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  1. Well said Sunny. It’s something to talk about, but not to lose your shit over. Big Megs is honestly not happy unless she’s angry. I’m starting to feel bad that we all enjoy the slow moving train wreck so much. Can’t the people around her see how miserable she is?
  2. For the love of all that is good and holy , Joy- please get your pronouns right! 😂😂
  3. The only thing MeAgain ever talks about - “Me” Again
  4. He’s gotta catch up with Whoopi
  5. So is The Squad the face and voice of the Left? Or are they tone deaf to the base, and don’t speak for them? Because she’s trying to take both positions. Consistently inconsistent!
  6. Consistently inconsistent .
  7. I try- I really try! But what was her point about Vanity Fair? What did that have to do with Fauci’s emails? And he was thrust into the spotlight because of this pandemic. So what if he enjoyed his rock star status in the moment? I’m willing to bet that he didn’t become a scientist and work on infectious diseases in hopes that he would one day be on the cover of magazines. Science magazines- maybe. She’s such an asshole.
  8. They had to go and rerun the show that MeMeMe announces that she was taught by MyFather to live a full life. Unlike all of the people on the Left. I cut my Viewership to half because of that. This will (should) push me to never watch again. Does she really think this way? Again- SMH!
  9. Never, have I ever seen a person speak so much and not say a damn thing . Migraine McCain- SMH.
  10. So does this mean when MeMe goes back home to Sedona, she has her own home there? The fishing, shooting , drinking and just downright bad-assing is not under MyFathers roof? Because I thought this topic was about visiting adult children sleeping with significant others. (But I really don’t know. I only half paid attention to the entire show. Pretty much the same as the hosts did) I should add. I only tuned in for the announcement that MegaMouth wouldn’t be there anymore lol
  11. I’m curious as to how violence against a group of people in Toronto is the fault of the left?
  12. And Sunny’s batting cleanup!! Thanks for the nod to MeMe getting her job for all of the wrong reasons!
  13. Sure Megs, let’s talk about the hard stuff in your family. She can’t even take criticism of her party without melting down like an emotional sixth-grader. When talking about Matt Gaetz her response was an hysterical “it’s gross, it’s yucky!! Ok?? Are you happy? Why don’t I disavow him? Because they have to do something to him first!! Like what?? I don’t know! I’m not a lawyer”.
  14. I used to think the same way about Sara. Before she left to do the Strahan show, she drove me crazy. Too sunshiny! Too happy. She always came across to me as clueless. But I’ve got a whole new appreciation of Sara. Maybe she’s allowed to be a little deeper this time around. I think she is knowledgeable and articulate. She has a lot of heart, but does not come across as emotional with her thoughts. I actually like to listen to her now. She’s one of the few who actually answers the question that she was asked. I never thought I would think this, but I enjoy listening to her! I know it’
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