutting one was their easy way to explain her absence if it did happen. Just my 2 cents.
  9. Actually that goes back to the original show. The directors constantly told Shannen she was looking at Jason like she wanted to banInsert other media g him not like he was her brother. She admitted she was attracted to Jason back in the beginning. This was all a nod to that.
  10. tdp1117

    S14.E04: Overwhelmed

    I BELIEVE there is an apartment complex that works closely with DCC to help get the TCC set up temporarily and will let them go if it doesn't work out. There used to be for sure because they all moved into the same place for the most part. Interestingly enough, they all used to have roommates and now most seem not to. We do know some have jobs because we've seen it before. I read elsewhere that many teach dance classes to stay afloat. I know Jinelle did this. It's interesting to compare today to those 1970's and 1980's DCC TV movies. Back in the day there was no TC and you had to have a job or be married to be a DCC because you were only paid for games and appearances (like when they were on The Love Boat). Kelli really made this a big thing and has made a fortune on it. Good for her! Gina Marie reminds me of the teenager from New Jersey a few seasons back. They held her hand way too long in TC and it ended up crushing her when she was cut. They need to cut GM sooner rather than later. She's not in the league of those girls who were pom captains in college and dancers with other teams. They're so looking or another Lacey story, and she's not it. I think Kat COULD end up like KaShara. Remember her first day at TC and she wore the wrong uniform? I couldn't stand her that year. It's hard to believe that hot mess made it to the point of the triangle. I think they want to tell that story of the bottom 5 girl making the team so it could be her. It's too soon to tell.
  11. IMO Gina is the best one out there. She's also coming off more likable now. If you remember Kelli and Judy were concerned about her because she came off stuck up when she was first in TC. Now she's point of the triangle material for me. I love to watch this girl perform.
  12. All the money spent on those DCC prep classes is probably showing up in the auditions If you have a half dozen girls taking the same prep class, I'm sure it's going to come out with all their choreography looking the same or at least similar. The only way to avoid it is to hire someone to teach you who doesn't teach other girls.
  13. Who says they have to be in your home state? My niece is a competitive swimmer. I live in California where the best swim coaches are. My niece lives in the Southeast, and her coaches are great but they've not coached Olympians like the ones here have You can bet if there's a chance to get her coaching here when she visits, I'm going to take it so she gets better. If Victoria's family has access to a good coach in a different state, then why hate on them for taking advantage of the resources they have? Maybe Gina turned them on to someone. There's no shame in it. The hate for this girl is scary sad. She can't help who her family is and how many connections they have. She has a dream and is just trying to pursue it. It's obvious they're not playing favorites or she'd have been on the team last year. And to think people DM'ed her hateful things is just disgusting. You don't have to like someone but don't be mad when they take advantage of opportunities.
  14. If Kitty was a mean and nasty woman, she wouldn't have stayed all night with the TCC a couple of seasons back to help her rework her costume and routine the night before the solo because it was so bad. She's playing a character. For many she makes the show, me included.
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