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  1. and her 'smile' reminds me of an old lady without dentures...😔
  2. Something seems off about her body proportions... can't put my finger on what it is though...
  3. They were not walking, they were galloping! 😂 With blurred breasts, because, you know, nipple slip is a common thing in public spaces…
  4. I thought for one second that Darcey was going to offer one of her eggs to participate in the baby project…
  5. They also have ‘teardrop boobs’😂 and Florian helps Stacey putting a bra on…
  6. speaking of shaving … the thought of Florian shaving every creak of Stacey will haunt me for a long time… where is that brain bleach I keep hearing about?? 😱
  7. Didn't she go to therapy at the beginning of the first season? like once? after Tom told her she gained weight? It must have solved all her problems because she didn't feel the need to go back regularly...🙄
  8. I wanted to answer Janelle's post telling her how I lost (and kept off) 50lbs by eating low carb and doing intermittent fasting. All that being FREE! Jason Fung's books are the only investment she should make.
  9. What I don't understand is why didn't Darcey just say no? She doesn't have to buy HIM clothes... Unless she really is a sugar mama?
  10. You here 10 years. You know sugar mama! (did I tell you I'm starting to like Florian?🤔😆) Poor Darcey surely wanted some make up sex after that great evening...
  11. I'm starting to like Florian a little bit... he seems to have a minimum of common sense (when he said that Georgi's ex wife will not depict herself badly in front of Darcy, of course). I know it's not much, really! Plus I love mocking him when I talk with Mr. jojo. I start every sentence with "Understand, my angel". To know 'the real Georgi', why doesn't Darcy just TALK to the poor guy, instead of asking the ex wife, ?!?!?!
  12. wow, that wedding picture is... interesting!
  13. I think you're mixing it ip with Varya, who got a 'tourist visa' to visit Geoffrey and showed up at his house while he vas with another girlfriend...
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