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  1. David to Lana: I have this phone translator. Phone: It's nice to be able to finally meet David: nods, smiles, puts phone away. Wow, really was a good idea to have that phone translator. He used it almost as effectively as Pole Then, all the mauling hugging & staring when he's made it impossible for them to communicate. Nothing creepy there at all.
  2. I don't think Ed was hurt. I think he was embarrassed & pissed off & was doing his best to squeeze out a tear for the camera. I love how he made it all about his sorrow: "28 years I wait to fall in love and it all falls apart." No self-examination. Ed, you pig, you emotionally tortured that poor woman & deserve worse than you got.
  3. My Dorinda theory: Dorinda became obsessed with Tinsley's on/off relationship w/Scott & furious w/Tinsley about its ending bc it meant no more Coupon Cabin commercials for Dorinda's ego to twirl about in. She'll never forgive Tinsley for stealing her chance for stardom away from her -- she was one commercial away from being Meryl Streep!
  4. Not only did Brit pound that shot with a chaser from a can, she did it the second she walked in the door, still in her SUR uniform. So we have her at one end of the kitchen island slamming her shot glass in agitated desperation while at the other end of the island sweaty, twitchy Jax seems to be chopping something(?!) and yelling about the gym and Tom Sandoval. Wedded bliss! I applaud Tom & Ariana for having no furniture if only bc it bothered everyone else so much.
  5. The rumors about PK being broke have been unquestionably confirmed: Kyle told Mauricio there's tension between Dorit & her & Mauricio didn't yell at her to make friends again. That's harder evidence of being broke than any bank statement.
  6. One more thing to add to my Ed hatred: Before he & Rose left Rose's home skeevy Ed hugged Prince goodbye & said, "Maria's gonna take good care of you." Shut the f up, Ed. Prince knows who Maria is & what he can expect from her. It's you who's the scary, creepy, unpredictable stranger covered in mayo. He just assumes he's in charge of every situation bc he's got more money, more whiteness, & more American-ness than them. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this & I can be quite shy about expressing myself, but I despise motherf'ing Ed.
  7. I bet as soon as the cameras left she ran to the trash with a roll of tape. The rest of her night was piecing, weeping, & taping.
  8. Ed is not entitled to love because he is racist, misogynist, classist, cruel, selfish, dishonest, and completely uncaring about another human being. (Sorry if someone already said this. Ed gets me so furious I couldn't wait to read through the entire thread to reply)
  9. But how fun is it to watch the bride-to-be swan around all season, her sensibilities so butterfly fragile that ne'er may a voice be raised near her shell-like ear? And the inevitable shrieking breakdown or rage lettuce-eating? And the quiet, lingering shots as Sandoval weeps and knowledge slowly dawns upon the groom that a desert of hope lies before him. I want a season with 2 weddings, with the brides passive-aggressively fighting it out to get their wedding storyline more camera time. "I'm not telling you whose bridal party to be in! I'm just saying, I would think if it were my friend, I wouldn't want to be in that bridal party" (Katie Maloney Schwartz, 2021)
  10. "This is my protégé." Once again reality TV replicates Seinfeld.
  11. Right, but then the story can morph into, Dayna claims she's grief-stricken, but when offered the chance to commune with her beloved mom's spirit, coldly refuses not only that chance, but altruistic Scheana's compassionate gesture, as well. Poor wounded Scheana! Dayna just hurts her endlessly!
  12. All this talk of Danielle should kick her freeloading son & his family out. People, this is Danielle! Think for a minute! She of the multiple credit card scams! She of the bringing Mo to this country w/o telling him her utilities were about to be shut off! They are not living in her house. She is living in theirs. She couldn't tell the truth, spend money wisely, or live in a stable situation to save her life. I'm also guessing Mo's side of the friendship they're building consists of him blocking her on social media -- hey! he's aware of her! They're practically remarried as far as she's concerned.
  13. Exactly! Scheana didn't bring Dayna a surprise gift of a psychic reading; she brought her a gotcha camera ambush. No matter what, Dayna loses. She either looks like an ingrate bitch by saying no or breaks down on camera if she says yes when the shill psychic says some shit she was fed by production. Scheana is a stealth bitch. Remember this is the person who outed Shay's drug addiction on camera & told him she wanted a divorce on camera to punish him. As she told Lisa, fuck with me, I'll get you ten times worse, or something equally profound and humanly touching. She knew exactly what she was doing & it's why she's reality TV (good as) gold. Never change, Scheana!
  14. Kyle (basically) on her design process: I love nature. I take a picture of a flower, send it to Shameeda (name?) & she sends me back a picture of a beautiful dress! Damn, I gotta get into this fashion thing. Why do they always make it look so hard on Project Runway?
  15. So Jax's being okay with the homophobic pastor & Schwartz's knee-jerk, "don't be a social justice warrior" on one side & Ariana's politics supported by Sandoval on the other. I think the break between Jax & Sandoval is becoming clearer to me. Schwartz's place between them, though is becoming intriguing. I'd like to see Andy do a quarantine WWHL with the Toms. Well, I'd like that anyway. Anything but Lala and Rand.
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