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  1. GlobalTV has revealed Season 4 will begin airing in the fall:
  2. Still no word on when next season will release, but this was pretty cool to hear.
  3. It's a possibility, but I just think ION doesn't want to change their formula. Even when they aired new episodes of the show, it'd be around 10/11 PM EST on Tuesdays of all days if I remember correctly. For once being Canadian is actually beneficial when it comes to watchability of a show, feels weird lol.
  4. Last I checked, they haven't even gotten to the latter half of S2 in the US yet. ION's always been behind the ball with showings, so I guess it's not too big of a surprise. I honestly have no idea what's keeping them from releasing it when they're just showing reruns all day anyway lol.
  5. Any word on when next season will begin airing?
  6. Now that that's done with though, time to place our bets on something else. Why do you guys think this never before seen daughter all of a sudden wants to see dear old Shade? Money? Extortion? To scam him? Desperation that her mom's a crackhead and not supportive? Or does she just genuinely want to meet her biological father?
  7. Damn, Tex didn't even make it to Season 4 like I predicted:
  8. LOL wtf was that ending? Of course they had to drop that bombshell on us.
  9. Pretty solid episode I managed to catch live this time around. Figures Angie would want to operate on a casual basis in this relationship; I'm not even sure she knows what she wants at this point. I figured Inspector Carson wasn't the biggest fan of Shade and Angie always barging in. That "wonder twins" remark made me burst out laughing though. Oh Maz, how we've missed you running amock. You've gotten yourself into quite the conundrum this time around. Surprised that Danica blew Maz's cover when she wasn't supposed to? Not really, but good to see that Maz is at least tolerating her now. That's a reallly bad tie up job lol. Maz, you got played, but luckily got bailed out. Not gonna lie though, I thought Carson was gonna fire him right on the spot. Maybe he is coming back for Season 4 after all, just maybe not as a main cast member? Who knows... You may be with Tex physically speaking Angie, but your mind's definitely somewhere else. 😉 Also: Not trusting IMDB anymore for scheduling, they always give the wrong dates smh. I had to run out before the preview showed, can someone give me a quick rundown?
  10. Yeah, forgot about that one, this episode had a lot of good gems in it. 😂 Also just realized upon rewatching that it's now confirmed that like everyone else, Zoe totally ships Matt and Angie lol. Speaking of which, maybe I'm remembering wrong, but didn't Don and Jules bet on how long it'd take for them to get together back in Season 2 or something? Must be getting close to Don's predicted timeline, no wonder he's telling Matt he's being ridiculous. A man's gotta make good on his prediction.
  11. I think my brain just automatically assumed it was a new episode because I already had wayyy too many instances of me missing a random new one on a Monday or Tuesday like you said.
  12. Okay, just rechecked my schedule, and it's actually a rerun on Monday, oops. Didn't look close enough to see the episode name. 😅 I'll edit my original comment for clarity now, thanks for the heads up. Season finale is actually two weeks after that episode though, according to IMDB, ugh.
  13. Yep, that's him. I'll be honest though, I mainly watched the show when I did just because Jaimie Alexander was the lead. 🤭
  14. They have that Ken and Barbie vibe to them, I agree. Something about the pairing though to me just feels a bit... off as of right now. Maybe because it happened so quickly on the brink of the last episode. Could it work out? Possibly, but I'm not holding my breath on it. I'd be surprised if Tex makes it to the second episode of Season 4.
  15. Yeah, she's definitely growing on me as a character. Pointing out all the things she's done that they've taken for granted with Maz operating was a great moment. I bet they wish they had Maz back to do those favors for free again, but given the episode preview, it's looking like that's not gonna happen anytime soon...
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