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  1. IMO, she picked Caroline for point. It was a direct response to Kelli's question on who she would pick for point.
  2. I'm not surprised about Aaron Rodgers at all, according to his brother who was on )Jo Jo's season of the bachelorette and her fiance) they dont even get along. Sounds like a jerk.
  3. Ok, try and follow me guys. Is it me or does that entire scene with Julia (car wreck) and her showing up at TC afterwards seem out of place?? Did anyone else notice that when Julia was sitting in the studio waiting to be called that Neecie Noodle (Denise) Well, I noticed it and if Neecie Noodle was there that means she was teaching them the dance that they did during SG auditions. So, even though Kelli stated that it was not the appropriate time to discuss the horrific media day she had right after a car accident. I'm under the impression that at that time media day had not even occurred yet, IMO there is no way in hell K&J would of let that conversation slide about media day, car wreck or not! Any thoughts! Yea, that shocked me too when Kash chose Caroline. It seems that everyone was shocked that Amy got point, including Amy herself. Then to only have to share it...sucks. I would rather not get point at all if they felt that I could not handle the entire performance.
  4. Can the church say Amen to ALL OF THIS. I've always said that point is a big deal too but they keep trying to convince us its not...(insert eye roll). K&J tried to explain why they have 2 points this year...something about the 2nd part of Thunderstruck is best suited for Maddie's type of power...whateva that means. LOL.
  5. She is one of my fav's and who ever decided she needed a new hair cut was right on point! There were too many long hair brunettes. I also love her body type, it's healthy and gorgeous.
  6. Totally agree about Tess, I've never been too impressed and her height fits better behind Maddie when Maddie is point. I really dont understand. Seems to me that we obviously are missing something in regards to Heather that TPTB have kept under wraps. The first obvious reason was when she was a GL one year not a GL the following year and now she is not in the diamond....hmmmm.
  7. I have no problems with Lexie, I was just wondering how she got the chosen spot over Heather...which caused me to wonder about their dance skills etc..
  8. My thoughts are that as long as Miranda has been a DCC that Caroline is one of her BFFs and the only DCC that she asked to be a bridesmaid (did they know each other prior). Miranda seems sweet, who else is she close to on the team?
  9. I'm not sure if this has been discussed, but I wonder how Heather feels being the ONLY group leader who is not apart of the diamond in the triangle. Like Lexie has that spot even when Maddie and Amy swap Point and Amy is sent behind Maddie. IMO Lexie is not so amazing that she can outshine Heather. Any thoughts!!
  10. Here are my thoughts on the last show: Everything you said about Julia I thought the same, how can someone with that many stickers get cut!! However, it has been said many threads ago that Julia's cut was not because she couldn't dance, and after I saw all of her stickers (I paused too) I knew what was said about her cut had to be true (even though I believed it prior) and it it such a damn shame. If I were her I would feel like damn if I do and damn if I dont. Surely they do not expect Julia to quit her job and work for a network that Charlotte chooses!! SMDH!! At this point she might as well not try out again if she still has the same job. I hate politics!! From the previews next week it seems like they are gonna cut Julia and she didn't see it coming (like they did Lily), it really pissed me off to see her so upset over being cut!! Also, Meredith did impress me on that dance that Kelli praised her on and so did Christina. I actually watched Christina's dance scene like 10 times. Kat did look Gr8 on the field and seemed to get the entrance down fairly quickly (well from what they showed us). Lily: Hope she isnt a one hit wonder. I'm happy to see her improve week by week. K/J should really stop wasting their time and the Cowboys Organizations money (paying the choreographers) if they are still gonna pick the team they want. Like why put all of those choreographers and and Group leaders through that "pick your top 36" BS and give them a false sense of power...utterly ridiculous!!
  11. My bad for not putting in the word AGAIN. Meaning Kelli was going to be sure that VK was at her best to make the team if she was gonna come back for a 2nd chance no matter what. Trust me, I recognize VK's hard work and I know that many have made the team prior to her and will make it after she is gone that are far worse dancers. I also think she made the team this year because of her hard work so no argument from me on that. However, VK will always be treated like a daughter by Kelli no matter if we like it or not.
  12. THIS!!! Everything you said is spot on!! Considering Kelli's own daughter has no interest to be a DCC, VK is the closest thing she will have to a daughter on this squad, so as much as I hate it, I know that this is just how it is gonna be. During tryouts I thought that Kelli should have excused herself from deliberating about VK (Just like Judy for Cassie) because there was no way in hell she was going to cut her AGAIN no matter what was said or done.
  13. Love all of your insight, but do you agree with the locker room? I think that VK will always be on WW, she does not seem to be on of those girls that can ever skip a work out or cheat much. She worked hard to lose the weight I would hate to see her put it back on(and I'm not a VK fan) I mean she was working out relentlessly and with a trainer, so to me there is no reason her belly should jiggle that much or look like that. I hope K/J say something to her soon or its just gonna get worse.
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