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  1. Alli to Harper: Being in Bosawks’ photo shoots is sometimes weird, but din-din always makes it worth it. 🐶🥘
  2. At just one mile away, it will get back to your house before you do! 🐭
  3. Alli and Harper: Hey, Bosawks, why you just chillin’? Get up and entertain us!
  4. I revel in 2 while dreading 3 and looking forward to 4.
  5. I thought the father wanted @BLERGH to leave the suitcase behind because he was expecting someone else to ask to stay over and wanted a ready-made excuse why he could not accommodate them by pointing out his kid’s suitcase. The ‘someone else’ and Blergh may not have known about each other and the father wanted to keep it that way.
  6. Perhaps Jeffy had once tried to hook up with Danielle; she declined, ergo: Villain!
  7. An awesome all-around guy who raised a son who once ate 58 chicken nuggets in the space of five minutes. Wes was also a man to stick to the plan. 😉
  8. Ivy: I is black and white, isn’t I cute? Willa: I’m just ‘brown’, so what? My grammar is better than Ivy’s.
  9. Quarrelous hero who lives next door to my main character
  10. Frank remarried. I think they would have broken up even if they had won the race. Frank struck me as someone who always had to have his way and get in the last word. I suspect that Margarita realized at the end of the show and after any promotional appearances they were obligated to make together, that Frank would never accept her as an equal. She was strong enough to make it without him; he would have to have a new partner to support his ego. JMO of course.
  11. Buddy probably looks at you and thinks: “You got it ruff? Sherwin doesn’t do dogs; how do you think I feel?”
  12. You mean those hosers Bob and Doug McKenzie, eh? 🍺
  13. At that point, Dr. Kristi probably figured Netfoot was on his last legs; may as well let him have one final glorious dessert. 😇 You sure fooled her!
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