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  1. It looks like the wolverine is going to be paying a visit to jordon s meat pile on the next episode. Just guessing by the title of the next show.
  2. He did the right thing by leaving the moose alone to die. If he had tried to move in for a second shot it could have run for miles and possibly right out of his territory. Then it would have been a total waste.
  3. Michelle it seems like some people didn't like your puppet show. The wife and I thought it was super funny. It's to bad that her barrel fishing contraption didn't work but if it were me I would make a kick ass fire place for her shelter . Brutally disappointed with Brady. He seemed like he could do ok out there. I dont understand why people who can't be by themselves go on the show. Do they forget the name of the show is ALONE. Woniya amazing job on the shelter. It's the best one I've seen so far. I think she will make it to the end but will lose out to jordon with his massive stock pile of meat. Nikki is struggling out there but I give her credit for toughing it out. A lot of the contestants would have tapped but now.
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