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  1. Who? The one who hates tell all books?
  2. But we have been spared the “welcome to The View, welcome to The View “ (x 10) and so far, no Valley Girl. So, count our blessings!
  3. I wonder if “the other you know who” is screaming at her television about Joe Biden right now 😂😂
  4. MeAgain couldn’t even sit in on the Mary Trump interview (that she was there to promote a book for) because “there are no good Trumps” and they need to leave her family “the fuck alone”. I’m supposed to believe that she would damn straight be talking about possible wrong doings of one of her family members? Does she really believe this crap? Does she really believe we believe her?
  5. She complained on Twitter yesterday. She said there are no “good” trump family members and wishes they would all leave her and her entire family “the fuck alone” Because, you know, the entire roster of guests on The View are there to talk about the McCains
  6. Yeah, I’m pretty sure all that heavy-lifting that MeAgain does mentally is out of my league anyway.
  7. This is actually not an original thought of Meghan's. If you google Eboni Williams, a lot of media outlets are blaming the low ratings on the show's new "wokeness." Are any of MAGA’s word salad vomits her own original thoughts? I’m gonna answer my own question- NO. That’s why it was too funny that time she accused others of plagiarizing her thoughts!
  8. And (one more)- she’s angry and wants to cry about the fact that she may have to lockdown and wear a mask again? And don’t blame all of this on FOX? I’m not even being a smart ass at all when I say- what would MyFather think? The man was held as a prisoner and tortured for years, and HisDaughter nationally melts down because she can’t vacation and party in Vegas? This woman has no clue who she is. I’ve said that for a long time. ABC is making all Republicans look bad and if we’re one, I would be pissed that she represents me. Nicole Wallace was way too smart and didn’t show her as
  9. She’s begging the country not to make this political, but in her rant she threw shade on the White House, Dr. Fauci and AOC. And I’m pretty sure that no one has asked the great Megain McCain to convince anyone of anything. Get over yourself!! The rest of us did a long time ago
  10. Today, MAGA McCain is only a black hair dye bottle away from being a Kardasian. Except, Kim has been actually studying law.
  11. How did MeAgain know about Nixon and Elvis? Didn’t that happen before she was born?
  12. So what. Who cares?
  13. Me-Again said she has been done with Vogue ever since they depicted Lebron James as a gorilla.(I’m sure Vogue will not get over that!) I had to go back and revisit this topic because it was 13 years ago (so- she was outraged even at 23) I do remember the controversy around it. But, it’s not actually accurate to say he was depicted as a gorilla. The cover with him and Giselle is definitely reminiscent of the King Kong movie poster, but I think I saw it more as brawn/beauty. Lebron was happy with it, but I read opinions (specifically one from ESPN, written by a woman of color) that saw it di
  14. I’m almost mad at the President for appointing MyMother to something (no clue as to what it was). She also is full of self-importance
  15. MegaMouth wants to cry and call the FBI because Brittany does not have reproductive rights over her own body. Ironic…
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