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  1. It's definitely striking to do a side-by-side comparison between then and now. The dialogue was better, the characterizations was stronger and the interactions were more layered. Stephanie, for example, was a much more subtle character who operated more like a chess-master than the bulldozer she aged into. It always bugs when 'outsiders' like Maya and Oliver rhapsodize about how family-values orientated the Forresters are because that's bullshit. The Logans were the loving family unit. It's not for nothing that when poor Caroline was recovering from being sexually assaulted, she lived with the Logans for several weeks. The Forresters were twisted and fucked-up, mainly because of Staphanie's creepiness about her kids. One scene that sticks out for me was her accusing Kristen of 'seducing' Eric. She immediately backed up form her telling choice of words but it was clear that she was jealous of her daughter's closeness to Eric and saw her as competition.
  2. Now that Brona is confirmed as Caliban's 'Bride', I amuse myself thinking how disappointed he'll be with the woman of his dreams as soon as she opens her mouth: Caliban: What foul speech! What undecipherable tongue! Answer me plainly phantasmagoria. Brona: Wot the fook eer yez awm abowit? Aym spaekin Unglush, seym ez yoiwz! Caliban: Here I find myself once again a player without direction. It is as the night of mine misbegotten birth! Brona: Does ye stull weark at the Pleyhauws? Can ye hook mey up wuth a tucket? Caliban: Do not mock me apparition!
  3. Hi, Aqli here. I tried to tell myself that, disappointing as it proved to be, I was giving this show a chance to see where it went. The truth is I'm just sticking around because of the way Mike Vogel fills out a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. I want to live in Barbie's dream house!
  4. Jason Gerhardt who graced our screens several years ago as Cooper Barrett is on the second season of Mistresses. God help me, he's as beautiful as ever. Nathan Parsons is joining the cast of True Blood this season as a recast. I don't remember them being this hot on GH! Just like with Saemus Dever (Dr. Devlin, aka Sirhan Surgeon who's now on Castle) it's amazing how people can look a billion times better when they move to a show that actually knows how to dress/light them.
  5. Don't forget Caroline's descent into a mean girl/snob. Sounds like you're advocating character development instead of the never ending montages?!? Blasphemy! It seems like with a lot of these characters, the writing starts off presenting them one way, then whiplashes to something more extreme only to eventually meet in the middle. Caroline and Ally are prime examples. Maya was the reverse, coming on as a more sinister figure and then softening considerably for her romance with Rick and now seems to be swinging back to a milder version of her original crazy. It's a Hegelian Dialectic!
  6. One of the joys of this season is seeing how far Zoey's come as a nurse compared to season 1 when she was a newbie. It's good to see her talking about grad school. And most of all, it's a relief that the writers have her becoming a Nurse Practitioner instead of sending her off to Medical School like so many other shows do.
  7. One thing I like about the Gay Love Triangle is that is has two men of colour in it. In real life, white gay guys who date interracially look (and act) more like FLuke than Lucas. It's fun on a wish-fulfliment level to see a Black or Asian man able to get facetime with someone so hot. Having said that, there the whole thing is undermined by: a lack of chemistry in the Fecas dyad weak writng of both sides of the traiangle.
  8. Aqli

    The Star Wars Saga

    The problem with the Jedi in the prequels wasn't that there were too many of them but that they were so unimpressive and interchangeable. I just hope that whatever Jedi we see in the new movies are ...not stupid. Yoda, Obi-wan and Mace Windu all had a fallen Jedi dangling in front of them for years with negligible reaction. ...actually distinct with one another. (e.g. saber combat/ telekinesis/ connection to the force etc.). No two Force-users should be alike.
  9. Aqli

    The Star Wars Saga

    Oh I loved both games in the series! Kreia was the best female video game character I've ever seen. So much so, that I'd love to see a force ghost of her appear in some form in the movies.
  10. Aqli

    The Star Wars Saga

    Knights Of The Old Republic is not only the real prequel to Star wars in my mind, but it is also the standard by which I intend to measure these new movies. I'm not optimistic, but I am intrigued.
  11. The Frankenstein thread is simply the best part of the show for me; so much so that I would enjoy it as a show on its own. It's on a whole other level from the rest of it.
  12. Aaargh! I was thinking "ohmygoddon'tkissherforfuckssake!". I mean, he knows she has consumption. Pleasure to see Josh Hartnet naked, though. One thing I like about Steampunk/Victorian settings: no tans.
  13. I'm squarely Team Alexandria on this one. To say that Taylor running over Darla was just an accident lets her off the hook for the fact that she was (a) drinking and driving, (b) pulled a hit and run driving away from the scene, ( c) trying to cover it up and (d) pursuing a relationship with Thorne and Ally to the point of almost marrying Thorne while hiding what she she did. I imagine the fact that Taylor avoided any kind of consequences for taking a life embittered Aly even more. I'd be a little crazy myself if someone got away with killing my mom. Thorne has every right to pursue a relationship. His insistence on doing so with the woman who killed his wife is another matter entirely. Also, as much fun as it was to see Aly brandishing an axe, I was relieved that she put it down.
  14. There's some subtle sleight-of hand when it comes to Aly, Hope and Oliver's ages. When Hope was SORASed in 2010 it was first as a 16 year old and then as an 18 year-old graduating from high school. technically she should be 22 now but i looks to me like she's being protrayed as mid-twenties. Oliver was introduced in 2010 as a 20 year old which would make him 24 now. I think he's being presented as exactly hat age. Aly being slightly younger than Hope fits their real birth-dates of 2002 and 2004. She''s supposed to be about 19, I think which makes for an age difference of 5 years between her and Oliver.
  15. I swear he seems to have put more thought into the show than its creators...
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