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  1. KTE, the thing that bugged me the most, was that she was so self-absorbed she wasn't trying to be a friend back to this guy. She didn't seem to like him having emotions, she didn't ask him about his life, or what was bothering him, if he was divorced or if his wife died. She totally cast him in a role and didn't see him as a multi-dimensional person.
  2. This was my favorite one too. It was a subtle, sweet performance by the actress.
  3. This is a cool article that says what was served for dinner that night, and fact checks many suppositions of the episode.: https://www.washingtonpost.com/history/2019/11/21/fact-checking-crown-did-princess-margaret-really-trade-dirty-limericks-with-lbj/
  4. Season 1 - I have a question. Who do you think sent the tape? Did they show this, or show her sending it? I know I'm late to the party, just discovered it on Amazon. The final episode was just creepy.
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