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  1. I mentioned in the Unpopular Opinions thread that led to the creation of this thread that I just got the first of those for my niece and she tore through it. I flipped through it and thought they did a good job, but I was disappointed that the artists chickened out on drawing Claudia's book outfits. I wanted to see them try! I loved how we got descriptions of the most ludicrous outfits and were always assured that "somehow Claudia made it all work."
  2. The sheep-shearing scene in Farmer Boy is incredibly clever, and I wish more people had read the book so I wouldn't have to explain the whole thing when I'm in an analogous situation. I've got a software test department that sometimes fails to grasp that sure, it may look like you can do part B before part A, but if you do that the job is not actually finished.
  3. Jess’s uglyass shoes with her leopard dress. Air Jordans or whatever they are, do not go with a dress. Her hair... no. I’m sorry to be judging on appearance, but I’m not going to watch her. Ever. Amy can join her. The look on her face when Adam was dismissed, they both thought they were going to be the finalists
  4. I wonder if they'd just let me walk through and take photos so we could snark about them? LOL
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