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  1. Speaking of the Torkelsons again, I notice that they've put Rachel Duncan (Mary Sue Torkelson) in a dress rather than pants for a lot of the publicity shots. Is there an actual reason they have for that?
  2. dyeing your grey/white hair like Ackroyd does is worse than those horrible toupees. No amount of makeup or dye can conceal that he is getting old.
  3. one trope I hate - young female child on sitcom has omnipresent doll that she claims talks back to her. Buffy Davis, Dodie Douglas, Mary Sue Torkelson etc.
  4. In the relatively scarce evidence we have from what little we have of "Lime Street", Samantha was very good at acting, despite no formal training, and I can easily see her becoming a TV crush for many boys in the mid to late eighties had the plane crash not happened and ABC had moved "Lime Street" away from its death slot opposite "The Golden Girls".
  5. Retroactive names For example, Samantha Smith, the 1980s child peace activist, is often referred to today with the addition of her middle name of "Reed" in order to avoid confusion with Samantha Smith the modern actress famous from "Supernatural". Likewise, Walter Mondale is called Fritz in contemporary recordings from the 1984 election but most people today just refer to him as Walter Mondale.
  6. There was an interview on a "Battle of the Brains" type science documentary and the teenage girl geek with the staggering IQ and five Nobel Prizes etc. says her map of the night time sky on her wall was "much better looking than pictures of male celebrities' - I just thought "If you are going to look down at ordinary teenage girls like that, you DESERVE any bullying you have gotten!"
  7. An honest end to 10,000 cop shows. Interview room. Cop - I know you dun it, we've lots of circumstantial evidence, but nothing solid enough to even get to court, but we're only 40 seconds from the end titles. Suspect - I confess, dun it.
  8. I've got this great original idea for an American family sitcom. The main character will be the dad of a reasonably affluent household, and we meet the character at the point his children are starting to grow up. And here's the twist. He will be ineffectual in stamping his authority on the household and will have to resort to sarcastic wisecrackery through the duration of the show. Gentlemen, I think we can agree this has never been done before.
  9. We've probably done these, but: The character that develops a pronounced tic every time someone like Frank Spencer/Maxwell Smart/Marmalade Atkins enters the room. Bonus points if it's an ulcer and they have to drink milk for it. The bloke who accidentally arranges two dates on the same night and decides to go through with it, eating two meals, paying for (- gulp - ) four meals, excusing himself to run back and forth between tables, possibly even changing coats etc until he gets in a terrible mix-up ("Weren't you wearing a green jacket a minute ago? And why is there a kipper sticking out
  10. Yeah I never believed that Susan *wanted* to look like Anissa Jones on national television. Audition, maybe. On TV? That's purely Sherwood's creepy and unhealthy obsession with Anissa Jones/Buffy Davis Sherwood's interest in Anissa Jones seems horribly Jimmy Savile like level in creepy.
  11. When you consider that Family Affair was less than two years from cancellation and was a dying show, making Susan look like Anissa doesn't make much sense.
  12. Somebody buys a Christmas Turkey only for it to turn up alive and well in a basket. They take it home debating the best way to off it. Meanwhile the farmer discovers that accidentally his daughter's pet Turkey Gertie has been shipped out of the farm by the wholesaler. Cue much phoning around contacts to find the bird before its giblets are gravy
  13. 'And so you see... it was little Trixie's sniffle that finished off the the might of the Galacticon Empire! They might have had deadly Death-rays that could wipe out the world, but their alien constitutions just couldn't cope with the common cold...' Trixie (clutching a teddy bear) 'Aaaah-chooo!' Everyone laughs. In trilby hats. Freeze frame. End credits.
  14. I have an audio tape of a cartoon short repeated on "The Bugs Bunny Show" with young me and my young brother talking over it. We couldn't afford a VCR but Thank God for audio cassette tapes. We got looked down for buying the cheap audio cassettes, but the last laugh is on the snobby kids, as their expensive tapes have shed oxide and are unplayable.
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