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  1. The legs on the tree are a dead give away that it is Ana G.
  2. I think the judges will relax on over scoring Ally now that Spicer is gone. That was their reason.
  3. I remember that and took it as a yes, Frank is dad or the possibility is high enough. I think the objections raised by the others was about fear of him wanting some of Frank’s estate. Ronan is strident and humorless so I cannot warm to him. I am impressed with his brain though. I am one who doesn’t believe Woody molested Dylan, so that is what put me off initially. That is off topic and has been beaten into the ground so not getting into that here.
  4. Ronan is gay and has a very accomplished partner.
  5. Her total hair do is NOT good. I think she would look better with a short or medium length style. The puffs on the sides today are out of control.
  6. It appears to me that he is wearing a wig. His hair is too stiff in the back, always a sign. He is a beautiful man. He favors his mom but I can see a little Frank in there, too.
  7. Whoa! Good one but she is a bigger woman. The flower looks smaller. I am shocked that Kristin Chenoweth has not showed up yet. She is a fame seeker (I am being nice here).
  8. I am a little behind. Just saw Chrissy Metz. I have no words. Poor thing.
  9. I can’t stand Cristy. When on a talk show she turns her back to the host and directs her conversation to the audience instead of the host. It radiates look at me. She is not very bright either. I am being kind.
  10. I like coach Mike. Dr Sophie and Frank Lawless with his P&P center can exit stage right as far as I am concerned. Mrs Phil's age is trying to break though. For fuck sake let that happen! She could have been lauded for aging well with just the necessary tucks needed like Jane Fonda has done.
  11. Production appreciates and values Joy. That is obvious to me. Barbara and Bill fired her, who knows why. I agree with everything you said, @TheGreenKnight.
  12. Castle Rock was filmed in Orange MA. As an adult I moved to and lived in the neighboring town for over 40 years. Many of my friends were extras and aside from the main road being blocked on occasion having the film crew there was interesting and enjoyable. It is fun to see what they did to the store fronts. Orange is a perfect setting for Stephen King. They didn't have to make it look worn out, it already was! I haven't watched it yet but came here to see what our gun toting twat was going to say about Beto. Maybe they told her to back off her broken record spew since it would be pa
  13. I am watching the Beat a Dead Horse club yet again. This show needs a rehab.
  14. i just tuned in, who is having their 9th?
  15. This is the first year I did not get the feeds and this is from season 1. I watched a couple of the episodes to see if it pulled me in, it did not. I have been reading here to keep up though.
  16. I'm with you. Shame on production for not doing some things to refresh it..
  17. They're back. They didn't even give us a new opening. Or a new host. And here we go with Meg and her guns.
  18. In an effort to find the positive with everything in general, now that it is done I think this was one of the better seasons in recent years. Granted, the bar was pretty low. The finale was different so that scores some points for me. Hannah openly talking about having sex was refreshing. None of the wink wink and cagey smile we usually get. She was outspoken and did not shy away from saying what she thought on the spot. Her being unsure of who she loved more, until the bitter end, seemed sincere and not the usual forced consternation. They have been talking to each ot
  19. I deeply thank the poster who came up with Baby Beluga. Perfection.
  20. @Sweet Tee This is the answer to your query. @leighdear nailed it.
  21. Brilliant! Of course that is why that little sex kitten (tiger) didn't have sex with him.
  22. I think they want a confident lead and cast the women for drama.
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