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  1. I was thinking about Kody and Meri’s relationship this weekend while watching season 13-15 again (I know, I know…). My question is: What was the timeline of Meri’s dispute/falling out with Maddie? I know there’s a delay between what happens and then what is shown on tv but my theory is that Kody’s super negative tone towards Meri had something to do with her falling out with Maddie. In season 13 (the move to Flagstaff) it seemed like Kody and Meri were slowly working on their relationship. By season 15 Kody was clearly DONE with her. I can’t help but wonder if her treatment of Maddie ove
  2. If these girls grow up with a good relationship with their dad then I have no doubt his letters to them will be a precious keepsake after his passing, regardless of when that happens. I have no doubt the letters are filled with references to Jesus but that is their family culture.
  3. I don't like to defend Jessa but it looked to me like Ivy had a great time. The fact that Jessa might have wanted chik-fil-A more than Ivy doesn't seem like a big deal as the kid enjoyed her chicken, enjoyed her time with mom, and got a smoothie afterwards that she clearly enjoyed. When she's older she'll have more of an opinion about what a fun day looks like but for now? At 2? She just knew she was with mom and got to eat lunch in the car (different = fun for some kids).
  4. Absolutely no mention of Josiah and Lauren from any of the Duggar accounts. Is it possible they are getting divorced? I can't think of a good reason why nobody--not even Jana with the DuggarFam account--even bothered to put together a quick "happy anniversary" instagram message.
  5. I would say it's very likely to be delayed if he doesn't plead out immediately. If he's determined to take this to trial I can't imagine that there won't be motions for a variety of things that have to be resolved until a trial date can be set. It's very rare that trials aren't rescheduled and delayed.
  6. Bolded your first paragraph for emphasis. This cannot be stated enough. Teenagers who are sexually acting out can very often be helped through an accredited and evidenced based treatment program. Working with kids who are still developing their moral center and who still have a great deal of brain development during those years is much different than working with a 35 year old man or woman who has been sexually offending for years. Digging a ditch doesn't teach you about harm to others, about emotional and physical intrusiveness, or about cognitive distortions that justified the offense. Jo
  7. I disagree with the release but overall I’m not surprised, and I don’t think he was given any special treatment. Third party custodians don’t have to be perfect and the court isn’t tasked with determining if the people WANT to watch after him-only that they don’t have charges that would make them inappropriate, are willing to remove guns, don’t bring kids into the home, and agree to report violations. Ms. Reaver showed up and said he could stay with them; parsing subtext isn’t the court’s job. Because Duggar hasn’t been convicted of anything yet they can’t keep in jail based on what m
  8. The music lessons should make this couple inappropriate 3rd party guardians. JB must be desperate to find someone, anyone, to take Josh.
  9. I hope ALL the Duggar siblings were on that zoom call and have heard for themselves the filth and evil that Josh had on his computer. This isn't a God or Satan thing. He's a sick man who needs to be locked away from children.
  10. I wonder if some of the sentences are due to the results of a SORA (sexual offender risk assessment). If one is ordered for Josh as part of the trial or sentencing phase and the examiner comes back with the conclusion that he is high risk (or low risk, on the opposite end) to reoffend with the same or worse behavior, that might influence his sentence if he's convicted or offers a plea.
  11. According to TMZ Smuggar wants to be released so that he can be with Anna while she's pregnant. Surely the feds won't allow her to be his third party and won't allow him to be around his children while on bail. I expect him to be delusional and entitled, I just hope the prosecutors hold the line and burst his little smug bubble.
  12. I also think it’s probable that JB knew what was up even before Josh had to tell him. I suspect if JB knew then Michelle also knew. The rest of the family was very likely left in the dark until the last minute. I can’t imagine them allowing him around their children on holidays and birthday parties if they knew he was facing arrest for child porn.
  13. Actually in many states, if not most, the term “sealed record” isn’t entirely accurate. The military can access juvenile records of recruits. So can police training programs or government entities like the FBI during a background employment check. In many cases the now adult would still be asked specifically if they were adjudicated for a crime as a teenager. And the majority of states will put juveniles on the sex offender registry. If someone is adjudicated as a juvenile for a sex crime in a state where they would not have to register (Alaska, for example does not require juvenile
  14. The majority of kids who sexually offend respond well to a good treatment program. The recidivism rate for treated juvenile sexual offenders is very low. The vast majority are not pedophiles by the true definition. The word gets tossed around when it doesn’t apply. You are correct that the small percentage who meet the definition of a pedophile are difficult to change with traditional methods but even those folks can, when motivated not to harm others, follow a safety plan or other risk mitigation methods. The issue with Josh is we have no idea if he could have been helped because nobody tr
  15. Maybe not but there’s ZERO chance of him altering his thinking in a way that reduces his risk until he is held accountable in a treatment program; one that doesn’t let him hide behind stuff like “Satan made me do it.” Josh is now the adult version of an adolescent sex offender who went untreated. JB and Michelle failed him as a child and others have suffered the consequences ever since.
  16. One silver lining to this is Josh, if convicted or as part of a plea agreement, will finally have to participate in sexual offender treatment. A real treatment program that focuses on responsibility, accountability, and breaking through denial about the intent, harm, and intrusiveness of their act(s). It’s almost 20 years past due but should finally happen.
  17. I am torn between feeling terrible for those innocent M children and selfishlyindulging a serious feeling of schadenfreude about this whole thing.
  18. After watching most of this season (and knowing this show is meant to be a family comedy) it does appear Rocky Johnson will be whitewashed throughout. Rock’s dad was a pretty sketchy guy, especially in his later years. I can’t expect Rock to address any of that but seeing Rocky Johnson presented as a lovable oaf is jarring.
  19. At what point do the adults in that congregation start going to the Pastor and complaining about being preached at by a child? It always seems to be a Rodrigues boy or the Rodrigues husband "guest preaching" and that would really annoy me as a member of that church. Seriously, I'd roll my eyes and go take a bathroom break if that kid (or one like him) had the arrogance to assume he belonged on the pulpit.
  20. coconspirator


    I'm wondering about the tape. I think it would be an interesting twist if her husband finds it in the items the police or hospital give him after her death and he passes it along to one of her journalist friends to finish the story. I wonder if Reed is going to be killed off before he can find the tape and that leads to a domino effect of consequences.
  21. But I think parents do have their fantasies of the “perfect family” that will never be spoken out loud. Maybe it’s because a child was born with a disability and there’s a ghost fantasy where the child they love is able to walk or talk like everyone else. Or a child begins to struggle with substance abuse and the ghost fantasy erases that painful part. It wouldn’t mean the parent doesn’t love their child unconditionally and it wouldn’t mean they were ungrateful; it seems normal for people to wonder “what if” when there are painful real life issues. In other words, if the character of
  22. Adoptees have complicated feelings. Yea, it is often for the best that they are placed with a different family but that doesn’t negate the grief experienced by the loss of their history and “what might have been.” I think it goes along with what Randall said about the expectation of 100% gratitude at all times. It’s possible to love and appreciate an adoptive family and to mourn what never was, and sometimes adoptive families don’t make space for those feelings or will take it personally.
  23. His lawyer has backed him into a corner. His initial defense was that he would never treat a woman with disrespect. The implication was that he would NEVER proposition someone during a professional massage appointment. Now he’s claiming he had consensual encounters. Does this mean he DID proposition some of the women and a few inexplicably decided to have sex with him? Or is he now saying female professionals massage therapists threw themselves at him first? I just don’t think it’s believable that dozens of licensed Houston massage therapists 1) had sex with him and 2) put their business and r
  24. It’s amazing to me how these professional GM’s and scouts talk themselves into something that isn’t there. During the season, and especially after the Clemson game, it was accepted—based on what people saw with their own eyes—that the top two QB’s were Lawrence and Fields. Jones was considered a 2nd round pick and talked about in the same tier as the Florida QB. Nothing has changed since January except owners, coaches, and GM’s are overthinking their pick. I really think the Jets will end up regretting that they picked Wilson over Fields, but not as much as the 49ers will regret trading away
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