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  1. Joan van Snark

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    Pretty boring really for a show I've watched since the beginning....
  2. Joan van Snark

    The Case Against Adnan Syed

    I found this show confusing and the way the evidence was presented was not that coherent. Also thought they spent a lot of time on crazy theories that really have no factual evidence to support. Based on everything I saw I don't see any other logical explanation except that Adnan did it. Maybe Jay changed his story, maybe the police were unethical and got Jay to state things in a way to make their case stronger because there wasn't a lot of physical evidence---but my gut feeling is Adnan did it. Its gone too far for him to admit it now. I feel sorry for his mother, she didnt deserve for her life to unravel like this. It may be true that there was reasonable doubt and he shouldn't have been convicted, but tell me who did it if not Adnan?
  3. Joan van Snark

    S07.E07: Girls' Night In

    Are we really supposed to hold this against Brittany? Do you vouch for everything anyone you come into contact with says?
  4. Joan van Snark

    S06.E14: All That Glitters Isn't Gold

    About the food thing.....I kind of agree with the guests a little bit (although they could have been less rude about it). If I am on a once in a lifetime vacation, paying tens of thousands for a two day excursion, I want to EAT! This lunch at 2, dinner at 8 or 9 thing they seem to do on this show....I would be pretty darn hungry too! Especially with all the alcohol they seem to consume on these trips, I would want some nibbles. Doesn't seem like there are ever any hors d'ouevres or snacks available. These guys all looked to be into body building as well. Muscles burn a lot of calories! To me, being the chef would be the worst job on the boat. I know how time consuming cooking for one person can be....can't imagine being responsible for feeding the guests, the captain, and the crew every meal for weeks on end. I'm really surprised there aren't two chefs, or at least a 'sous-chef' or assistant. How can one person cook that much food?
  5. I'm in for sure....love creepy underbelly of small rural town stories. Something strange up with the teacher/future wife?
  6. Joan van Snark

    Girl Meets Farm

    Maybe I'm just being a grouch because I don't feel so good today, but where do they find these people and why does every show need to stress the 'family traditions and memories' of the hosts, especially if there is some unusual ethnic component involved? I guess this woman is probably a decent cook but I have not seen a single thing she does that tells me she is any kind of expert or can teach me something I don't already know. Same goes for Ree Drummond, Trisha Yearwood, Valerie Bertinelli and their ilk. I really don't care about her home, her husband and their 'farm'. I would love to see some true cooking experts that can really teach me something! Why not produce a baking show with someone like Nick Malgieri or Rose Levy Beranbaum who are true experts in their fields? I would love to see a show set in a professional bakery or restaurant to learn the real tips and secrets the pros use. I really liked Anne Burrell's old show "Secrets of a Restaurant Chef" because you actually learned how high-end restaurant food is created. And now for what bugs me more than anything else....why the incessant background music playing constantly? Oh she's chopping something...cue the music! She's squeezing a lemon....time for a different tune! Seems like Barefoot Contessa started this trend, but at least her music was really distinctive and interesting. Guess what I'm really trying to say is that I'd love to see cooking experts rather than these 'lifestyle' shows. What about the Jewish Ina Garten? Nothing wrong with diversity, but I am more interested in seeing expert-level cooks who can really teach me something, not just putting on a show simply because the host happens to be some particular ethnicity.
  7. Joan van Snark

    S07.E03: Either Him or Me

    Katie really are you that fragile that you will quit a job you've been 'working' at for years because someone made a stupid comment? Just another example of how people are becoming sooo overly sensitive.
  8. Joan van Snark

    S06.E10: Man Overboard

    As others have noticed, i think there is a serious undercurrent of strangeness lurking in Adrian. "Rhylee is not allowed in the galley at all and can't even glance in my direction! She pushed a van seat back at me!!" Ok....... Seems a tad overboard for such a minor thing and I don't even think Rhylee really has anything personal against Adrian. It was just another one of her drunk outbursts. I'm wouldn't be surprised at all if Adrian had a psychotic breakdown at some point during the season. I know Rhylee has a serious chip on her shoulder and is kind of nuts but I strangely like her for some reason. She goes about it completely wrong, but I think her intentions are actually decent. She wants more responsibility and to help but just has no patience or tact. I think with some maturity she may turn out OK.
  9. Joan van Snark

    Season 8: Speculation and Spoilers Discussion

    Is this the Sansa psychological analysis forum or the spoilers and speculation forum???
  10. Joan van Snark

    S08.E08: Soujourn

    Isn't this show usually 12 episodes long since the beginning 7 or 8 seasons ago? Why the sudden change? And the last season of this show that held my attention at all was Hotel. I enjoyed the broody atmosphere and the music and most of the characters (especially Liz Taylor, although I hated the cop). The last 3 seasons have been really bad. This season has devolved into utter garbage!
  11. Joan van Snark

    S08.E04: Could It Be . . . Satan?

    Loved hearing the Hotel music and was holding out the slightest bit of hope there would be at least a fleeting glimpse of the fabulous Liz Taylor, my favorite AHS character of all time....alas, but no...... This episode was light years better than the others this season. Having a coherent plot always helps! Random observations: Why the hell was Alexis Morell Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan killed so soon? Cody has like no muscle tone whatsoever but is doing a good job with the role. More Ruth Fisher, please. Princess Leia's daughter is not much of an actor. Don't understand the point of Queenie's constant racist remarks.
  12. Joan van Snark

    S09.E07: Barefoot & Fancy

    Thought Gen's huge room turned out really nice. I always thought her rooms were very hit or miss but this was a winner. Really mainly wanted to post that I can't believe next week is the season finale???? So Frank isn't even going to get to do a room? Laurie and Vern only got to do ONE room for the whole season? Why did we get Hildi TWICE? And claiming the original carpenters were coming back was really kind of a lie since they were only back as designers. Really hope if there is a next season it is much longer. I remember the original seasons going on forever and all of the designers appearing many times each season. That was my favorite thing watching the old show...seeing which pair of designers would be on the show that week. Why did we need THREE new designers, Clinton, N&J, when freaking Frank didnt even get to do a room??????
  13. Joan van Snark

    Trading Spaces Media, Ratings, and Scheduling

    I find it hard to believe there are only 4 episodes left. Why bring back all 8(?) original designers, 3 new designers, Nate & Jeremiah, Clinton, and whoever else they might spring on us for a what, 9 or 10 episode season? I can't seem to find anything online that officially says how many episodes there are. I'll definitely keep watching if for nothing else out of nostalgia and to see what some of my old favorite designers will do, but otherwise this show really doesn't work anymore. America is much more savvy about design now and $2,000 is just not enough to do a convincing job without looking amateurish and cheap. And I don't know how Hildi can keep a straight face talking about the 'integrity' of her designs when she is obviously coming up with the most ridiculous things she can think of for shock value.
  14. Joan van Snark

    S07.E12: Paean To The People

    so i wonder what happened to the guy Carrie was in the car with? Guess he was not so lucky? The part with Saul at the airport was very tense and I love what the Vice President did. Little too much Keane for me.
  15. Joan van Snark

    Nate And Jeremiah By Design

    Nate and Jeremiah's house looks so colorless and drab to me..really can't stand that style.