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  1. I was thinking about them yesterday, knowing they are from Lake Charles and still have family members living there. I am sure Adam's parents and grandmother still live there. Not sure where crazy Mimi is at the moment. I wonder if they were filming during this time and we'll see an episode about their reaction and the aftermath next season. Talking about Hurricane Laura btw.
  2. Wow this Derrico sounds like a total FLIM FLAM MAN!!! How could TLC run this with just the stuff you people have dug up in a few days!! I feel sorry for those kids.
  3. WHY does TLC think we want the Family Chantel? Guess what---WE DON'T!!! I sorta want to see what Angela would be like on Pillow Talk. I want Timmy and Veronica back!!! Robert and Anny are OK I guess, could take them or leave them. Molly and Cynthia are my favorites. I guess Penguin is a fixture now--Annie can be annoying but I pretty much have gotten used to her. Alexi and Loren are ok.
  4. I don't remember if it's OK to talk about the sneak peeks at the end of the episode, so sorry in advance if it's not kosher, but is THAT NORMAL in SaaaMoe culture for a parent to basically demand money out of a child like that? I can't imagine any culture where something so gross is accepted behavior. The mother doesn't even live in SaaaMoe. I think Asuelu mentioned she has something like 10 kids altogether, so are they all sending her a grand on the regular? And then for the sister to tell Kalani it's none of her business? They have 2 small children to take care of sister---I think YOU need to butt out.
  5. Ehhh, this is not up to Martha's standards if you ask me. Nothing like the depth of information presented in her old show and I really don't need to see the pointless phone calls and celebrity guests. Just have Martha walk around and show me every inch of that property (including inside the houses!) and I'd be very happy.
  6. Am I the only one that finds Denise completely boring? She seems kind of like an aloof airhead to me and nothing she does is particularly engaging or entertaining. I think Bravo is probably sort of regretting spending that much dough on her, and I think they figure if SHE won't bring it herself, they will use her 'off camera' activities to bring some interest. I also don't really see why any of the other ladies would have a reason to be that envious of her either. Her acting career is basically D-list now and it doesn't seem like she has all that much money based on her home as compared to most of the others. I agree with Rinna to a certain extent that her 'happy ending'/'giant penis' persona from last season has completely changed. Makes me wonder if Aaron was embarrassed by that last season and that's why she's totally changed this season and Aaron shows up to so many events. I find him kind of creepy.
  7. LOVED the reintroductions to Coltee, Angela and Larissa. You can tell the producers are really having fun with this. Some of these people are on their way to becoming household names! Am I the only one who wonders why they keep bringing Asuelu and Kalani on the show for multiple seasons? I find them really boring and agree with others that Asuelu 'ain't playin with a full deck' as they say.
  8. I read the book many years ago so I don't remember all of the details, but the reveal to me here was nowhere near as meaningful as it was in the book. I don't think 6 episodes was nearly enough. There should have been more fleshed out about the grandfather and the mother for sure I thought. If I remember correctly, the book went into great detail describing the relationship between Domenic and the doctor and how she helped him realize things and make connections. She was barely a player in this adaptation. I thought Ray was great. The actor did a great job showing Ray's regret at Thomas's funeral for the things he did to him as a child. Of course it was terrible, but I don't think Ray was evil. In a way, he did think he was doing the right thing and loved the boys in his own way. I really liked how Dom and Ray came together after the funeral. LOVED Rosie O'Donnell's work in this show. She should do dramatic roles more often.
  9. I actually thought the skit was really well done! I was actually impressed. Was that them actually singing? I think they all have a really good sense of humor. I usually don't comments on what others say, but the post quoted above was really ridiculously mean. I can snark with the best of them, but I think that was uncalled for. So now Georgia is a third world country? Wow.
  10. I first became aware of the Mr. Acker actor (Barry Corbin) on Dallas. He played the Braddock County Sheriff Fenton Washburn (the fictional Texas County near Dallas where Southfork Ranch was located) that was often at odds or accused of being under the thumb of JR Ewing. He appeared in at least 4 or 5 of the most popular seasons...he arrested Jock Ewing for murder, threatened to arrest JR for the murder of his sister in law, threatened to arrest Sue Ellen Ewing for vehicular homicide, and helped to rescue Ms. Ellie Ewing from a kidnapping attempt. Those Ewings sure did keep him busy!
  11. I feel like Teresa forgot the wallet and documents on purpose because she didn't want to see Joe. It seemed like bad acting when she 'realized' they were missing....an hour and a half into the trip.
  12. Pretty boring really for a show I've watched since the beginning....
  13. I found this show confusing and the way the evidence was presented was not that coherent. Also thought they spent a lot of time on crazy theories that really have no factual evidence to support. Based on everything I saw I don't see any other logical explanation except that Adnan did it. Maybe Jay changed his story, maybe the police were unethical and got Jay to state things in a way to make their case stronger because there wasn't a lot of physical evidence---but my gut feeling is Adnan did it. Its gone too far for him to admit it now. I feel sorry for his mother, she didnt deserve for her life to unravel like this. It may be true that there was reasonable doubt and he shouldn't have been convicted, but tell me who did it if not Adnan?
  14. Are we really supposed to hold this against Brittany? Do you vouch for everything anyone you come into contact with says?
  15. About the food thing.....I kind of agree with the guests a little bit (although they could have been less rude about it). If I am on a once in a lifetime vacation, paying tens of thousands for a two day excursion, I want to EAT! This lunch at 2, dinner at 8 or 9 thing they seem to do on this show....I would be pretty darn hungry too! Especially with all the alcohol they seem to consume on these trips, I would want some nibbles. Doesn't seem like there are ever any hors d'ouevres or snacks available. These guys all looked to be into body building as well. Muscles burn a lot of calories! To me, being the chef would be the worst job on the boat. I know how time consuming cooking for one person can be....can't imagine being responsible for feeding the guests, the captain, and the crew every meal for weeks on end. I'm really surprised there aren't two chefs, or at least a 'sous-chef' or assistant. How can one person cook that much food?
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