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  1. Yes, that's one of the parts that got me--Megan MyQueen griping about how they went through her suitcase. Seriously? What did she think was going to happen? We don't know how much or how little information Michael's mother had when she went to tell Megan, but I was surprised that she didn't put two and two together and ask Megan what happened. Granted, she appeared to be trying to be as standoffish as possible (the hug notwithstanding), but if she had talked to Michael to know that she needed to pass along a message, then wouldn't he have told her he was with Megan? I should stop lo
  2. So the producers track down Tracie to do an interview while she's still incarcerated? That doesn't surprise me, but it does surprise me that any facility would go to the trouble of letting them in to do an interview with a convict. (I guess it explains the shot in the intro where she's being escorted by an officer wearing orange, chains and a big smile for the cameras.) Seriously, every time I see Clint I just want someone (maybe his mother) to slap some sense in him. How did he find two other non-incarcerated women to marry him? His ex-wife actually seems like she's on the ball. As fo
  3. That child was mentioned as a plot point, nothing more. Honestly, I'm more surprised that Tito allowed him on TV more than anything else.
  4. Was Tom’s DR “not a sentence” from this episode? How did I miss that? As good as it is to know Ricky’s talents, surely there’s some game stuff that could have been shown. We didn’t get to see Kato planning for noms (aside from Ryan’s pitch.) It felt weird. I have no idea what that dwarf comment means.
  5. Thank you so much! I really didn’t want to pay for this on iTunes!
  6. I’m new to the show as well. But it’s so good! Where can I find Season 1?
  7. No wonder Cate and Tyler are so messed up. They aren’t the smartest cookies in the jar anyway, and with all of these people feeding them this crap, no wonder they had all of this weird delusions. I was going to go back to watch some earlier episodes, but they’re all gone from the MTV website. I did see some free iTunes videos from the fourth season (I think), largely billed as the farewell season.
  8. I don’t usually comment on TM, but here’s a few thoughts. One, re: ratings—I didn’t even realize the season was over, so I wasn’t expecting a reunion show. A lot of other shows took a break over the holidays. But if TM is doing that badly, why not burn off the reunion? They might as well end the show anyway as often as these girls threaten to leave Did everyone hear the extra applause for Amber during the open? What on earth? Also, I had to laugh when Dr. Drew called Bristol out for being so fake. Not his words, but the sentiment. Regarding the comments about whether t
  9. Impressive. You’re really thought this out! (I like it, though.) I haven’t posted in this sub forum before—just stopping by to see the general opinion. The show felt clunky at first, but I think it’s finding its footing. (Which normally means cancellation, right? I have no idea as to ratings or anything like that.)
  10. They must be exaggerating things for the cameras. Otherwise, why would anyone take that behavior from Nicole? The use of a pool, nanny and so on aren’t really worth some of the vile that girl was spewing. I’m sure the cameras are influencing the show at least partly. For one, Chandlar was being filmed before she (allegedly) saw the group for the first time in three years. I’ll probably watch, as the pickings are slim and we don’t get Teen Mom back until October. (I see the reference to the show’s forums, but this is all that I’ve found. Am I the only one?)
  11. Yes, about that veto. Did anyone get the 5k? Or was it forfeited because no one got it before Fessy won?
  12. Only on B.B. Paul used the term incessantly, though many others are guilty as well. Bay referred to herself as “your girl” several times when she wasn’t calling herself a queen.
  13. IIRC, in one of the first seasons (either 1 or 2), the HGs put together a potato clock. In every season since then, I think they’ve had clocks. For that matter, I saw one of the celebs sitting there with a tablet. (I think it was this episode, but I binged the last three and can’t say for sure.) Is that to do the HOH blog, or is that one of the perks of being a celeb? To add to the recap: There was a montage of celebs making requests, one of which I believe was O asking for upscale Ramen noodles.
  14. Wow. Not many comments about the long-awaited Season 4, huh? How long ago was this filmed? Nate sure looks like he’s settled it, though I was glad to see at least some indecision about the tablet situation. When Col Adger came in and said that they had heard a rumor about how Carl was going to be targeted, I wasn’t sure if that was reliable or not. For one, if half the pod was ready to fight, then I buy it. But on the other hand, a lot of people seem to get beat up in there. Stephanie: First jail fight—check! From what we could see, Stephanie didn’t do much fighting. Jackie s
  15. I read an interview a while back where Julie had said that Cody would just randomly put one of the keys in the box because he didn’t care who won. So that’s what I thought he meant when he put his key in, which made it extra funny. I guess the promise to the jury shown in the interviews makes more sense, but it made watching those last few minutes so much more fun for me.
  16. I thought Matt was just oh so overwhelmed at the beauty of the Vegas chapel that he was overcome with love. Love is why he does everything; I learned that from Teen Mom: Being Matt.
  17. Now that you mention it, that was part of Clark County; I remember some of them having to change into jumpsuits before "the arrest" in a garage somewhere. But was that the case here? No one changed, at least. But that does make sense, though the shackles seem unnecessary if they are just getting a ride to the original county. It's not like they're going to escape. And I was just thinking that if they had never actually gone to court, then a release--particularly federal--would be unlikely. Yes, cases can be dismissed, but that doesn't happen as much with federal cases. Who knows? We
  18. So inmates on a federal hold don't have papers? Oh, and maybe everyone shouldn't say, "Pack up; you're going home", only to put the programees in irons and claim they are being transferred. It's a little obvious.
  19. The disparity between how men and women are treated seems off to me--like the women are an afterthought. (Two man cells vs eight woman cells, women's wing located some distance away from the main area, men handcuffed for interviews while women are not, and so on. Yet women can be just as violent as men; we saw fights in both areas. Jessica quitting vs Gerson: Is it because Jessica tried? (He really shouldn't have come back for the reunion.) I had a student a few semesters back who had the "you know what I'm sayin'" habit/tic. Every time he said it, I would say, "Yes, I know what you'
  20. And the cameras. You mustn't forget about the cameras. Now that the show is showing just how invasive the cameras are, it's easy to see how much they figure in the motivations of all people involved. (Seriously, did anyone really think Butch should be freed, or was it just a way to make a quick buck off some t-shirts? That's a rhetorical question, of course.)
  21. So the men have to be handcuffed to do interviews, but the womem do not. Interesting. I kind of feel bad for Marine inmate; anyone know why he's in anyway? I can't remember if they said.
  22. Yes, it seems interesting. I don't think Fulton is messing around. Three point restraints when you are arrested? It looked like the waist chain looped in between the partipant's legs, too--that had to suck.
  23. Production picks their live show outfits? Really? So Production decided for James to wear the flag shirt yet again on live TV? (Good on James to have an excuse.)
  24. Does Polly really think anyone who watches this show is going to buy his whole 'crying as a strategy' bs? The feeds are on 85%-90% of the time. Yet the Calafiores will peddle this story to the end of time. Now, I almost want Vic to leave, only because if the buyback puzzle tends to favor strength, Vic is the best chance to win it over Polly.
  25. I keep seeing this mentioned, but I wasn't paying as much attention to the feeds a few weeks ago. What did Paul do to her specifically?
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