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  1. I have seen some more ads on the Internet about Keto Diet. But I am little bit confused how does it works? Do you have any real experience?
  2. Yeah, I agree with you here. Dancing can help you to keep your shape fit and update. But don't rush out for all forms of dancing. Rather focus on one of two types. You'll learn a lot easier I think.
  3. Nature is the best master. Time will tell everything where to go, what to see and eat. 🙂
  4. Glad to read your topic. Nice idea with great thinking. Carry on!
  5. Glad to see you here. Welcome to the community dude.
  6. Nope, I don't have better experience in online dating. I made a relationship with someone via an online dating website but after few days she disappeared. Most of them are fake profile users.
  7. How to maintain good health? I'm a newbie here. And I would like to get some better advice.
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