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  1. BC Mama

    S11.E21: How To Save A Life

    When it comes to shocking character deaths, Shonda could really learn a thing or two from Joss Whedon! What I liked, was the scene where Mer is asked to sign the papers! Ellen acted her ass off. I thought the flashbacks were good too! But, I hated how emotionally manipulative the episode was. I spent the first half waiting for a sudden catastrophe! And, it's a small detail, but cops would never have lights going when delivering bad news. Although, that scene did get me choked up, but being married to a cop, I do worry about receiving a similar knock on the door.
  2. BC Mama

    Masterchef (CA)

    Lynny, I make my gravy using dried shitake mushrooms, shallots, miso paste and a bit of flour. A lot of people use boullion, veggie broth, soya sauce, nutritional yeast, etc.
  3. BC Mama

    Masterchef (CA)

    My favourite vegetarian poutine is the gourmet poutine from Utopia in Toronto.
  4. BC Mama

    Masterchef (CA)

    I'm biased as a vegetarian, but none of the poutines sounded that great to me. Coleslaw on poutine seems odd and New York Fries makes butter chicken poutine, so that just isn't that original. The steak poutine sounds like something I've seen on every gastro pub menu around. And, the Japanese did seem really west coast (anyone who comes to Vancouver needs to try japadog), but it was not very well thought out and too complicated to execute. But, I was happy to see my old campus on tv! Go Gryphons!
  5. BC Mama

    S11.E16: Don't Dream It's Over

    I missed that! What was the explanation?
  6. BC Mama

    Masterchef (CA)

    True. But, Surrey is not a city for fine dining. It has been my home for 6.5 years and the fanciest restaurant around is probably The Keg (although there are some lovely eateries in South Surrey and White Rock). Being married to a member of the Surrey RCMP I am all to familiar with the less savoury members of my community.
  7. BC Mama

    S30.E03: Crazy Is As Crazy Does

    My husband's theory is that they decided one person would vote for Nina to try and spare some of her feelings, by making it seem like her boot wasn't such an easy choice.
  8. BC Mama

    S04.E10: There Is My Heart

    Pretty much everything Daphne does annoys me! I was wondering why they didn't go wit pen and paper in the hospital as well; at the very least to ask about allergies!
  9. BC Mama

    S19.E12: The Finale / S19.E13: After The Final Rose

    Between Chris' giggle and Whitney's nasal voice, I feel sorry for those hypothetical babies!
  10. BC Mama

    Masterchef (CA)

    I'm a vegetarian and I even know that!
  11. BC Mama

    Masterchef (CA)

    "There's not too many truffles in Surrey!" Ha! Very true. And, that tempura poached egg was super kill. I've never seen anything like that.
  12. BC Mama

    S11.E14: The Distance

    Even if they have consultants on set, they might easily ignore their advice! My uncle was asked to consult on a show that was being filmed at the hospital he worked at, but quit because they favoured drama over realism. My uncle did not want his name associated with the show. Another small detail that bothered me was Herman's voice when she woke up. I had a two hour surgery a few months ago and had no voice due to the breathing tube when I awoke, yet after an 18 hour surgery and being unconscious for an extended period, Herman sounded like she had a bit of a tickle!
  13. BC Mama

    S11.E14: The Distance

    Was anyone else disappointed that GD didn't say to Edwards, "there is no crying in surgery"?
  14. BC Mama

    S04.E09: The Player's Choice

    At least he didn't pitch a movie about two girls switched at birth!
  15. BC Mama


    I'm not that surprised that lorelai never accompanied her parents to Europe. They made it clear that they went to Europe every other year, in the fall. Lorelai would have been in school.