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  1. This show is absolute GARBAGE.
  2. Fuck Ralph Angel. And fuck Darla. If Ralph Angel never faces any consequences for any of his trash behavior than neither should Nova.
  3. Pass The Motion Bitch! Pass The Motion Bitch!
  4. Charley is TRASH. She can go at any time. And of course Ralph Angel would ditch his beautiful loving new girlfriend (who is clearly slumming just being with him) for his wack ass baby mama, Poor Nova. :(
  5. The difference between DeRon (IRL) & Lionel is amazing. That kid is a future star.
  6. Could Ryan Gosling Be Joining Thor: Love and Thunder?
  7. Bucky isn't the only one who (besides Steve) could make the claim to being the 'crux' to the Captain America films. Both Nat and especially Sam can arguably claim to be the crux to at least two of those films, (and in Sam's case a third). Is there a thread for MCU ship discussion?
  8. Speaking of Nick, why is he absent for most of Phase 3? I get his plan to go undercover to deal with the fallout of SHIELD, post-Winter Soldier, but his absence from Ultron to Infinity War is a bit much.
  9. It always seemed weird that Nat & Thor never bonded. She had complex relationships with all the other guys, but the MCU never makes an effort to establish a rapport between the Assassin & the Asgardian.
  10. Not true. It's not a coincidence that characters of color are either totally not included or outright disregarded when it comes to shipping. Most of the arguments about Bucky's place in Steve's life can be made about Sam (but almost never are), and there are plenty of canon examples to justify Iron Husbands being one of the biggest slash ships in the MCU fandom, yet half that ship is studiously ignored to favor pairing its other half with any other cis white male characters in fandom, etc.
  11. I was glad Steve's last interaction was with Sam. The only friend who never betrayed him and remained by his side until the very end.
  12. It's not that big of a deal. The exact same thing happened with Steve/Sam at the end of Civil War, only for all of Steve/Sam (and Nat's) airtime to be allocated to Viz & Wanda in Infinity War.
  13. Frankly, it's exhausting watching Nova grovel for the forgiveness of a family full of Self Righteous Hypocrites. Charley can keep her pathetic crocodile tears. Hollywood remains TRASH. Darla can also STFU with her overdramatic bottle clutching ass. This show will never get me to feel sympathy for Ralph Angel. NEVER. Continue to love Prosper & Micah.
  14. During the back half of the season, the show seemed to be trying to bring Luca back into the friend circle, since Doug essentially replaced him.
  15. Race and ethnicity are two separate things.
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