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  1. Oh, no, a rabbit hole awaits . . . And, yes, how could I have forgotten Geoffrey? And Lieda & her prince who kicked his daughter out of her own apartment. When you stack them all up like this Paul ends up closer to the top than I thought possible. Who knew he was quite the hunk o' burnin' love?* Act now, ladies, that marriage won't be in trouble for ever (what am I saying? Of course it will) *I couldn't resist
  2. The Specimen was a guy from one of the early seasons who lived on the coast in Maryland. I'm pretty sure he got named that bc people found his dating profile in which he referred to himself as a fine specimen of manhood. He brought over this much younger woman from the Philippines, yelled at her for rearranging his books, surprised her with the present of a car she wasn't allowed to drive (that had been his ex-wife's), manipulated her into signing a possibly illegal pre-nup that said, no matter what, she'll leave the marriage with zero. He was a nightmare. He was always waking her up early, t
  3. Sorry to be pedantic but the actual order is: 1) The Specimen 2) Big Scumsucking Ed 3) Mike tied with the salsa-dancing Englishman who was with Darcy 4) The pot dealer with Anfisa tied with Andrew
  4. You're definitely a pacifist bc every time he breathes I want to punch him
  5. This legit had me laughing out loud. You win the interwebs.
  6. What on god's green earth was Mike doing when his mom pointed out the crib & amidst the pigs he started going, "Wah, wah, wah," then laughing? Is that funny? Is that humor? It was like a Rob Zombie horror movie. He & his mom are the weirdest couple of freaks.
  7. I'm that fan, too. Brooks' absurdity delights me. And I'm genuinely interested in Leah as a character & like the juxtaposition she brings to the other women. She's completely over the top, but isn't that what we want from our Housewives? On the Dallas reunion Tiffany was scolding Stephanie for being so dramatic about the chicken feet & Stephanie said something like, "But we were reacting. We're paid to react. You were provoking bc you're paid to provoke and we reacted." It's made me see things in a whole new light. Of course, I know they're all always performing. But knowing that they
  8. Right! The Winders' normal boringness, funnily enough, is why I like their scenes best. They're such a relief. I know if we got to know them better we'd find out they had all sorts of abhorrent beliefs, but in my fantasy, they're just the nice, quiet people I see on TV & they're the perfect antidote to the rest of the show's poison (which I watch with relish, but I also enjoy voicing my outrage. Oh, TLC, you own me)
  9. How is it that the Snowdens aren't on & this is still the most disgusting hour of TV this week? The guys on Vanderpump Rules were wearing Garrick's tank top a few years ago. I didn't get it then, either. I agree with whoever said it's hard to know who to hate most. Whoever's on screen always seems the absolute worst. Except Colton & like so many of you, that surprises me. Who thought he'd be the break-out star?
  10. Knowing what we know about Angela & TLC, I'd guess that Angela didn't follow the rules and TLC messed with the timeline.
  11. While he was being dumped his body language was off, too. At one point his clenching fist got between the TLC camera & his computer screen.
  12. <furiously rubbing at my forehead> You mean y'all weren't wearing bindis, too?
  13. Ashley teaches us all by the wonder & wisdom of her enlightened example.
  14. Hah! I thought it was a bad calf implant! Too many re-runs of that one episode of MTV's Tru-Life: I'm a Plastic Surgery Addict w/the calf implant guy.
  15. And the way they showed Queen 1 washing dishes with a voice-over of her saying, "Of course I wish K would come back." I ADORE those editors!
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