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  1. I don't think they are rehabilitating him so much as laying the ground work for him to die from Covid. I think the video he did with her for "practice" will ultimately be released, causing problems for UBA. I'm also ok with him showing remorse and having scenes that may or may not elicit sympathy. Very few people are 100% bad or 100% good. How his character is seen within the show is going to be different depending on the viewer.
  2. I was sure it would be a train wreck but Kim K wasn’t nearly as bad as I feared. She was pretty funny in the club sketch and the body switch sketch with Aidy. I hate myself for saying something nice about a Kardashian but there ya go! Oh and didn’t Blake Griffin date Kendall Jenner or Khloe Kardashian? That’s the first thing I thought when he showed up in the dating sketch.
  3. Does anyone know WHY Daniel decided to sing? I just didn't understand how that is supposed to help him become a debate moderator? I hope we get some insight into his thinking next week. For now I'm just puzzled. I'm also still not entirely sure I understand Stella's viewpoint on Alex. I feel like I missed something.
  4. Looking ahead to when Josh gets out of prison, they'll get around this with the M kids by saying the homeschooling takes place at the main Duggar house so the kids aren't being homeschooled "at home."
  5. I was thinking about Kody and Meri’s relationship this weekend while watching season 13-15 again (I know, I know…). My question is: What was the timeline of Meri’s dispute/falling out with Maddie? I know there’s a delay between what happens and then what is shown on tv but my theory is that Kody’s super negative tone towards Meri had something to do with her falling out with Maddie. In season 13 (the move to Flagstaff) it seemed like Kody and Meri were slowly working on their relationship. By season 15 Kody was clearly DONE with her. I can’t help but wonder if her treatment of Maddie ove
  6. If these girls grow up with a good relationship with their dad then I have no doubt his letters to them will be a precious keepsake after his passing, regardless of when that happens. I have no doubt the letters are filled with references to Jesus but that is their family culture.
  7. I don't like to defend Jessa but it looked to me like Ivy had a great time. The fact that Jessa might have wanted chik-fil-A more than Ivy doesn't seem like a big deal as the kid enjoyed her chicken, enjoyed her time with mom, and got a smoothie afterwards that she clearly enjoyed. When she's older she'll have more of an opinion about what a fun day looks like but for now? At 2? She just knew she was with mom and got to eat lunch in the car (different = fun for some kids).
  8. Absolutely no mention of Josiah and Lauren from any of the Duggar accounts. Is it possible they are getting divorced? I can't think of a good reason why nobody--not even Jana with the DuggarFam account--even bothered to put together a quick "happy anniversary" instagram message.
  9. I would say it's very likely to be delayed if he doesn't plead out immediately. If he's determined to take this to trial I can't imagine that there won't be motions for a variety of things that have to be resolved until a trial date can be set. It's very rare that trials aren't rescheduled and delayed.
  10. Bolded your first paragraph for emphasis. This cannot be stated enough. Teenagers who are sexually acting out can very often be helped through an accredited and evidenced based treatment program. Working with kids who are still developing their moral center and who still have a great deal of brain development during those years is much different than working with a 35 year old man or woman who has been sexually offending for years. Digging a ditch doesn't teach you about harm to others, about emotional and physical intrusiveness, or about cognitive distortions that justified the offense. Jo
  11. I disagree with the release but overall I’m not surprised, and I don’t think he was given any special treatment. Third party custodians don’t have to be perfect and the court isn’t tasked with determining if the people WANT to watch after him-only that they don’t have charges that would make them inappropriate, are willing to remove guns, don’t bring kids into the home, and agree to report violations. Ms. Reaver showed up and said he could stay with them; parsing subtext isn’t the court’s job. Because Duggar hasn’t been convicted of anything yet they can’t keep in jail based on what m
  12. The music lessons should make this couple inappropriate 3rd party guardians. JB must be desperate to find someone, anyone, to take Josh.
  13. I hope ALL the Duggar siblings were on that zoom call and have heard for themselves the filth and evil that Josh had on his computer. This isn't a God or Satan thing. He's a sick man who needs to be locked away from children.
  14. I wonder if some of the sentences are due to the results of a SORA (sexual offender risk assessment). If one is ordered for Josh as part of the trial or sentencing phase and the examiner comes back with the conclusion that he is high risk (or low risk, on the opposite end) to reoffend with the same or worse behavior, that might influence his sentence if he's convicted or offers a plea.
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