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  1. Oh no, can’t get enough of Dr. Sturgis!! πŸ˜‚ I love him!! Notice no mention of where Mr. Sparks was during the birthday party. Maybe Billy Gardell is completely written off the show now that he has another series, Bob ❀️ Abishola.
  2. Totally agree!! This is all I could think of as Bob is promising the guys a bonus and taking them out on a celebratory night-on-the-town. They have already proven they can't handle being in charge for even one day. Wake up, Bob!
  3. I wonder if this is the death blow to an otherwise struggling show.
  4. I tried but couldn't get through this one. This show is such a let down especially after a stellar episode of Young Sheldon. Now THAT show rocks! πŸ™‚
  5. Great episode! Nice to see all the Cooper children triumphant. And very happy to see Dr. Sturgess is still around and included in the scripts, albeit, very small parts. I can't get enough of him. Looking forward to next week's show! :)
  6. This show is depressing the heck out of me. Not only don't I find anything about it funny, it's a real buzzkill. Bob's family is completely useless and it's ridiculous that the two guys he asked to keep an eye on the business lacked any sense at all. I guess that is where Abishola fits in, since she at least she has the brains she was born with, unlike any of the other characters in the show. And why would Bob broach a sensitive subject with Abishola (asking her to care for his mother) in front of her friends? While many people here found the salary negotiations between Bob and Abishola funny, I found it quite painful. Can't Abishola ever stand up for herself in front of her friends and family instead of allowing them to take over.
  7. What is Abishola apologizing for when she stopped the doctor from prescribing a medication that is counter-indicated with another med the patient is already taking??? I am trying very hard to like this show, especially since Carol’s Second Act and The Unicorn are such huge disappointments. 😲
  8. I couldn't even bring myself to watch this one. Judging by the comments here, I didn't miss much.
  9. This show is losing me. The support group scene was kind of funny when all the gals were focusing on their sex exploits, but other than that . . . I cannot stand Wade's busy-body friends, especially Delia. She is about as irritating as one can be.
  10. I didn’t like Missy’s fear and confession about the Ouiji board. I thought that was completely out of character for her, and hope they are not making her a fear-monger like her mother. In earlier seasons, she and Georgie would have loved the defiance aspect of the game and played it with vim and vigor. None of this fear and submission to the rules. I hope they are not ruining the show by changing Missy and getting rid of Dr. Sturgis. He was a much more unique and interesting character than Dr. Linkletter.
  11. I am trying very hard to like this show, but it is not doing it for me. I don't find any of the supporting characters interesting or endearing. I hope it will get better, but so far, it seems like a dud. I hope I am wrong and the show will gain some momentum. For now, the show is just silly and lackluster.
  12. Maybe he will take the same route as Jerry on Seinfeld. Date lots of women and none of them work out. 😁
  13. I thought I would love this show, but so far I am unimpressed. Once again, the best lines were the ones from the trailer. I thought the shower scene was stupid, and after watching the premier of The Unicorn, also a disappointment, I was just too tired to go on. I fell asleep and missed the last 1/3 of the episode. I liked Carol's perkiness, but even that wasn't enough to hold my interest. I will try it again though.
  14. I liked the episode, and agree with the observations of others here: the kids are maturing quickly. Especially Missy and Georgie, they really looked grown-up. I am very, very, very, VERY disappointed with what could be happening with Dr. Sturgis's character. I hope they are not writing him out of the show. My favorite scenes in the series have been interactions between Mee Maw and Dr. Sturgis. In fact, those two are my favorite characters, Next weeks coming attractions showed Mee Maw taking Sheldon back to the college, and the teacher was Ed Begley's character, Dr. Linkletter -- Dr Sturgis's nemesis. SAY IT ISN'T SO!! 😞
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