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  1. Agreed. Unfortunately, even the challenges that ask questions about the islanders, the questions are mostly sexual in nature, sometimes aberrant, and don't expose anything deep and meaningful about the person. Looks fade, but personality lasts a lifetime. Also agree about the Spiderman Kiss challenge. Those images can't be erased. Eeek!
  2. I wasn't aware the contestants had access to SM or any media beyond the Villa during their stint on Love Island. That certainly can and does sway their decisions and actions.
  3. It's curious how with 8 billion people in the world, two people who know each other end up on the show. Unless they were all sitting around one day, Shannon, her sister and Genny, and decided to try out for the show. Perhaps the show ought to screen to avoid situations like this. As for the generations appearing this season, I thought there was a stark contrast between the ages of the 5 new women sent to the Villa vs. the 5 new men sent to Casa Amor. There's a big difference between a 21 year old and a 30 year old. Another strange casting decision.
  4. Genny is best friend's with Shannon's younger sister, I think. Which further illustrates that the new women sent to the villa were so young, while the new guys sent to Casa Amor were older.
  5. Olivia coming back single? Why? Why not pick SOMEone just to remain in a couple? Now she has eyes for Korey?? Absence makes the heart grow fonder . . . . I really thought Cinco would pick Leslie. Maybe he figured Korey would definitely pick her, thus she'd remain in the villa. Let the games begin, er, continue! Cash. I really thought she'd come back single so she could put all her effort into Cinco. Again. I was pleasantly surprised.
  6. Yes, agreed, I really don't need to see the veins under someone's tongue.
  7. With all the kissing and intimate chats, I am glad to know everyone seems to be practicing good oral hygiene and is brushing their teeth, but do we have to witness it all the time? It sort of grosses me out.
  8. It's becoming more and more apparent and begs the question: why is Trina on a show like this? She brings too much baggage and fresh pain to be put in a position where hurt and heartbreak is the norm. She probably isn't ready for Love Island right now. People have voluntarily left the show in the past.
  9. I think I am in the minority here, but I was not against "Operation Heart Attack." If you don't ask, you don't get. Cash and Olivia let the two guys know how they felt about them, so what did they have to lose? Nothing. They put it out there, so once they leave the island, they will have no regrets as to "what might have been". If nothing else, Cash planted the bug in Cinco's ear that she was still interested in him, and Olivia came completely clean. She let Will know how she felt about him, and she told Javonny the truth, which he deserved. I've never seen him happier. It was a win-wi
  10. My heart was breaking for Korey throughout this episode and I was so relieved when Cash saved him. Hopefully, they will both find a good match. I agree, Aimee didn't seem to have any interest in Jeremy until other people started to go after him. I was also surprised when she told Wes she didn't like his shirt. She doesn't like stripes. I guess she left her manners in her other outfit: a non-striped outfit, of course. And Shannon and Josh. Please. Spare us the details. What happens in Love Island does not stay in Love Island. It is broadcast all over the world, leaving an
  11. Agreed. I think he is (or was) trying to focus on Cash, the person he coupled up with. I sort of don't understand why Cash was so terse with him during that chat at the end of Sunday's episode.
  12. Seriously! That's disgusting. Would they urinate on the bathroom floor in their own home? Maybe we don't want to know the answer to that question. SMH.
  13. I was starting to feel that this was the most boring season ever. No real friction other than the silly slip-up of Will giving Kyra a 9 instead of a 10, a little drama between Shannon and Josh initially and the Cinco-Karina-Cash brouhaha which fizzled as quickly as it started. Everyone and everything seemed to be settling in until last night! Pass the popcorn, please . . .
  14. I feel so sorry for Korey. He had about 5 minutes to enjoy the afterglow of coupling up with Florita and her acting like she was into him. You could see his disappointment with every passing moment as the attraction between Jeremy and Florita unfolded. I was rooting for Korey and Florita as a couple. Was Florita working a program saying that Jeremy thought of Aimee just as a friend as she (Florita) wanted Jeremy for herself?
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