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  1. I think you're mixing it ip with Varya, who got a 'tourist visa' to visit Geoffrey and showed up at his house while he vas with another girlfriend...
  2. are those the bad hormones Kody warned us about in the past?? 🤔
  3. I thought the same thing ! If she wants to buy it and eat the entire thing in two bites, who cares! We don't need her to justify all the time why she does it. (we already know she's lazy) I guess her dog ate a lot of her homework when she was a kid... 🤔
  4. all I see is a baby with no hat under a blazing sun while the mother has a baseball hat on. I guess the ugly bow is way more important than preventing a sunstroke... 😧 Also: who cares!
  5. All I see is ugly beige bra straps!
  6. not bad, but could be even funnier with this picture:
  7. it's still kind of 'better' than the horrific unflattering black she had at her pinata wedding...
  8. Yes! and she should have kept it vanilla...
  9. she looks better than on some recent pictures and videos... Did she discover the Meri filter?
  10. like the ice cream
  11. don't forget the smile! makes wonders to a face!
  12. or diabetes or all of the above! Janelle should read this book... it changed my life! (and not by making me drink some controversial and expensive pink stuff)
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