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  1. I used to loathe him, but I have to admit that I actually LOVE PEE KAY (aka Pig K) now! Never thought I'd say that! Not sure why they all treat Erika with kid gloves. Does Andy have some special relationship with her that they're afraid to be axed if they fall out of favor with her? She really isn't well known or popular with the general public. Are they really that afraid of her vicious attacks? I would have loved for Sutton to ask what Erika could possibly threaten her with. She has no power or pull as far as I can see.
  2. As loathe as I am to agree with Erika Jayne, I agree somewhat that Sutton is kind of ridiculous to worry about her 'reputation' with the charity boards and social clubs. Every single person that is affiliated with those organizations knows that Sutton is on this show--they know she has nothing personally to do with Erika's possible misdeeds. So I agree it is a little ridiculous for Sutton to be worried about how this might affect her because Erika is right--Sutton has nothing to do with it. The way Sutton herself has behaved on the show at times would be enough to damage her reputatio
  3. Yes, GG is the only one I really like on this show, although the fact she raised someone as suspect as Derrico tells me the more we see of her the less we might like her. I believe "Mama" must have been his grandmother because he mentioned earlier a grandmother and brother suffering strokes. I'll have to watch again to see if it looks like the ambulance was at the house or some studio somewhere. I thought most of these shows filmed the "Talking Heads" in the participants actual homes but maybe that's not always the case. I suppose there would be plenty of production facilities avai
  4. It looked to me like the ambulance was in front of their house, but maybe I wasn't paying close enough attention. Regardless, unless it was a recreation scene being filmed, the response that GG and Eric had to the news of a possible stroke of a 41 yo mother of 14 seemed very off. If I really thought my wife possibly had a stroke, I wouldn't be filming personal interviews and fake crying to the camera about it. I don't even recall the Duggars doing stuff like that in the medical emergencies that have happened on that show.
  5. I can't stand Poppy / Deon / Derrico / Derrick / Defecate or whatever his name is. He is a terrible actor and it's obvious everything is always about him. Something is seriously off with the parents. I can't quite put my finger on it. Why was Eric sleeping on the floor? I was reading on Reddit the apparently he's married, yet it seems like he spends every waking moment with these people. The whole arrangement seems so strange. Poppy seemed to be beaming when him and Eric were alone in the snow holding hands looking for bears. How stupid. He looked like a total fool armed with his bear
  6. Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I share the sentiments of most of the Pillow Talk couples that are firmly on Mike's side. Treeeesh should stay out of her son's love life, but I believe she is completely right about Natalie. If I was a parent it would be hard for me to keep my mouth shut if I saw my child being used for a Green Card. Natalie is a complete whackjob and so disrespectful to Mike. I think Mike is a much nicer person than her. Natalie thinks she's better than him because she's more attractive. Her, the Wiccan Freakshow and Pulya Pulya belong together. And Natalie, I guess
  7. Yes Rinna's house is 'outdated' by BH standards. It is cluttered and very faux Tuscan. I actually think that is Harry and not Rinna--it seems obvious to me that Harry Hamlin is an Italophile from the 3 years he lived in Italy and is trying to recreate an Italian vibe in his home. I actually love Erica's new house. The bathroom with the Martinique (banana leaf) wallpaper looks really cool and reminds me of Blanche Devereaux, which is always a good thing in my book! I wonder if Mikey is living in the attic? I don't think they have basements in SoCal.
  8. The 4 bedrooms are all probably giant en suites with their own bathrooms and huge closets. Erika's 'chapel' is probably a converted bedroom. I hope she spent some time on her knees repenting in there before she moved out. Then there are probably other rooms that could be bedrooms as others said being used as closets, game rooms, offices, etc. I don't think that house was butt ugly as others have commented. It was actually very tastefully decorated, if slightly dated. Love the yellow chinese wallpaper in the dining room. Doesnt look like Erika had a hand in decorating it other than h
  9. I think it is really a stretch to try to insinuate race into the Sutton/Crystal incident. I don't see how either of their ethnic backgrounds played any part whatsoever in what happened with the coat in the bedroom!
  10. Just discovered this show and Full Bloom via the HBO Max app. So happy to have found some programs that involve artistic creation and aren't too over the top with ridiculous time limits and stupid challenge ideas. I have only seen the first 2 episodes and started the Raku episode this morning but only got about 20 minutes in before having to leave for work. My grandmother used to have a little building/shed behind the house with a wheel and kiln. She made lots of pieces and Raku was her specialty, so I can really relate to this show. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but what
  11. To me this way of thinking is so dangerous. One of the judges is black. The two male judges are gay (not sure about Elizabeth) and thus part of a minority group and all three are obviously very progressive and inclusive of all races/sexual preferences, etc. I don't think the final two being white men had anything to do with them being picked because they were favored as white men. How are we ever supposed to have fair competitions if people are always claiming its 'rigged' because there is not a woman, a person of a certain race, etc. in the finale. It should be based solely on the
  12. Is Eboni going to turn EVERYTHING into a racial topic? Admonishing Ramona for her 'white fragility' because she was annoyed at all the shouting and asked everything to be quiet???? WT everliving F??? So Ramona is not allowed to be annoyed by shouting because she's white???? Someone please explain, cuz it doesn't make any sense to me.
  13. June is disgusting. She is perhaps more vile and self-centered than Teresa Guidice and that is a high (or low?) bar to clear. She really thinks just because she is 'sober' now that everyone should just forget all of her horrible selfish actions like they never occurred. I actually think GENO is the voice of reason and he actually seems contrite about his role in everything that went on. I wasn't really following the season where all the addiction issues were going on, but I have the feeling that June was probably the one that initiated the drug use. I do have to say that from
  14. I used to enjoy the show years ago...kind of forgot about it and haven't watched in several years but just popped in to say I was surprised to see Tanya had a nice little part in the new Genius: Aretha miniseries. She played Sister Sammie Bryant who was a little person gospel singer in the 50s that lived in Detroit and was friends with the Franklins. She was good and I wonder if that was really her singing in the performance part.
  15. Good catch Lucyeth.... But I guess Janelle is probably the mothership when it comes to large evacuations. Everything in the house is already brown anyway.
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