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  1. I was rooting for Steve to at least make F3 but shutting down is just never good and if you ever say to GR that "he can teach you" it's the nail in the coffin. It's something you never want to say when put up for elimination. When Steve said it I knew he was eliminated. I'm rooting for Megan to win it all even though she doesn't get much screen time and guess TPTB can't get any drama out of her. She's there to win and has been professional and did a great job at spotting the sabotages. Trenton & Kiya are just a little too immature w/Kiya breaking down like that and crying doubt
  2. IDK how much of an act it is. Even his own kids say that Ramsay is a finicky eater at home. Imagine trying to cook anything for him during the holidays or special event. Even on MasterChef when the home cooks screw up he starts to turn into HK Ramsay but not as aggressive as when he's on HK. Most of the competitors on the show say that he's great outside of the kitchen and you can talk to him but in the kitchen it's like Kitchen Bootcamp.
  3. I really wasn't rooting for anyone for S1-2 those seasons were a little blah but I will say that Virgina S2 should have been eliminated a long time ago and I do also believe that Ramsay found her attractive and part of the reason why he kept her. My favorite contestants were: Julia (S3), Petrozza (S4 R.I.P,), Paula & Danny (S5 great final 2), Dave, Van, & Kevin (S6), Holli (S7), Vinny & Jillian (S8), Tommy, Jen, & Will (S9), Christina & Brian (S10), Jon & Ja'nel (S11) Least: Tiffany (S3), Matt, Jen, Cory, Rosann (S4), Lacey, Ben, Andrea, & Carol
  4. Yes, I agree the band was just cringe and awful. The show did this before with opera and it's just unnecessary to be singing out what the dish is. Miss Feeling Herself Amber just continues to be annoying and think she's just the elite of the elite. She must hang out with Joe Bastianich. One of the guest judges I seen before in an earlier season of HK, can't remember which season, I think it was S7 but not 100% sure. Also a bit tired of the "guests" at the restaurant complaining about the food not being there. You pretty much expect to be waiting four hours for food at this poin
  5. I'm coming around on Cody as a person, so hopefully he's good in the kitchen. Nothing has been shown yet IMO on his cooking skills. I liked the way he handled being taken out of the reward and didn't complain and how he tried to talk to Marc instead of yelling and screaming at him. I agree Declan doesn't seem to be the problem it's Marc. Declan tried to help Peter stay in the competition. It was definitely time for Peter to go, HK just isn't for him and appreciate him being honest and saying no that he's not a leader. Some people aren't natural born leaders. Marc is just a narc
  6. Has there been any other cooking competition where a competitor hasn't consistently gone home because of "hospital" visits or injuries. I'm starting to question these more than I do the alleged "ties" this show tends to keep having. Marc & Declan both need to shut up. I don't need Elise vs Carrie part 2. Marc is more annoying though. I really thought dude with the dark hair who was arrogant in the first episode was going to be the annoying one but nope. Girl who thinks highly of herself who went to the blue team, Amber I believe her name is, is annoying me too. Did they se
  7. There was the roof episode where Blanche should have paid for a new roof but shouldn't Blanche have also paid for the installation of the new toilet that Dorothy and Rose partnered up to fix?
  8. Barbara Thorndyke's dress at the end of episode was ugly as hell. The color was not for her, the top half looked unfinished, the dress had this unflattering diagonal thing going on. It also had so many folds around the crotch area which made it look like she had a penis. Dorothy's dress in the same episode with Thorndyke at the end was too big. If it was slightly more form fitting it would have looked better. With Dorothy everything was just big on her. I think what would have helped is if she was baggy on top then form fitting on bottom and vice versa cause she mostly looked like a shopp
  9. Blanche's boyfriend Rex was dangerous as he was verbally and physically abusive to Blanche and Dorothy respectively.
  10. What did Dorothy see in Glen the second time around? First time around she knew that Glen was too afraid to be alone so didn't want to leave his wife. Second time he's getting a divorce and one of the first things out of his mouth is along the lines of needing to find "broad with job" or a woman to do his laundry or something. Then asks Dorothy to marry him so she can take him out of the current lifestyle he's in. Kicker is that "I'm alone" phone call with his ex-wife. Afraid to let his ex know he's seeing someone else. He wants Dorothy to be in the same position she was when they first met,
  11. I'm surprised neither Rose or Sophia paid an early termination fee for breaking their lease when they both moved out of the house in their respective episodes. Rose after she had that esophageal spasm and Sophia when Dorothy didn't like Sophia's new friends. Even though Sophia gave Blanche notice I don't think it was a 30 day notice. Unless the new homes they moved into were month to month. Was it established that while living with Blanche they were month to month or signed a lease? They quickly moved out and in the snap of a finger they moved back in. Same thing for Debbie Reynolds' char
  12. I really enjoyed Daphne's presentation when she made her food and her judging critiques. Wouldn't mind seeing her return as a guest. I never seen The Chew so don't know how she was on that show. Like Gordon didn't know what he was cooking in 30 minutes. I believe he knew what the challenge was and already had it in his head what he was going to cook and of course judges were going to praise the dish. However, I did like that Ramsay said he wish his crust was a little thicker on the pot pie. Bri her plating her was bad again, it looked like a door stopper. YES YES YES she's gone!!!! F
  13. I barely paid attention to this week's episodes. Fred is gone and usually for me when someone I root for is eliminated I don't pay as much attention to the show. I'm taken out of it. The first episode kind of went by in a blur for me. All I remember is a guest judge from Chicago who does neat things with food forgot his name lol. Only dishes I remember were Nick and Jamie's. Only reason I remember Nick's is because his was in a dough mixer. I'm really tired of seeing puree on dishes. I see it on every cooking competition. It doesn't make a dish look good. To me it looks like the di
  14. If my mother constantly to me like Sophia did Dorothy about my looks, style of dress (even though Dorothy's wardrobe was scary lol), having unattractive children, and how I can't get a man, I would have put her in the home. Sophia just attacked Dorothy's self-esteem and Dorothy had self-esteem issues since she thought John Neretti stood her up for the prom.
  15. In the episode where Dorothy has a gambling problem. Blanche is upset cause a co-worker didn't want to sleep with her cause he has a strict rule about doing that. The morning after Rose asks Blanche if she's going to work dressed in nightwear and Blanche fires back with something along the lines of wearing pumps and slippers. I was like Blanche, Dorothy type clapbacks don't work for you. Blanche you're better suited at throwing shade about beauty, fashion, and age. The Henny Penny episode was fun, loved Dorothy in the play, "Help, the outlook is drear." Sophia saying "self basting" when
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